Ukraine – the situation (August 10, 2022)

Source: Asia Times.

Russia continues to expand its footprint in Ukraine, relentlessly accomplishing its goal of “demilitarizing” the country. Two items of particular note in the current SITREP are:

  • Ukrainian propaganda boasting of a major counteroffensive is debunked.
  • Amnesty International accused the Ukrainian military of war crimes.

Several SITREP analysts I’ve been following have stopped publishing their reports because, in their view, Ukraine has already lost the war. My own view is that the final outcome of military engagements is always in doubt until it isn’t.

I believe Ukraine should stop fighting and concede to any territorial demands Russia might make. The reason is simple: Ukraine can lose territory at the expense of many lives, or it can lose territory without incurring the death of Ukrainian men, women and children.

3 thoughts on “Ukraine – the situation (August 10, 2022)

  1. Is Ukraine still at war? I thought the Russians had invaded the US or is that the Democrats using gestapo tactics they learned from the Russian invasion being used on US citizens? It’s all so similar and confusing you know.


    1. “. . . gestapo tactics. . .”

      Do you never get tired of being duped? There were no “gestapo tactics.” There was the lawful and discreet executing of a search warrant on an individual who had ignored subpoenas for months. And we now know that the materials the government wanted back related to our nuclear weapons!

      Why would Trumpy want such materials, anyway? One obvious possibility would be to trade for asylum in Mother Russia. Not the nicest place in the world, but billionaires live alright there and it would be better than life in federal prison or Georgia State Prison in Reidsville.

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