Increasing The IRS Annual Budget By Seven Times Doesn’t Add Up

Source: American Thinker.

This story is perhaps related to the recent post on IRS ammunition procurement, at least on the principle that two points make a line. What is the big plan for the IRS that it needs seven times its current budget?

12 thoughts on “Increasing The IRS Annual Budget By Seven Times Doesn’t Add Up

          1. EITC claims for LOW INCOME families and individuals are not a source of cheating to the scale of corporate cheats.

            Your disdain for those who are struggling is noted.


  1. Oh it adds up alright. With the massive Schumer/Manchin tax increase on the middle class
    The IRS is going full beast on auditing middle and lower class taxpayers
    to support unions, green give aways, short term green jobs that replace long term jobs, democrat “environmental justice” (whatever the hell that is)
    All to be born on the backs of rate payers snd taxpayers through increased energy and cost of living. Inflation Reduction my ass. It should be named Democrat Lies Again Inflation and Harrassment Act or Democrat BOHICA Act. It’s always unsettling to have a Democrat behind you while feeling 2 hands on your shoulders, you know what’s coming.


    1. Unlike the 2017 Tax “Reform” Act? Funny how bad bills passed by the GOP get praised, but similarly, potentially bad bills, passed by Democrats get taken to the cleaners.

      Boring hypocritical rhetoric.

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        1. If you want to call comparison of bad bills whataboutism, that is your choice.

          It is more about the hypocritical attitudes of anyone on the right. Mostly you and Don.


    1. If you legally file your tax returns, what do you have to worry about? Are you admitting to being a tax cheat and afraid of enforcement officials knocking on your door?

      I’m a little offended at the idea of using “gestapo” phrasing anywhere outside of the actual Gestapo. Or in your world, GAZPACHO. Just ask MTG.


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