What is the matter with Kansas this time?


Overwhelming vote to keep abortion constitutionally legal in Kansas. The vote to overturn the state amendment failed 59-41 or so. This despite a campaign to confuse the voters with a “Yes” vote to mean “choice”. Early interviews seemed to indicate a concern by voters seeing what some states are passing or proposing regarding abortion, medical emergencies, doctors liabilities, birth control, miscarriage medication…

Despite what the right is insisting, this is a huge issue for Americans.

27 thoughts on “What is the matter with Kansas this time?

  1. Interestingly, Kansas City will have legal abortion depending upon which side of town you live in. I wonder if municipal bus drivers will be liable for aiding abortions if some passenger are going from Missouri to Kansas?

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    1. Uh no surprise. They didn’t go through the gerrymandered legislature. The vote roughly aligns with national polls on access to abortion.

      The forced pregnancy crowd are the minority extremists and they control legislators and some courts.

      I would bet that if most red states let the people decide via referendum or amendments about access to abortion in line with Roe, abortion would be legal. Doctors would not have to weigh how much damage to a woman to allow before doing a medically advised abortion.

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      1. Again, you only trust the people where your tribe holds the majority.

        The will of the people in other places must be crushed by the almighty Federal government.

        Admit it, you only support representative democracy when you get what you want.


        1. Again, you make no sense. I said I would wager that referenda in other red states would probably mirror Kansas.

          If they didn’t, so be it for that state. It’s people’s choice. A representative democracy is supposed to represent the people, however.

          “ Again, you only trust the people where your tribe holds the majority.”

          I don’t think “my tribe” holds the majority in Kansas.

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          1. I was surprised? I believe you were…sarcastically of course.

            Somehow I don’t think the forced pregnancy folks will use referenda anymore. That would reflect the will of the people. Can’t have that.

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          2. A LOT of people were. One of the reddest of red states in the Midwest just told it’s Legislature to protect the right to choose. Yet the politicians in that state were already to BAN abortions and the PEOPLE put a stop to it.

            Consensus met. Unless the legislature tries to do what Trump attempted and overturn the will of the people.

            Or did Venezuelan abortion advocates, suing Italian space technology change the votes? 😇

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          3. Kansas does not have unrestricted abortion, nor does it have a total ban. The legislature will find consensus on what degree of restriction is right for Kansas

            AS it should be


          4. I believe Kansas had something similar to Roe…up to 22 weeks. It was a state constitutional amendment so not easy to finagle or abolish.

            The big problem with the new rules in many states is that they are vague and rife with pitfalls for physicians.

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          5. “The big problem with the new rules in many states is that they are vague and rife with pitfalls for physicians.”

            Like being able to treat a miscarriage with a procedure SIMIALR to an abortion? Docs are now afraid to even offer the PROPER care for a miscarriage situation because some vigilante will start screaming about an abortion that is NOT an abortion.

            Gotta get my $10k bounty a la Texas.

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          6. Kansas had a Roe-like court decision the amendment was intended to overrule.

            How much leeway the legislature has under that court ruling remains to be seen,


          7. “The legislature will find consensus on what degree of restriction is right for Kansas”

            They had teed up a total ban before the referendum. Now the voters are FORCING them to do the right thing and find consensus

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          8. Without the referendum, a ban was likely. Regardless of what the people said. GOP reps were ready to change the law. If they hadn’t had the vote, it would have happened.

            There are 4 more states teed up to do the same kind of thing during their primaries. Some Red, some Blue. It will be interesting to see how things play out in those states.


            I wonder how many other states are going to take this to the people in the manner Kansas, et. al. did? How many attempts will there be to put it on the ballot that are blocked by one side or the other?

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          9. I am talking about legislatures, not voters. The legislatures can block attempts at referendums. No where did I say what voters should do.

            Just another instance of you seeing stuff that just doesn’t exist.

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  2. The two worst Presidents in my lifetime both lost the popular vote. Both were appointed to office by the Electoral College. Our country will not recover from the devastating effects of either of them for generations to come.

    It does not surprise me that good outcomes happen when the people’s votes are counted. What surprises me is, the people were allowed to vote. Kansas is a bright red state and the issue was put onto a ballot in the primaries rather than the general election. There are more registered Republicans than Democrats and unregistered voters aren’t allowed to vote in Kansas primaries. Even with all those manipulations in place, pro-choice voters won by almost 2 to 1. Republicans may want to rethink calling themselves the anti-abortion party.

    So yes, democracy works… when it’s allowed to work… when everybody gets to vote, including the poor and the old and minorities… when voters aren’t gerrymandered into groups that provide unfair representation… when politicians aren’t pressured into “finding more votes.”

    When Trump was running for office the first time, Chris Christie was in line to be his Vice President. But Trump is such an “unreligious” person, the Party insisted he pick Pence instead. They couldn’t afford to lose the evangelicals. Pence was seen as “more Christian.” But, in the end, I have to wonder if Trump wasn’t wishing it was Christie rather than Pence, counting Electoral Votes on January 6. We might be a very different country today if Mr. Bridgegate had been in charge.

    Theocracy is becoming very unpopular. I wonder how long the GOP will stay hitched to it.

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    1. “Theocracy is becoming very unpopular. I wonder how long the GOP will stay hitched to it.”

      Until SCOTUS loses a couple of Conservative justices and their replacements aren’t picked by The Federalist Society.

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      1. Actually, I don’t believe the Federalist Society gives a flip one way or the other when it comes to abortion. They’ve just been playing the religion card to cover their real goals. What the Federalist Society really wants is a government run by corporations, for corporations (aka Fascism). They want people totally focused on Roe v Wade so Citizens United can go unchallenged. “Corporations are people!” “Money is speech!” If overturning Roe v Wade is going to upset their power cart, I’m guessing they are going to be pro-choice in the not-too-distant future. They’ll have their Congressional employees scramble to codify a woman’s right to choose before talk about impeaching Judges becomes too popular. They have the Judges they want… and abortion isn’t an issue for them.

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    2. Theocracy may be slipping, but autocracy or oligarchy are still appealing to some of the biggest power brokers like Peter Thiel. They are convinced that democracy is dead and we need a Caesar.

      Or perhaps some “philosopher kings” a la Plato, perhaps.

      Here is a detailed opinion about just that as personified by the wins of Republican extremists in AZ.

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    3. “ The two worst Presidents in my lifetime both lost the popular vote.”

      The first made the world less safe by spreading Islamic extremism and their terror agenda.

      The second made our nation less safe by spreading domestic extremism and their terror agenda.

      Both are like Monkeypox pustules that broke open and infected us.

      IMO, of course.

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  3. The amendment was just as unclear as pro-abortion “my body”. It appears the extreme of both sides is all we hear with no reasonable consensus on any middleground. It’s either life at conception or government funded abortion at will til live birth. I find it particularly disturbing that the “my body” crowd takes no consideration at all of the other life they are responsible for no matter how far developed. I don’t think either extreme holds the high road so I believe, through time and honest discourse, that reasonable abortion timelines can be adopted with sacrifice from both sides where 16-18 weeks is the cut off with extreme exceptions. Both sides win and both sides lose. Signed Tired of the Noise


    1. You’re feeding into both extremes. But you seem to only take issue with the pro-CHOICE folks.

      I find it particularly disturbing that the anti-choice folks believe that a rape/incest victim has to carry the result of the crime to term, because it is G-d’s will (They said that repeatedly).

      Besides, Kansas voters did just that. Told their legislature to leave their laws alone and don’t change them. I believe Kansas has a pretty decent “middle of the road” law.


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