If this doesn’t worry you, it should

The IRS is buying ammo, has no enforcement arm

And it’s not just the IRS, federal agencies with no enforcement authority are buying guns and ammo.

Why? Is the deep state assembling its own paramilitary troops?

17 thoughts on “If this doesn’t worry you, it should

  1. The IRS has about 4500 guns and about 5 million rounds.

    So that is a bit more than 20 boxes of ammunition per gun. Use a box or so for training sessions periodically.

    You probably have more than that per gun and don’t like the government. Armed officers from the IRS are often dealing with hostile tax cheats, organized criminals, drug dealers, etc.

    And you are so proud that 10’s of millions of AR-15’s and other assorted weaponry, perhaps the government actually believes their personnel have a right to defend themselves.

    So you are worried because…?

    I seem to recall a similar “startling news” a few years back about buying ammunition. I think it turned out to be innocent reasons, but the right fear mongers jumped on that too. That was DHS buying ammo for 70,000 armed personnel in multiple divisions.

    So are you trying to panic folks into attacking census takers or something? I am a lot more concerned about gangs and their supporters attacking my country…again…over some perceived BS that the right wing spews daily.

    Thanks for spreading conspiracies. You are adding to the problem, that is obvious.

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    1. When the IRS needs someone arrested, they send the US Marshal service, or in some cases, the FBI. They use paid security at their offices that are not already protected by the Marshals.

      There is no reason for them to have any arms. (though I have no problem with their employees carrying at work, if I can carry there too.


  2. They IRS has no enforcement arm? Really?

    Check again. They have several thousand agents authorized to be armed in particularly dicey tax enforcement situations.

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      1. They have had them for decades.

        You are really part of the current paranoia and conspiracy mongering. When DHS bought ammunition a decade or so ago, your folks went conspiracy crazy. And now you are doing it again. No problem with advertising weapons designed to slaughter innocents and selling them to every nutjob.

        40,000 gun deaths a year. Thousands of people either killed, wounded or traumatized for life in the mass shootings. (Remember, it isn’t just the dead and maimed. Each victim, child or adult, had family, relatives, friends, teachers, counselors, doctors, pastors, rabbis…) and you are focusing on tax collectors who may be going into nasty places against really bad folks.

        Right after our policies managed to destroy 19 children, the gun lobby sells more of the same weaponry. Not even the decency to bury the dead first.

        I am saddened and angered by what your kind of thinking has done to our nation. And it will get worse as the scum parade of gangs decide that 1/6 was a dress rehearsal. You are doing your part to enrage the next lone wolf by propagating this crap. Thank you.

        And, again, there is no “deep state”, period. That is right wing BS. Period.


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        1. You think this is a gun control issue?

          Thousands of unelected bureaucrats are arming themselves like a paramilitary police force, this is a Constitutional issue.

          In an way, though, it touches on gun control. This is why we have a 2nd Amendment. The powers of the government must be sharply limited.


          1. You are a conspiracy monger, Don. The IRS has had armed agent for a long time.

            Reading your posts, I would want to be armed if I were a government employee to protect myself against you and your buddies.

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          2. Did you read the article?

            It is not just the IRS, which at most would have a few hundred LEO’s, it is throughout the bureaucracy, the EPA, FDA even the damned post office.

            There is no legitimate reason.

            It’s not a conspiracy theory when people are conspiring.


          3. Who is conspiring to do what to whom and why?

            Republicans are the ones running ads about hunting and bagging legislators. Or tweeting about threatening census takers with guns. Your extremists are threatening civil war. The right has the gangs training in the woods.

            The irony is you want to arm teachers, government employees, to protect schools against well armed citizens who are unhappy or have a grievance. Why not arm other government employees too?

            If we have restrictions about using the US military to protect the government domestically, are you denying the right of self defense to other government employees? Sure sounds like your paranoia is getting in the way of your right to defend oneself.

            You have the US government in your sights. Maybe you don’t like seeing another gun staring at you when you aim?

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          4. As I said, I support the employees carrying their own arms to work so long as I can carry in the same places. Everyone should be able to protect themselves.

            But a don’t see the need for the Bureau of Weights and Measures to have a paramilitary force.


          5. Fisheries enforcement is in that list. Some folks get might ornery if caught poaching inland or high seas.

            “ It was established in 1930 as the Division of Law Enforcement, U.S. Fish Commission and Bureau.[2] It is responsible for the ecosystem protection and conservation of most of national marine life. It is the only federal agency for such purposes. As of 2011, it has more than 200 employees.

            Part of NOAA.

            Nothing new except the sudden conspiracy movement looking for excuses to shoot government employees.


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    1. I just thought of one class of IRS employees who could justifiably be armed, and that would those hunting untaxed liquor producers, Revenuers, chasing Snuffy Smith.


  3. They are called IRS-CI and there are abt 2200 of them. Stockpiling 5m rounds is more than 2200 rounds each. I don’t see a realistic reason for them but maybe you are right, revenuers left over from the 1920s who were a bunch of ragtag untrained bootleg busters. Don’t need em anymore, haven’t since the 21st amendment.


  4. This kind of falls under the category of “What, me worry?” If you file your taxes legally, you have NO FEAR whatsoever of IRS agents kicking in your door.

    Fear mongering is just a Right Wing thing, I suppose.


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