“Yesterday” is hard for me.

For those of you who get giddy making fun of President Biden’s verbal goofs, Dear Leader cannot say the simple phrase – “The Election is Over.” He also cannot say “yesterday.”

51 thoughts on ““Yesterday” is hard for me.

    1. “But then so has President Biden’s.”

      That’s it? That’s all you got?

      The man you have been cheerleading for these past six years is shown AGAIN to be a vicious criminal and you say “Whatabout President Biden?”

      Don’t waste our time with your bullshit that President Biden does not respect the “Rule of Law,” but Trump did. You have already embarrassed yourself enough for one day.

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      1. Not being quick to suppress the excesses of his followers was poor leadership and petty, but it was not incitement and not criminal.

        So, yes, embarrassing.

        Biden, on the other hand, has driven the country into stagflation, far more harmful than anything Trump ever did.


        1. “The excesses of his followers?”

          Pretty tasty Koolaid?

          Those “excesses” were an integral part of the plan to “stop the steal.” If you had summoned the courage to watch the testimony you would have known that.

          As for the economy, it goes where it goes. Biden has not “driven” it anywhere. The entire world is dealing with similar problems. We are doing better than most as reflected in the strength of the dollar. But sure, in our political world the President gets blame or credit whether he deserves it or not.

          But really, your whataboutism is laughable. Trump’s egregious criminal behavior and Biden being President when there are economic issues are not remotely comparable.

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          1. Sure, Biden’s Day 1 orders and the COVID stimulus that largely went to crony organizations and vote buying had nothing to do with the economic fiasco


          2. “Sure, Biden’s Day 1 orders and the COVID stimulus that largely went to crony organizations and vote buying had nothing to do with the economic fiasco”

            Our unemployment is very low. Federal deficits are greatly reduced. The dollar is strong. That is hardly an “economic fiasco.” The most visible problems – high energy costs and food inflation are the global result of the pandemic’s effects, supply chain problems and Russian aggression. These are the simple facts that you choose to ignore with your hyper partisan mantra. But keep it up if it floats your boat.

            As for your “crony organizations” brickbat – too childish to respond to.

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        2. …”but it was not incitement and not criminal.”

          That remains to be seen. Even McConnel and McCarthy have said that Trump is responsible for the violence on Jan 6th. Last night’s hearing shows that his lack of action to stop the violence could potentially be criminal.

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  1. Trump not believing the election was over is hardly breaking news. “What difference at this point does it make?”

    Let’s talk about something current and relevant—like Luria embarrassing herself on the national stage.


    1. “What difference at this point does it make?”

      He is still the leader of the GOP and a leading contender for their 2024 Presidential nomination so clarifying his record does matter. It matters a lot. It is not just about him but about the entire broken GOP that cannot seem to put him in the rearview mirror.

      There is really no evidence that Trump did not believe the election was over. And PLENTY of evidence that he knew very well that it was. And keep in mind his refusal to say that the election was lost came after the day the riot he caused and would not stop resulted in dozens of hospitalizations of LEOs and the death of a supporter.

      As for Luria embarrassing herself, I disagree. She did fine. But, maybe we are both seeing what we want to see.

      I am supporting Luria. I signed up for a small monthly donation to her campaign. She has risen rapidly in Congress and is an effective representative for the economic interests of the constituents she serves. In just her second term she has become Vice Chair of the influential Armed Services Committee.

      Ms. Kiggan, on the other hand, has drunk the Koolaid and has been pushing the Big Lie. She was one of only four Republican VA Senators to vote to spend $70 million of OUR money for a pointless “forensic audit” of Virginia’s 2020 election. I am sure she did that to woo the support of Trumpies in the Trump-infected primary and does not believe the horseshit. But I like my politicians to have principles and to stand by them.

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    2. Luria did some embarrassing alright, but she didn’t embarrass herself. If you haven’t seen the “meme of the ages” of Hawlin’ Josh Hawley, I suggest you watch some of this Twitter thread. (Chariots of Fire is my favorite, but Born to Run was good too.)

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    3. “Trump not believing the election”…

      Jim, only the completely delusional would think that the election wasn’t over with everyone from the hand-picked AG to his own freakin’ daughter telling him so.

      As for “current and relevant”, it is widely believed that the delusional, Orange-haired one is planning to run again in 2024.

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        1. I would prefer he be held accountable for his actions and derelictions.

          It is not about my happiness; it is about criminal activity being prosecuted fully and properly, IAW with the laws of this country.

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        1. Just for starters, he threatened state and local election officials to “find” votes for him.
          Interfering in state and local elections is a felony.

          “President Trump is using what he believes is the power of his position to threaten Ryan [Germany, general counsel for the secretary of state’s office] and me with prosecution if we don’t do what he tells us to do,” he writes, according to FOX 5 of Atlanta. “It was nothing but an attempt at manipulation.”

          “Trump said they would be taking a “big risk” if they didn’t report alleged fraud.”


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          1. You are correct. And the evidence is the incredible long term effort to discredit the election with the goal of overturning it culminating in an attack.

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          2. How so?

            The mission of the Select Committee is to examine the full picture of how this attack occurred. In doing so they have fit it into a wide-ranging illegal conspiracy to keep Trump in power. The attack itself was only the last and most desperate part of the conspiracy. There was a full presentation on Trump’s illegal attempts to pressure state officials and legislatures of which Georgia was one. There were also presentations on the creation of fake electors and fraudulent documents, attempts to pressure Mike Pence to join the conspiracy, attempts to coerce the DOJ to issue false letters to the states, and wire fraud which stole millions from supporters.

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          3. “Maybe I’ve been following different hearings”

            Apparently so.

            Here is the actual charter of the Select Committee…


            As you will read, the name Trump does not even appear. And the charter is quite broad…

            “To investigate and report upon the facts, circumstances, and causes relating to the January 6, 2021, domestic terrorist attack upon the United States Capitol Complex (hereafter referred to as the “domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol”) and relating to the interference with the peaceful transfer of power, including facts and causes relating to the preparedness and response of the United States Capitol Police and other Federal, State, and local law enforcement agencies in the National Capital Region and other instrumentalities of government, as well as the influencing factors that fomented such an attack on American representative democracy while engaged in a constitutional process.”

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          4. What has Thursday got to do with it? This was the last of a series of presentations. The Committee is doing a great job of keeping each presentation tightly focused.

            What difference?
            Trump is the de facto leader of the Republican Party. It is important that his full record be made public before he cons anybody else.

            More importantly, the protection of the Constitution and the Rule of Law DEMANDS that anyone committing such crimes be held accountable. It is NEVER going to be “time to move on” from that.

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          5. Unfortunately, it was not the last hearing.

            You keep repeating the idea that Trump is the leader of the Republican party. I don’t think so. Is Hillary the leader of the Democrats?


          6. Trump is holding rallies. He is endorsing candidates faithful to him. Republican candidates are loathe to even hint at the legitimacy of the election. He has a campaign chest in the 9 figures. The RNC follows his orders. He has all but declared his candidacy for 2024.

            Who else is the leader of the party that might have even a hint of his power and influence?

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          7. …”Trump is the leader of the Republican party. I don’t think so.”

            That statement tells me you aren’t paying attention to what is happening across the country with HQ in Palm Beach County, FL. If you really don’t believe that TFG is leading the party, then maybe you should ask Jen Kiggans if she believes the election was stolen or not.

            ANd Hillary is commenting on things as many Pols do. But she is not out there throwing around endorsements or participating in rallies for those who support her. SHe is done politically. If you think Trump isn’t, I think you may be deluding yourself.


          8. “Is Hillary the leader of the Democrats?”
            Uh, no. That would be Joseph R. Biden.

            Neither party has formal leaders. Just their National Committees. As the most recent President of their party, and with the RNC staffed mainly by his people, Donald Trump IS the de facto leader of the GOP right now.

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    1. As usual you are spreading LIES.


      If Trump wanted to avoid violence he should not have sent an armed mob to overrun the Capitol. Or at any time after 1:10 pm he could have done what he was begged to do – order them to go home. He didn’t. He did NOTHING until law enforcement had the upper hand late in the afternoon.

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        1. “ Miller testified that he was concerned in the days before Jan. 6 that sending National Guard troops to Washington would fan fears of a military coup or that Trump advisers were advocating martial law.”


          That was Trump’s own acting DOD Secretary, Christopher Miller.

          If anything, there are your “optics”. By team Trump itself.

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    2. There is a big difference between a criminal hearing and a Congressional one. Too bad JTN, a Trump mouthpiece, tries to distract from the fact that the man in the Dining Room NEVER called any military or LE to quell the violence. He was too busy calling his toadies in the Senate to stop the EC count. Or Rudy to call the ones he wasn’t calling himself.

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      1. It goes to intent.

        If Trump intended a violent uprising, why would he 4 days in advance suggest the National Guard be deployed to back up the Capitol police?


        1. “It goes to intent.”

          You are damn right it does.

          He was the only one who could order the National Guard in a situation like this. He didn’t. Period. He made an off the cuff remark aimed at showing how big the mob was going to be. No one present took it as an order. And orders of this nature need to be in writing.

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          1. You read the link. And read more carefully this time. There was no order, written or otherwise.

            The idea that Trump issued an order for National Guard deployment but no one obeyed is absurd on its face. And on the day it was Pence who – without actual authority – demanded that the National Guard intervene.

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        2. …”suggest the National Guard be deployed”

          A CinC doesn’t make suggestions. He gives orders. If they are lawful, they are to be followed (deploying the NG is lawful). If not (seizing voting machines, as was recommended by the Kraken lady and drippy headed Rudy) they are not, and justification is provided for the decision.

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  2. Trump, Trump, Trump, the idiotic TDS drum beats on like the energizer bunny. I see you have forsaken mental health services again.


      1. Truth?? You wouldn’t know truth if it was rammed down your pie hole. As far as personal attacks, I have called you on no less than 10 against me this week alone so who are you trying to fool? Go see Paul’s psychiatrist he refuses to see. It’ll all get better, really.


        1. Your “truth” is far from it. ANd I sure would like to see the list of 10 attacks you perceive to have been lobbed against you. You seem to think that criticizing your statements are “personal attacks”. Again, YOUR issue, not mine.

          I can go nuclear on personal attacks, but that would just feed into your toll-hood. I will pass, unless in response to something egregious on your part.


      1. To be honest, I wouldn’t know jack squat abt Trump without Your constant TDS posting. Leader of Republicans? What fantasy world are you trying to push?


        1. “ I wouldn’t know jack squat abt Trump…”

          You voted for him and you didn’t know jack squat about him. That, in a nutshell, is the whole MAGA movement.

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  3. In the Republican Party, Trump is likened to a pimp. So long as his prostitutes do his bidding and pay him his due, he will protect them.

    Stray or question him and you will lose endorsements and get physical threats to you and family.

    Easier to understand than political nuances.

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