NY GOP Gubernatorial candidate attacked, perp released on recognizance.

Zeldin attacked during speech.

Note that the attacker clearly went for Zeldin’s throat. That’s attempted murder.

OK, so the guy’s a nutcase, but the NY GOVERNMENT, with all the facts, put him back on the street within hours.

The man who tried to kill Kavanaugh is also out on the street.

Apparently attempts to assassinate judges and congressmen are OK so long as they are Republicans.

15 thoughts on “NY GOP Gubernatorial candidate attacked, perp released on recognizance.

    1. OK, let’s say mentally unstable then,

      It’s not HIM I am worried about, it’s a system that immediately releases him without even a psych hold.

      And he is not the only one. Failing to hold dangerous people in custody is a widespread problem.


      1. “Failing to hold dangerous people in custody is a widespread problem.”

        A far bigger problem is holding people in custody who are NOT dangerous but who cannot make bail. That happens all the time.

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      2. I don’t disagree. But do we know for sure if an evaluation was done prior to his release? If not, then I would tend to agree with you. But if an evaluation was done and the court determined he was safe to be released, then who are we to say one way or the other.

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  1. Good thing it was New York where the drunk was armed with a stick instead of a gun.

    Whatever you think of New York’s bail laws, they were followed by a Sherriff’s office in a rural part of New York normally controlled by Republicans.

    “The man who tried to kill Kavanaugh is also out on the street.”
    He is a disturbed young man who turned himself in before TRYING anything.
    But don’t let the truth get in your way. You seldom do.

    And he is NOT out on the street. But those made-up facts sure are handy!


    So, no, murdering judges and candidates is NOT okay. And neither of these cases is evidence for the bullshit idea you are trying to spread.

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  2. Yes. Democrats have a history of screaming bloody murder when anything happens against one of them no matter how trivial but let attempted murders against Republicans ho free without a second thought. It’s usually followed by them saying the Republucan deserved it anyway along with a vast array of excuses. Yeah those pacifist liberals sure know to have a party trying to kill people, burn down cities, destroy public and private property, rob and loot and the list goes on, you know the “good” guys, right?


    1. Did you or did you not see the statements made by his opponent in the governor’s race?
      Apparently not. Otherwise, you might have skipped your usual “I hat lefties” rant.

      But YOUR ‘good guys” wanted to murder the sitting VP, Speaker of the House and every single pol who was doing their constitutional duty. Another overstatement of facts concerning social justice protesters who actually WERE infiltrated by provocateurs.

      I’ll take my good guys, the ones standing up for Democracy, over YOUR good guys who think the sun rises and sets in Mar-a-Lago.

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    2. Too bad neither of these stories fits in with your very immature rant.

      The drunk assailant who poked at Zeldin with stick was charged, arraigned and bailed by the sheriff of Monroe County NY who happens to have been a registered Republican his entire life. He did this following the law.

      The person who set out to kill Kavanagh did not follow through. Instead, he dialed 911 to turn himself in and asked for help. Contrary to the fib told by Dr. Tabor, he is in detention. Not walking the street.

      President Biden forcefully condemned the violence in both cases.

      Now, please cite just ONE Democrat who opined that a murdered Republican deserved it.

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        1. I was referring to the current situation. But you still live in the 19th Century, so no surprise.

          And in case you hadn’t noticed, the perp in the Zeldin attack is BACK in jail awaiting a bond hearing on federal charges. CHarges that probably should have been brought earlier as Zeldin is a sitting Congressman.


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