Sitrep Operation Z0V: Back to Hot Steel Rain

Source: The Saker.

A number of commentators over the last few days — including in this situation report — have observed that the pace of Russian military operations in Ukraine seems to be accelerating.

President Vucic of Serbia makes a prediction; “I know what awaits us. As soon as Vladimir Putin has done his work in Seversk, Bakhmut and Soledar, after reaching the second line Slaviansk-Kramatorsk-Avdeevka, he will come up with a proposal. And if they [the West] don’t accept it, – and they won’t – all hell will break loose.”

Most Americans probably imagine our military prowess is at least comparable to its peak in WWII. Having worked for many years in the defense industry I’d say you could make the argument that we remain the world’s preeminent military power, but you could also make the opposite argument, and many professional warfighters have.

I mention this because we should not want to go to war with Russia, China or anyone else.

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