Mussolini would be proud

Weaponized DOJ unnecessarily humiliates Trump supports

The arrest and search tactics used against Trump allies are extrajudicial punishment and a disgrace to the FBI and law enforcement in general. Swat team tactics for misdemeanor arrests are conducted to humiliate the target just for spite. 

It can’t be long before the castor oil arrives. 

48 thoughts on “Mussolini would be proud

  1. “…at this time we have identified significant concerns that may have impacted the election in multiple states, including the State of Georgia.”

    That was in the first paragraph of the letter Clark had drafted for signatures by Rosen and Donoghue, as well as himself as acting AG.

    That was a complete lie. The DOJ or the FBI had found nothing wrong as Barr stated earlier. Even with the unprecedented investigations by the FBI into state elections.

    Clark was scum then and is scum today. The raid was so he could not destroy evidence of his seditious behavior.

    He should be thrilled he is still in America. Anywhere else he might have been arrested much earlier.

    Why should he be treated any better that some drug dealer or embezzler that might have been raided?

    Mussolini? He is currently in Mar a Lago. He won’t get the “hook” and dragged around town, but he needs to answer for his treasonous behavior.


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    1. So you excuse pre dawn swat style raids on journalists and elderly men who have already made contact with the FBI?

      You excuse that because you think one guy might have destroyed evidence that he didn’t even know they wanted?

      Where were you when Hillary was pounding her phones with a hammer?


      1. “Where were you when Hillary was pounding her phones with a hammer?”

        I will bet, that unlike you, he was not being duped by exaggerated tales about Ms. Clinton.


          1. Couldn’t get it right the first time? Again?

            Of course, you imply something sinister or illegal when there is ZERO reason to think that there was something sinister or illegal. That is just the way you people roll. Honest discussion based on facts is a foreign country to you.

            And then there is your lame whataboutism. . . So, Trump tried to overthrow the government in a massive seditious conspiracy, but what about the time Hillary Clinton’s staff destroyed her obsolete phone with a hammer!

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          2. “The attempt to hide them is criminal.”


            You have zero evidence of any crime in connection with the disposal of old phones and the fact that there was not any such evidence is easily discoverable. The whole Hillary-smashed-her-phone meme was concocted by lying liars for the consumption of the weak-minded – people dumb enough to uncritically believe and repeat any lie that fed their preconceived ideas.

            Here is the actual FBI report from which this meme was cherry-picked from a section on the routine handling of Ms. Clinton’s old Blackberries by her staff.


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          1. Mussolini, Gestapo, and now Jackboots?

            More childish nonsense.

            If you had deigned to watch the presentation of the Select Committee, you would understand why this fellow was not trusted to preserve evidence if given ten seconds to make it disappear.

            The “conservative” movement is kept alive by fake outrage. This is another example. It is there to be consumed and spread by the weak-minded. Mr. Clark is not a “critic of Biden.” He is someone against whom a judge found probable cause of criminal behavior. He is someone who was willing to commit egregious criminal acts and was only kept from doing so by Trump DOJ appointees who promised to make the Saturday Night Massacre look like a Sunday School picnic if Trump allowed him to proceed.

            BTW, what we have here is a clear example of white entitlement. You people NEVER criticize far harsher treatment of non-white suspects by police but treat the lawful arrest of this fellow like it was a crime against humanity.

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          2. It’s not just one person, there is a pattern of intentional humiliation and intimidation.

            But you approve of it as long as it’s the other tribe, so wear your jackboots proudly.


          3. “It’s not just one person, there is a pattern of intentional humiliation and intimidation.”

            Uh, no there isn’t. Just more of your fake outrage over fake affronts.

            Where is your outrage over the fact that the President of the United States led a criminal conspiracy to stay in power contrary to the will of the people? Spent it all on Roger Stone?

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          4. “Reread the original article.:

            Uh, no. Once was far more than it deserved.

            I will agree with you that being arrested can be humiliating, but unless you have evidence that these arrests were done without warrants based on probable cause and approved by a judge, you can drop the Gestapo horseshit. Although raiding a home to seize evidence is harsh, we are talking about people who would not hesitate to make evidence disappear if they were politely asked to produce it at their convenience. And as for Navarro – white privilege personified. He was arrested and processed like any other person for whom an arrest warrant had been issued. He just did not like it. As the saying goes, don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.

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          5. “I oppose all excessive use of force”

            And yet you have found reasons to justify police violence against non-white men and boys in virtually every case that has received national publicity. The man was breaking the law selling cigarettes. The man was passing a counterfeit bill. The boy was playing with a toy pistol. The man did not immediately comply with police orders. etc. etc. etc.

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          6. I also oppose the use of force against the police.

            Police have the same right to defend themselves as anyone else.

            When police make a proper arrest, making the decision to fight the police will not end well.

            Don’t conflate violent resistance to arrest with abuses of people not resisting.


          7. Actually, I would be upset if Hillary were arrested in such a manner.

            I would much prefer she be arrested with respect and courtesy.

            And the sooner the better.


          8. Charges, Mr. Prosecutor?

            You just don’t like her. Fine. But you have ZERO credible evidence of criminal behavior.

            Trump on the other hand is seeing a LOT of proof of what he did coming to light.


          9. Again, not funny. Jokes are funny when they show a sense of humor. Your “gallows humor” has never been funny.

            And I also recall several times where you took offense to a joke or sarcastic comment but others here. So don’t accuse others of having no sense of humor when there are times you don’t get it either.


          10. But you only complain when your tribe is the aggrieved party. I can’t get you to say it does happen REGARDLESS of political affiliation, but that’s just the truth of the matter.,


          11. Hardly. Ryan Frederick was hardly ‘my tribe’ but I sat through his trial and was his advocate for years.

            I don’t tolerate abuse of process against anyone.


          12. BUt you tend to isolate the incidents when it is and has been the policy of the DOJ and other law enforcement agencies to do the type of raids/warrant servings/ arrests being discussed.

            It just appears that you are taking greater offense at those you support. Sighting Mr. Frederick and being is advocate is noble. Well Done! But don’t get a riled up about things that have been happening for years that you seem to think are a semi-recent phenomenon directed solely at Trump supporters.


          13. Did you forget? We are talking about “excessive” force.

            When an unarmed person ends up dead, the force was “excessive” EVEN if they did not immediately comply with police orders.

            But we digress.

            Personally, I think it is far more outrageous to try to overthrow the country than it is for the police to conduct a lawful arrest and search based on a duly authorized warrant. Embarrassing? Unpleasant? Sure. But bad things happen when you choose a life of crime. And being old, or white, or connected, or all three does not immunize you.

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          14. Life of crime? Any felony convictions in these cases?

            But when someone is arrested lawfully, and decides to fight the police, then they have chosen the fight. The police are going to win, they have to, or everyone arrested will fight.


          15. “Life of crime? Any felony convictions in these cases?”


            And for those not yet brought to trial a judge found probable cause of crimes having been committed. That is the standard for arrest and search warrants. So, yes, the humiliation of arrest was the result of choices these perps made.


          16. Felonies?

            Those not yet brought to trial remain innocent.

            You are presuming guilt to justify unnecessary brutality and intimidation.

            That is far worse than anything these people did.


          17. “Felonies?”
            The answer to your question was “Yes.” It was the correct answer.

            You and the article complained about the treatment of Roger Stone. He was convicted of SEVEN felonies. And, BTW, by definition, felonies are not “minor crimes” as you claimed.

            Unlike you, I don’t guess about facts. I check.

            Your claim of “brutality” is laughable. Words lose their meanings when they are used so loosely.

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          18. “Stone was convicted of obstructing a hoax.”

            Uh, no he was convicted of seven felonies that included lying to Congress and witness tampering. Those are not “minor crimes.”

            But obviously by your value system where the Rule of the Boss, not the Rule of Law, is paramount, he is a stand-up guy. He did not rat out the boss and he got his reward from Donnie Small Hands.

            His silence and that of other pardon recipients allowed you eagerly weak-minded cultists to refer to the Russia-Trump investigation as a “hoax.” Too bad for him that he threw himself back under the bus on January 6th. He may die in prison yet. He is not going to get another pardon.

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          19. “I would much prefer she be arrested with respect and courtesy.”

            Uh, maybe we can find some evidence before we “Lock her up.” Never in history has an individual been exposed to so much scrutiny and investigation by hostile agents and agencies without there ever being found actionable evidence or a crime.

            Frankly, the fact you continue to chant “Lock her up” after so many decades of utter failure to find any evidence says to me that you – in spite of your assumed intellectual superiority on every issue – are actually just kind of dumb and easily duped.


          20. Oh, your dishonest comments about Hillary Clinton were jokes?

            I have to admit, the humor escaped me. Just seemed like more of your baseless Democrat-bashing hate speech. And a lame attempt to deflect from the extremely serious criminality Donnie and his minions.

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  2. Rule of Law. Unless it is being enforced against someone I support. Even if he or she deserves the treatment.

    That is what this appears to be saying. Don’t arrest me people. They can do no wrong.

    And I know “whataboutism” is frowned upon, but TFG’s DOJ was weaponized against his political opponents. Not for doing anything illegal, but just because they would not kiss the large orange backside of the GOP G-d-King.

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    1. TDS notwithstanding, there is no excuse for subjecting someone to being handcuffed in front of his house in his underwear when he opened the door for the police and offered no resistance or evasion.

      That was nothing but intentional intimidation and humiliation for someone who is innocent until proven guilty.

      Exrtra-judicial punishment is what thugs and dictators do.


      1. It has nothing to do with TDS, the latest go to when you have no real defense.

        It has to do with the fact that the DOJ today is going after criminals. Just because they are YOUR criminals does not change anything. Remember that Roger Stone was CONVICTED. There is no extra-judicial punishment involved; it is how LE has been operating for a very long time. Extra-judicial would be if the suspects were being executed without cause when attempting to serve a search warrant or accomplishing an arrest.

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        1. Stone, as an example, was found guilty on minor crimes LATER. In our legal system he was innocent at the time of the abuse.

          There is no justification for using more force than necessary to affect an arrest, and in Stone’s case, a phone call to surrender during business hours would have been sufficient.

          Using tactics intended for capturing dangerous cartel members on an elderly man and his family for misdemeanor charges is abuse, pure and simple.

          Terrorizing and humiliating people prior to trial is Brownshirt stuff.


          1. “There is no justification for using more force than necessary to affect an arrest”..

            Yet it happens EVERY day. And not just to Trump supporters (the poor little bastards). But to “run of the mill” misdemeanor arrests.

            “Terrorizing and humiliating people prior to trial is Brownshirt stuff.”

            Brownshirts didn’t arrest; they kidnapped and forced people who were NOT criminals at all into cattle cars for ACTAUL extra-judicial punishment.

            Or they marched through the UVA campus chanting “Jews will not replace us!” and “Blood and soil!”

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