9 thoughts on “The Sovietization of America–An American Gulag

    1. You are the lazy one, Mr. Murphy. The writer’s comments are based on a lifelong career in U.S. intelligence. You don’t address any of his substantive assertions, but only exert yourself to take the low hanging fruit of semantic criticism.

      Apart from that, you are just plain wrong. Horrors in Russia are not relevant to the transmogrification of America.


      1. Your inability to recognize claptrap is on display yet again.

        Here is the main thesis that you are pushing. . .
        “The United States now resembles the old Soviet Union”

        Uh, no, it doesn’t. Only someone who knows nothing could make that claim with a straight face.

        Here, let me help – any article using Tucker Carlson as a primary source is dismissable as claptrap.

        And here is something that you obviously do not know – Being prosecuted for the attempted violent overthrow of our democratic processes is not political persecution. Being punished for proven crimes with a stint in prison does not make you a “political prisoner.”

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        1. RE: “Here is the main thesis that you are pushing. . .”

          Wrong. The thesis in the story is contained in the last paragraph:

          “This kind of corrupt behavior by the Government of the United States is creating an enormous counter intelligence problem. What do I mean? The injustice and unfairness that now defines how politics are played in America makes it easier for foreign intelligence services to recruit disgruntled intelligence officers who feel betrayed by their government. The fruits of America’s Sovietization are yet to be harvested, but when those crops are collected it will be ugly.”

          You are free to live in any fantasy world you wish, but when you post commentary here it would be best if you tried to be competent.


          1. Laughable! You cite one of the consequences of the main thesis as being the main thesis. And you want ME to be competent?

            Here is another tip to enhance your obviously lacking critical thinking skillset. . . The main thesis of an article is often found in the title. In this case that title is. . . “THE SOVIETIZATION OF AMERICA–AN AMERICAN GULAG.” This central idea is repeated in the sentence I quoted… “The United States now resembles the old Soviet Union.”

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          2. Again laughable.

            The thesis you claim to see – an “enormous counter intelligence problem” – is not even mentioned until the last paragraph.

            The thesis that I see – “The United States now resembles the old Soviet Union: – is reflected in the title, stated in the leading paragraphs and is supported by supposed “evidence” in the body of the piece – old leaders (like the USSR), secret police (like the USSR) political prisoners (like the USSR), corruption (like the USSR).

            So, now you offer a definition of “thesis” that supports my simple and obvious observation as if it doesn’t. Like I hinted – your critical thinking skills need a fair amount of work.

            And what is your problem? – You push the nonsense idea that we are now just like the USSR but are not willing to own it.

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  1. Political prisoners? None were arrested for their political views. They range from trespassing misdemeanors to assaulting police to vandalism to seditious conspiracy. Most are not even in jail, but posted bond or have already be adjudicated. Fines, short jail terms, community service have been the majority of the 200 or so already found guilty.

    Whenever I see someone say that we have political prisoners (or religious persecution) I generally get the impression they are clueless demagogues who have no idea what real persecution for beliefs is.

    Showing photos of a questionably robust Putin to compare with Biden, Pelosi (where is Trump at 76?) is a joke. Is this the Babylon Bee?

    We are still trying to sort out he damage from the last administration’s Soviet style attempt to steal the election through conspiracies, intimidation, extortion, threats, lies and violence. So Johnson may have a point if that is what he means.

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