Paxlovid rebound

Fauci taking 2nd round of Paxlovid

You might remember that I recently wrote about my concerns over Immunological Original Sin, the problem of over-vaccinated people failing to make antibodies to the new variants of COVID and instead just making more of the obsolete antibodies.

Sometimes I hate being right.

Paxlovid works by stopping the virus from replicating for a while, it doesn’t eradicate it. But the idea is that by the time you finish the treatment, your body has had enough time to make antibodies that will.

But what if your body uses that time making the wrong antibodies? That is what happened to Fauci. So, Paxlovid only delayed the infection.

The FDA needs to get busy and get those bivalent vaccines to the marketplace with a new OWS type effort or it’s going to get ugly this fall.

9 thoughts on “Paxlovid rebound

  1. …”the idea is that by the time you finish the treatment, your body has had enough time to make antibodies that will.”

    That is “the idea”, but maybe because it wasn’t properly vetted and only drug company “data”was used, it isn’t as good as thought? Sometimes more time and testing is needed and the FDA rushed things a bit?

    Just a thought.


    1. Paxlovid does exactly what it is supposed to do. Buy you a week to get your immune response going. It isn’t the problem.

      The problem is that we have trained our bodies to make the wrong antibodies.

      The good news is that both Moderna and Pfizer have new vaccines planned for the fall that will overcome that adverse programming. They need to be delivered ASAP.

      There is a fix for this if the bureaucrats don’t get in the way.

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      1. Just read this morning that the bureaucrats are pushing for the vaccine makers to do just that.

        And having tested positive Tuesday evening, even with four shots, I just feel like it is a bad cold. My son also tested positive and he feels fluish. I’m not sure if Paxlovid would be appropriate at this point. BUt the vaccines as taken have kept me from feeling the need to be hospitalized.


        1. Paxlovid is best started in the first 3 days after symptoms appear, but is counterproductive more than 5 days after. If you are still in the window, take it.


          1. Monday evening. Slight fever controlled by Naproxen and cold symptoms all day, Tuesday. So I am probably outside the window. But that is why I asked


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