CA AG Doxes all registered gun owners

SORE LOSER AG reacts to Bruen decision

If any of you still wonder why I object strongly to registration, here is an example. The CA AG has provided thieves with the addresses where firearms can be burglarized.

Government cannot be trusted with such information.

6 thoughts on “CA AG Doxes all registered gun owners

  1. Will he be fired and prosecuted? Fat chance in the land of fruits, nuts and flakes. But then again since he basically outed mostly judges and their families, they might collectively have something to say abt it.


  2. There is a lot more damage and risk when private companies decide that protecting data is too costly and people’s financial information hits the dark web.

    Private industry cannot be trusted with information.

    Even if the government knew what you have via registration, how will they confiscate 400 million guns? We lose 10’s of thousands of lives and untold injuries combined with police shootings exacerbated by the expectation that people are armed when they hold a cell phone.

    But your AR is safe and sound.

    You should thank all the dead folks for sacrificing their lives so you feel better about yourself.


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    1. Di you even read the article?

      I don’t see what private data collection has to do with anything.

      The point is that CA’s AG spitefully leaked the names and addresses of people who were required by law to provide that information, giving thieves a shopping list of what guns were owned and where.

      What is it you think is good about helping legally owned guns get into the hands of crimina;s?


      1. “What is it you think is good about helping legally owned guns get into the hands of criminals?”

        That has been the problem for decades and now you are suddenly concerned because of a data leak of a few hundred names. We still have 400 million guns saturating our nation.

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        1. The number isn’t relevant. (though the number in the article was for one county)

          What is important here is that a government official exposed thousands of people to risk of robbery because he was pissed that a SCOTUS decision didn’t go his way.

          That is why government cannot be trusted with a database of gun owners, it will inevitably be used as a political weapon.


          1. “What is important here…” is that we are awash in guns and killing and maiming 10’s of thousands of Americans annually.

            Anonymity of gun ownership is literally killing us.

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