President Biden delivers remarks on Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade — 6/24/2022

Joe Biden is such an embarrassment! He began his remarks with the very stupid words, “Today, the Supreme Court of the United States expressly took away a Constitutional right from the American people…”

Those words are stupid on many levels, the main one being that there is no such thing as a “Constitutional right.” That is, the Constitution doesn’t create or mandate any rights at all; it only recognizes and protects pre-existing rights. Moreover, the Supreme Court has no ability to take away any rights that the Constitution recognizes or protects.

Joe Biden should know better than to misrepresent Constitutional principles so profoundly. His remarks in the video are a Big Lie and a signal that he and his administration seek totalitarian control over the public and the Constitution he swore to serve.

18 thoughts on “President Biden delivers remarks on Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade — 6/24/2022

  1. Hatred spewing drivel again. It goes deeper than any of us who “hate” Trump.

    And your statement …”the Constitution doesn’t create or mandate any rights at all” then says that the Second Amendment is a lie.

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      1. Sorry if you can’t comprehend that your post is Biden-hatred, writ large.

        …”then says that the Second Amendment is a lie.”

        Should have read: “then THAT says…”


          1. RE: “I stated the idea of G-d given rights being part of the 2A is a lie.”


            Well, you might want to read the Declaration of Independence, where the principle is stated, or some of the philosophical history that preceded that statement in the Declaration (“We hold these truths to be self-evident…”).

            Or, you might want to read the Second Amendment and contemplate the phrase “shall not be infringed.” That phrase implies that the right to keep and bear arms existed before the amendment was written.

            In your own mind you might try substituting “Nature” for “G-d.” The concept here is that rights are given by Nature in the same way that Nature gives us the laws of physics.


          2. How many times have we been told that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are two different documents and there is no crossover?

            NOW, there is? Hypocrisy to justify arguments? Yeah. THAT is what I comprehend.


  2. No matter what name-calling idiots believe, the right to an abortion before viability in a pregnancy was a Constitutional right afforded to women. And in case you do not know what a Constitutional right is, it is a right so fundamental that it cannot be subjected to the whims of politics or even the will of the majority. Such fundamental rights are protected by the Constitution. That is what makes them “Constitutional rights.” That was the status of this fundamental right until the lying fanatics now on SCOTUS took it away.

    President Biden was absolutely correct in what he said about this decision and your silly critique is a symptom of profound ignorance and/or hapless stupidity.

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    1. Perhaps you can point out the word abortion in the constitution as a right. Trying to wrap up everything neatly under “privacy” as a constitutionsl right means everyone has a right to a ham sandwich, a car, a pat on the ass, murder, incest, sex with minors or anything as long as it is in private. Horse feathers!!!


      1. Your “analysis” of the concept of privacy as applied in Roe is beyond childish.

        According to SCOTUS for the last 50 years a woman has had a Constitutional right to dominion over her own body. Now she doesn’t. It is not hard to understand.

        The concept of Liberty means nothing if the state owns your body. The Constitution’s Bill of Rights was about protecting individual Liberty against the will of the majority using government as their instrument. Now, for women and young girls, it no longer does that.

        Try to explain why a man cannot be compelled to sacrifice so much as a drop of blood that might save another person, but women can be compelled to undergo the pain, maiming, and risk of pregnancy for the sake of another “person.” Go ahead try to find the justice in that difference.

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        1. And for the last 50 years, it has been incorrectly stated it is a constitutional right to kill unborn children on a whim at any moment of ones choosing during pregnancy. Dominion over ones body has to take the life inside you into consideration at some point and at that time the woman takes full responsibility for her choices and the baby’s life thus dominion is temporarily sacraficed due to her participation in nature.


          1. Bobr, If you are too lazy or too stupid to understand the legal environment established by Roe v. Wade I suggest you keep your foolishness to yourself.

            This is a laughably ignorant statement. . .

            “It has been incorrectly stated it is a constitutional right to kill unborn children on a whim at any moment of ones choosing during pregnancy.”

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  3. Well of course the idiot in chief wants to spew alarmist nonsense. He hopes to distract from his and democrats abysmal performance and try to make elections a one issue race based a big fat lie. I don’t think it will help much….


      1. Beg to differ. Republicans run on multiple issues including economics while Democrats historically run on single social issues like gays and anti police. Cheer on the spread of AIDS and looters, arsonists and rioters.


        1. Try healthcare, environmental issues, minimum wage, etc.

          Police? They kill upwards of 1000 of us each year. Are we that bad compared to UK? The “defund issue” was minor, and bogus. Biden pushed for increased police funding.

          The rest of your comment is just pure hatred of Democrats…which you have said in clear terms. Fine, but I will admit that there are some Republicans with integrity.

          Republicans on economics? You can’t be serious. Trickle down, tax cuts combined with borrowing for increased spending, debt increases under virtually every Republican since and including Reagan, one of the biggest.

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        2. “Republicans run on multiple issues”..

          Let me remind you that in the last Presidential election, the GOP had NO PLATFORM. However, they did run on a single issue: “Whatever TFG says, goes.”.

          You are so enamored with the lies you tell, you just can’t stop telling them.

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