25 thoughts on “Body Slams for Food Justice

  1. Nice try to come up with a whatabout.

    Sorry, but this bit of slapstick is not in the same league as chambering rounds, breaking down doors, throwing flashbangs, and hunting down corrupt and cowardly RINOS.

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      1. Senators working to protect small farmers from Big Ag compared to Greitens telling folks to get their RINO hunting licenses and start bagging and tagging RINO’s? Stupidest attempt at whataboutism in the history of this forum.

        And for the third time I ask, What is a RINO circa 2022?


      2. How so?

        If you cannot see the very obvious difference between a bit of theatrical horseplay between friends to make a point and the “bagging and tagging” of the corrupt and cowardly members of their party, I cannot help you.

        But it makes me wonder. . .

        Can you spell D-O-P-…

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        1. I notice that the theatrical horseplay you like depicts physical violence against an actual person, something not featured in the other video. I guess you mean we are supposed to fear the unseen more than the seen.


          1. Well, as I said at the beginning. . . “Nice try to come up with a whatabout.”

            It is my opinion that your attempt was a failure. It is lame. There is no comparison. You think your finding this clip is a triumph and you gleefully post it. Fine. You have your opinion and I have mine.

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          2. I think the “triumph” is that you took the bait to reveal the shallowness of your own video posting.


    1. You didn’t see “taggin’ and baggin'” political opponents using firearms in the other video either.


  2. They’re also giggling like schoolboys the whole time.

    And neither of them have the well-documented history of domestic and sexual violence as Greitens. My assumption is most people are just playing with their guns; he seems like the type that really wants to use them. Especially now that the Navy won’t even have him back, and he doesn’t have his wife and toddlers to beat up.

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  3. This is the kind of tripe that liberal hoodlums use as an excuse for looting, burning and assault like they have already done with the full encouragement of Demcratic politicians. And the kangaroo Jan 6 circus continues in light of these facts?? Brazen hypocrites they are….


    1. To you I say Horse Shit. You don’t deserve the respect I showed Mr. Roberts.

      75% of the testimony to the committee has come from REPUBLICANS. Your assertion of “kangaroo court”. like much of what you post, is just so much fertilizer.

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      1. I see you approve of looting, arson and physical violence as long as the perps are democrats.

        You mean 75% of people subpoenaed by the kangaroo court were Republicans.


        1. Neve said those words. Don’t try to put them in my mouth. Never approved of it when it happened; never approved of it when it was infiltrators that STARTED some of the violence. So take the though of my approval of violence and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

          And there is a BIG difference between tackling and baggin’ & taggin’. You may not be smart enough to know the difference. In fact, based on most of the drivel that flows from your keyboard, I would conclude that you are barley competent to hold an intelligent discussion with anyone.

          And of those that have given testimony , NONE have pled their 5th Amendment rights. It is NOT a kangaroo court. You keep saying bullshit so many times YOU eventually believe your own crapola.

          Even Trump once said, “Why plead the 5th if you have nothing to hide. Only the mob pleads the 5th.” Or words to that effect. Yet HIS mob of cronies, yes men, sycophants, defenders and blind loyalists have done so hundreds of times.

          And have I mentioned that your an idiotic bully lately?

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