The Bulwark: If Trump Wasn’t Lying, That’s Worse

“A delusional president is far more dangerous than a mendacious one.”

Will Saletan presents 5 exhibits from yesterday’s hearing with the conclusion that if TFG truly believed the lies he and his minions were presenting to the American people, he is delusional and not fit for office.

His close is something that all should consider.

Detached from realityLost contactNo interest in facts.

We can’t have a president who thinks—or doesn’t think—this way. We can’t put the world’s most powerful armed forces and nuclear arsenal back in the hands of a man who believes, no matter what, that he has the mandate of the people—and is willing to use violence to stay in power. In the Oval Office, a madman is far more dangerous than a liar.” (Emphasis added.)

Based on the opening paragraphs, a historical recollection of Nixon and his actions, perhaps DJT learned a lesson about ADMITTING he is lying.

25 thoughts on “The Bulwark: If Trump Wasn’t Lying, That’s Worse

  1. RE: “In the Oval Office, a madman is far more dangerous than a liar.”

    If you really feel this way, removing the current madman from the Oval Office should be your priority. Joe Biden is a feeble old man with grand delusions. We should not be entrusting the nuclear arsenal to him.


    1. Did you read the piece? That line is a direct quote from it. I didn’t say it, but I don’t disagree with it either.

      In what way is Mr. Biden a “mad man”? Just because you don’t like his politics, policies or kids, is no reason to label him “mad”.

      You want mad, take a much closer look at the whiny crying, man-baby who lost the popular vote twice, insisted that the only way he could lose was by massive fraud (which most advisors and every court told him, was, what was Barr’s word? Oh, yeah “BULLSHIT”.), insisted that bleach was an alternative treatment for COVID (or shoving a F40T12/DX (Google it) light bulb up your butt), and the list goes on and on.

      You can question Biden’s mental acuity all you want. (And I think it is a backhanded slap at a man who suffered from the pain of stuttering in his youth and overcame it as best as possible.) At least his advisors don’t have to tell him what he wants to hear in order to keep their jobs.

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      1. RE: “Did you read the piece?”

        No, I didn’t. Nothing The Bulwark has to say interests me.

        RE: “In what way is Mr. Biden a ‘mad man’?”

        He is clearly senile. I believe a medical diagnosis would show that he suffers from dementia.

        RE: “At least his advisors don’t have to tell him what he wants to hear in order to keep their jobs.”

        No, his advisors have to tell him what to say, because he can’t think for himself.


        1. Sorry, but the only delusions I see here come from you. But it is your world that you live in. Enjoy and be ignorantly happy.

          “Nothing The Bulwark has to say interests me.”

          You accuse others of not reading your links when they comment unfavorably about them. You are AFRAID, it appears, to see what others have to say. Afraid and L-A-Z-Y.

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          1. Some people – I won’t mention any names – NEVER accept evidence that refutes the malarkey they spread. When such evidence is provided, they simply deny it. So, it really does not matter if some people do not bother to see the evidence for themselves because they could care less than nothing about getting to a truth they would rather not believe.

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        2. “No, I didn’t. Nothing The Bulwark has to say interests me.”

          Yet, we are treated to a flow from Putin and his Western propagandists, right wing echo chambers and occasionally conservative thinking worthy of the name.

          You are siloed and I suppose you like the comfort. I don’t blame you. Reality is not easy.

          Do and say whatever floats your boat, of course. But posting Moon Alabama while dismissing Bulwark with an elitist “nothing the Bulwark has to say interest me” is just plain dismissive. Or using the word of the week, loaded with snark.


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    2. “ Joe Biden is a feeble old man with grand delusions.”

      Gee, that sound more like descriptions for both Putin and Trump.

      Spot on, actually. 😇

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  2. Barr said that Trump might be detached from reality when it came to the election results.

    I am not sure that is true. It is becoming more obvious to me that Trump knows he lost, but his followers will feed on his lies and force through the election, voting and other legislative changes to make discarding ballots much easier. The goal is keeping a minority party in power.

    For instance, the attack on the Capitol. It was not designed to take down and replace the government. It was to create enough chaos and delay to allow either some form of martial law or pressure state legislators to throw up their hands and say the election in their state was unreliable. Then send alternative electors if the state were majority Republican in the state house. Threats and terror were the path to a quasi legal means to that end.

    Kind of like pulling a fire alarm in a store so you can steal the merchandise or empty the register during the panic.

    A few hundred gang members from at least two gangs were involved. Enough to get a few thousand loyalists to riot with them to overwhelm police.

    Trump is crafty, if not necessarily smart. He knows that a president, even out of office, is still part of a revered tradition in our country. He knows that norms were not codified enough to put him in danger of prosecution. Or so he hopes.
    We know Trump stalled for hours before finally saying “go home” with the praises for their “patriotism”. I think when Pence stayed, he saved our country, and possibly his own life.

    The plan failed this time. But in a sense, it might just have delayed the inevitable. The icing on the cake for Republicans is that the inflation, gas prices, Ukraine as well as the pandemic and it’s political backlashes would have been similar had Trump won. But Biden and the Democrats take the heat until time resolves most of the issues.

    Bottom line is that Trump may not be as much detached from reality as he just doesn’t give a damn about it. And if violence and chaos let’s him back in office, he is off to the races without a care in the world. And immune from all the criminal cases still pending in several states.

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  3. Len, I agree entirely. I do think Trump is capable of telling truth from a lie. He just totally, 100% does not give a damn. I can see where that might lead Barr to think he was “detached from reality,” but truth, honor, and scruples are the things he is really detached from.

    But, when the rubber hits the road and indictments start rolling in, I’m pretty sure Trump will go with the insanity plea. It’s really the only defense he has.

    As for his cult, a friend on another thread was talking about the latest revelation that Ginni Thomas had been a cult member in the 80s and had broken out of it, only to fall into the Trump cult.

    (Here’s the link if you’re interested:

    Her theory is Ginni suffers from “external locus of identity.” That’s a personality disorder wherein you “value yourself only as much as you are valued by those around you.” So, when an organization starts to value its members only as much as those members value their cult leader, vulnerable people fall prey. And, from everything I’ve seen, that’s the perfect definition of today’s GOP. “If you don’t love Trump, we’ll all hate you.”

    I don’t think Trump formed the cult himself. He just happened to be in the right place at the right time to take advantage of what was happening inside the Republican Party at the time. e.g “My ONLY mission is to see that Obama is a one term President.” Screw what’s good for the country. If it hurts Obama, we’ll do it. And if you don’t tow the Party line, we’ll all hate you forever.

    NOTE TO BOB: TDS is not a rebuttal

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    1. I read the article on Thomas earlier today.

      Regardless of what anyone thinks of her,
      Justice Thomas is not doing the right thing. He has been involved in cases in the past that involved her clients as a political consultant.

      Plus he was the only dissent in the farcical election case that SCOTUS refused to hear. (And recall that Ginny Thomas was tweeting about the barges at Gitmo holding Democrats awaiting trial for election fraud among other fanciful accusations.)

      Ethics requires not just doing the right thing and avoiding conflicts of interest, but also the appearance of being ethical. Especially today when trust in our institutions is low.

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    2. I think it is lazy and dishonest to accuse Trump or his supporters of belonging to a cult. It is lazy when the term is used metaphorically outside of its technical or scientific context. It is dishonest to the extent one pretends the metaphorical meaning is the true one.


      1. “I think it is lazy and dishonest…”

        Exactly what a member of a cult would be expected to say!

        And, of course, the term is NOT being used “metaphorically.” It is used descriptively according to its second meaning in the Oxford dictionary. . .

        “a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing.
        ‘a cult of personality surrounding the leaders’ ”

        Of course, with Trump and violent White Christian Nationalism now joined at the hip, the primary religious version of the definition reasonably applies as well. . .

        “a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.”

        Trump sent by God say large numbers of his followers.

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      2. Word salad notwithstanding, if it isn’t a cult of personality, what exactly is it that feeble minded people have been led down a path of ignorance, lies, misinformation and “donated” money to a fraudulent “organization”?

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    1. Oh really?
      Who is the leader of our cult?

      It was Will Rogers who got it right about a century ago…

      “I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat.” – Will Rogers

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        1. Just like racists resent any implication that their thinking is affected by latent racism, cultist always take umbrage when their cultish behavior is pointed out. Point out, for example, the members of the Trump cult refuse to accept the overwhelming evidence that the election which Trump lost bigly was free of significant fraud, and they will accuse YOU of some sort of derangement.

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  4. Len, I agree about Justice Thomas. He is not a man of honor, he will never resign. He should be impeached, but I doubt it will ever happen.

    When Scalia was alive, Thomas was his act-alike sycophant. He rarely spoke and wrote very little that Scalia didn’t tell him to write. When Scalia died, all Thomas had left was Trump. I think he and Ginni both suffer from “external locus of identity.” They can find nothing about themselves they can believe in or trust, so they turn their souls over to the nearest despot willing to accept them.

    And that is how cult members are born.

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