Day Two – The Big Lie

The presentation by the Select Committee today focused on the Big Lie – The claim that the election was stolen from Donald Trump through massive election fraud. Using testimony from people appointed by Trump they established beyond a reasonable doubt that:

  1. There was no fraud of any significance in ANY of the states that Trump accused of stealing the election from him. Or anywhere else.
  2. Everyone around Trump KNEW that this was the truth of the matter and told him so beginning on election night where only an inebriated Rudy Giuliani gave him the advice he took – claim a victory that was not in the cards and start with his fraud accusations.
  3. Donald Trump was told over and over and over again that his claims were false and even after such briefings by his staff, his campaign, and the DOJ he IMMEDIATELY repeated them again for public consumption as if they were God’s truth.

When considering a criminal case, the greatest hurdle is often to prove criminal intent. Nobody really knows what is in another person’s mind. A possible Trump defense in a criminal conspiracy trial might be a claim that he really did believe the Big Lie. The evidence presented today makes that impossible to believe unless he is truly insane – “detached from reality” in AG Barr’s words.

One side topic at the end of the session covered Trump’s fundraising off the Big Lie. He raised more than $250 million supposedly for legal fights to “Stop the Steal.” The bulk of it was transferred to a PAC controlled by Trump and never used for the advertised purpose. The Big Lie became the Big Rip-Off. Classic Donald Trump grifting. Suckers!

26 thoughts on “Day Two – The Big Lie

  1. Paul, I missed the first hour of this morning’s hearings. Thank you.

    I’ve said for years that Trump will end up pleading insanity and it’s looking more and more like that will be the case. “Detached from reality” describes Trump perfectly. No snark — the man is mentally ill and has been for some time.

    However, there seem to be fewer and fewer birds-of-a-feather flocking around him lately. When the flock finally flies to the next mental midget maybe our country can begin to recover.

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  2. I don’t care for mayo sandwiches as they are quite plain and no meat. Got any more TDS to share? And again and again snd again and…


    1. It is odd how you people are mad at everyone except the con man who has been playing you for fools. I think it was Mark Twain who said that “it is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.” That has been the guiding principle of Trump’s business and political career.

      Like it or not, Trump is a significant public figure. Holding him accountable for his crimes is important if we are going to live by the Rule of Law. Nobody is above it. Right?

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      1. No, it is odd that you fools are so fixated on this tired old news thinking it will help you in midterms and expect others to dance the same Trump war hoop. Actually quite funny but be my guest. BTW, I’m not dancing to TDS..


  3. It is really a sad commentary that Trump supporters were ultimately scammed by their “hero”. We knew it would come to that. He did it before in private life over and over. Trump U was just the tip of the iceberg.

    To any reasonable person, stealing from your most loyal followers is a perversion that hurts two ways:

    First, the money itself. It’s theft and fraud, pure and simple.

    Next, it relies for success on the scammed folks being too embarrassed to admit being suckered and demanding legal action.

    Trump knows this as he laughs all the way to the bank.

    MAGA needs a good dose of “woke” as in “wake up and smell the coffee”. Sue the bastard, then find another right wing pol to carry the banner.

    Unfortunately, political masochism may be at play.


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  4. No one outside the TDS bubble cares, and the more you drag it out, the more people you turn off.

    They can’t afford the gas to go to the store to look at groceries they could afford when Trump was in office, but can’t now. They have bigger problems on their minds.

    But go ahead. Napoleon approves.


    1. Are you folks getting talking points from MAGA?

      Kerry has the exact same sentiment. We should ignore 1/6 and it’s planning by the ex-president and his loyalists because gas prices around the world are high, including ours.

      Rule of Law be damned. They were just joshin’.

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      1. The total viewership for the primetime campaign commercial was just under 20 million viewers in spite of it being on all the major networks, That’s about half of those watching Biden’s SOTU speech, which itself was a record low.

        Of those who watched 15 million were over 55 years old, perhaps because they don’t know how to use ROKU.
        So, in a country of 320 million, less than 5 million young people watched even the first hour.

        But by all means keep beating that drum while people suffer under Biden’s stifling regulation and economic manipulation.

        Veto proof margins next January will be fun.


        1. “Odd, I never watch his show.”

          If you say so.

          You obviously style yourself as among the “rational people” who think that holding the insurrectionists to account is the wrong thing to be doing? Better to pretend it never happened” Better to pretend that about 40% of the public has not been duped by a self-serving con man?

          Yeah, sure. So rational.

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          1. You think it is the left that is rational and conservatives are not?

            Biden’s approval is under water in MASSACHUSETTS!

            But carry on.


          2. “But carry on.”

            Trying to change the subject to gas prices and Biden’s approval ratings when the subject is holding criminals to account is not rational. It is a dodge. Because you support the criminals and do not want them punished.

            You seem to think that if something is not popular or carries a political price, it is the wrong thing to do. I disagree with you. Liz Cheney disagrees with you. “There will come a day when President Trump is gone, but your dishonor will remain.”

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  5. Seriously, I’m beginning to think you’re right. This person is either a child or thinks like a child. Maybe this forum should require proof of age before allowing posting? I wouldn’t want to bully a 10 year old. But snarking a 50 year old man who thinks like a 10 year old is fair game.

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  6. I beg to differ. Lots of people care about what happened on January 6. I think I read that 20 million people watched the first night of hearings. If we ever get to a point where Americans don’t care who is responsible for smearing feces on the floors and walls of our Capitol, you can call the country ended. Thank God we’re not there yet!

    As for gas prices, I’m curious as to what you would have a President do… give consumers subsidies? regulate big oil? buy oil from Russia? According to CNN’s Money Watch, prices for gas in the US are about on a par with the UK, France, Germany, and Portugal. They’re cheaper than places like Netherlands, Norway, Italy, and Denmark. Gas in Cuba is $3.03 per gallon. Wanna try their policies?

    I believe the American people can walk and chew gum at the same time. We can be concerned about inflation without losing sight of attempts to destroy our democracy.

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  7. RE: “When considering a criminal case…”

    That’s the funny part (that proves TDS). The select committee hearings are not a criminal case. In fact, if a criminal case could be made, Trump would already be indicted.

    Nothing to see here.


    1. You are correct. The Select Committee is not responsible for prosecuting criminals. That is the job of the DOJ. And, of course, state authorities where criminal meddling in the vote counting occurred.

      However, it is useful for the public to know that they have been intentionally LIED to by a political figure that many admire. Especially true of a political figure who has shown himself willing to unleash violence on our institutions based on LIES.

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