Ho Hum. Another Day, Another Putin War Crime.


Prisoners of war being taken out and shot is a clearly defined war crime. So are such kangaroo courts. And this is not in the heat of battle. It is a deliberate flouting of the rules of war. At least one of the two British citizens has family ties in Ukraine and was serving in the Ukraine military before the invasion. The Moroccan national sentenced to death was living in the Ukraine and also joined its military before the invasion. Spinning them as some sort of mercenaries is more of Putin’s lies. And it is not relevant to how POWs are to be treated.

18 thoughts on “Ho Hum. Another Day, Another Putin War Crime.

  1. RE: “It is a deliberate flouting of the rules of war.”

    Tell us, what rules of war were flouted?


    1. You are capable of reading the Geneva Conventions for yourself. They are very explicit and detailed with respect to the treatment of POWs. Your playing dumb does not alter the facts in any way.

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      1. You say the accused are POWs. I’m asking you to tell us by what standard.

        As I understand it, there is a UN convention by which the accused qualify as mercenaries, and the two British defendants pled guilty under that convention.


          1. NOT out of context. If they were uniformed, they were POW’s granted certain protections under the Geneva Conventions. If they were not, they were murdered in cold blood by ruthless soldiers, under the command of the Kremlin.


          2. And even if they weren’t legitimate POW’s, to execute them would be murder.

            You referred to the Jan6th Commission hearings as a kangaroos court. To see an ACTUAL KC, I refer you to the “legal” proceedings regarding this thread.


  2. And exactly what do you propose to do? Launch a few nukes in protest? The US was in the same dilemma during the Russian occupation of Afghanistan and there wasn’t squat we could do but complain and arm the other team. Because this is a focus of disdain for you, what exactly is your solution? Continue complaining is not an answer. I also seem to recall our CIA arming the afghan rebels didn’t work out well for us in the long run as the rebels turned against us later on.


      1. I don’t think anyone is justifying anything, only providing an opposing unbiased point of view. Playing devils advocate at worse. It’s none of our business anyway.


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