26 thoughts on “Shooting My Churchill 12 Gauge (Vlog)

  1. And she could have gone with a 20 gauge instead of the 12. Half the recoil and still totally lethal at indoor ranges.

    As I wrote before, there are far worse alternatives to an AR.


    1. “As I wrote before, there are far worse alternatives to an AR.”

      You really think this video confirms that opinion? Really?

      Shotguns, as horribly deadly as you claim they are, at least have a legitimate purpose. AR15’s? Not so much. And, if your opinion is correct, there would be no sacrificing of home defense if these were the only weapons legally available.

      Semi-automatic rifles, and all pistols have been very strictly limited in the UK since the 1996 school massacre. There has not been another school mass killing since.


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      1. ARs do have an important purpose in our society. They keep would-be totalitarians worried.

        Direct comparisons between the US and Britain are not particularly useful. We are a very different society.


        1. “They keep would-be totalitarians worried.”
          Besides, you have been arguing that shotguns are the more deadly weapon.

          “We are a very different society.”
          No, we are not. My wife is British. I have lived in the UK. Have you? Both countries have large congested and under-resourced cities with endemic poverty. Both have substantial populations of unassimilated immigrants. Both have populations of the kind of people we call “rednecks.” If anything British people are more violence prone than we are – think soccer hooliganism. The biggest difference explaining why we have about 60x the rate of gun deaths is that we do not control guns and they do.

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          1. Details matter.

            Shotguns are more dangerous AT THE RANGE OF INDOOR SHOOTINGS.

            That does not make them superior to rifles for militia use.


          2. So, you and your militia buddies are going to be engaging the U.S. Military on a battlefield? In a rational system such lunacy would disqualify you from owning any of these weapons.

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          3. “Red Dawn” fantasies?

            That was your concern when Ukrainians took on the mighty Russian army. Of course they had heavy weapons, antitank rockets and were well trained.

            And motivated. You think the beer belly gangs we have could do that?

            Actually all we are accomplishing is knocking off about 30-40 thousand Americans a year through violence using guns. Suicides, homicides, police killings, accidents.

            (Why are police killings included? Simple, because people might be armed.)

            No Don, when the autocracy comes it will be according to the Orban playbook. Rigging elections through corrupt officials, crony capitalism, packing the courts and closing media. All part of the MAGA platform.

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          4. Maybe I was more passionate than I needed to be.

            The premise was that the “cure” of deterrence against the police coming to your door at night is much worse than the “disease” of government overreach.

            The reality is that autocracy will not come from tanks in your neighborhood, but “legally” through the undermining of democratic institutions. Or as Lewis was attributed, “fascism will come to America wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross”. Add in “while using conspiracies to spread fear”.

            Who are you going to shoot first? The mailman? Your Navy personnel neighbors?

            Red Dawn wasn’t a reality in Ukraine, nor will it be here.

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          5. “Deterrence” or “threat”
            There is very little distinction. Especially when the “deterrence” is offered by political losers who see everything they do not approve of as emerging “tyranny.”

            Besides, idle threats by wannabe heroes with rich fantasy lives and the posturing of gun-toting blowhards is not deterrence. A free press and people willing to knuckle down and work at election time is what it takes to keep politicians honest. In a functioning democracy.

            There was a violent attempt to install a dictator on January 6th, 2021. Did your guns deter THAT wannabe tyrant or was he maybe hoping you would join in and help topple the Constitution?

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          1. I read it plenty. THe issue is the ACTUAL would-be tyrant is the darling of the right wing posters here. Cultish would be a word that comes to mind. To the point of blindness.

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          2. RE: “The issue is the ACTUAL would-be tyrant is the darling of the right wing posters here.”

            Based on who mentions him most, it is clear that Trump is the darling of the left wing posters here.


          3. …” it is clear that Trump is the darling of the left wing posters here.”

            IT is the “left wing posters here” that continue to remind the cult of TFG on this forum that he, and those who follow or emulate him, are a threat to democracy. The issue is, as with most cults, you tend to believe that he is the second coming of some sort.

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          4. “Based on who mentions him most”

            Yes, patriotic Americans who want to preserve our country are keenly interested in what he is up to and how efforts to hold him accountable for his many crimes are progressing. After all, he is still the leader of the Republican party and therefore still represents an existential threat to our Constitutional republic. The signs that his grip is loosening, and that the GOP is trying to shake him off are welcome news.

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          5. RE: “Yes, patriotic Americans who want to preserve our country are keenly interested in what he is up to…”

            AKA, living a fantasy.


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