Another Day, Another Fox News GOP Disgrace.

I invite the “conservatives” here to think about this and not reject the story because it is told by Mother Jones. It is a good example of the right wing fake outrage machine in action without regard to ethics, law or common sense.

The “issue” is that while it is difficult to find baby formula right now Biden and “leftists” are providing formula to “illegal babies” held at the border. Do these jackasses not understand that when you hold babies in prison you have a legal and moral obligation to feed them? It is not a hard concept really.

Let me repeat – There is a legal obligation to feed prisoners. The mothers of these babies are not free to go out and search for formula or substitutes.

And how significant is this terrible drain on available supplies? The figure is not published but estimates on the number formula-using babies in custody range from 300 – 1,000. Let’s say 1,000. In the United States there are approximately 10 million infants two and under. Less than a drop in the bucket.

This is a good example of the hard-core dishonesty that now permeates “conservative” America. This is NOT an issue. The government has done NOTHING wrong. Spreading the news of this “favoritism” for “illegal babies” is deliberately divisive. What a bunch of losers!

22 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Fox News GOP Disgrace.

  1. Well, if instead of incarcerating illegals when they are caught we were putting them nback over the border, we wouldn’t have to feed them.

    The real question is why women with babies are entering the country illegally?


    1. That is not the real question. It is not a question at all in the sense that the answer could not be more obvious. They are desperate and literally running for their lives. That’s why.

      I posted this material to ask a different question . . . how can any decent and patriotic American support a political party that has become so hateful, corrupt, and dishonest as this Trump GOP has become? These constant appeals to the racist underbelly of the country should be disqualifying.

      BTW, entering the country to seek asylum is not illegal. But asylum seekers are imprisoned anyway. Along with their babies.

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      1. I am unaware of any wars or genocides in Latin America just now.

        There is poverty and crime, but those are not the things that are the basis for legitimate claims for asylum.

        Asylum claims are being used to game the system, instead of fixing the system.


        1. “basis for legitimate claims . . .”

          Right, so don’t feed the babies.

          Again, the thread is about the dishonesty and corruption of the modern Republican Party. I understand why you keep trying to change the subject. Even you know that the dishonesty on this “issue” is beyond the pale.

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          1. Nope, you just don’t understand the subject.

            Biden, by treating bogus asylum claims as legitimate, is inviting hundreds of thousands of economic migrants to game the system to get into the country.

            That is pretty much a conspiracy to help them break our laws and make a mockery of the Rule of Law.

            If Biden were an honest man, he would propose real immigration reform to allow more people to enter legally, either as future citizens or guest workers.

            But he isn’t. it’s too much work. and he’d rather just sneak around the law.


          2. This has been a problem for decades. Congress needs to reform immigration. Until then, there are infants we are holding who need to be fed.

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          3. “Nope, you just don’t understand the subject.”

            I understand both subjects – the one I brought up and the one you would rather talk about very well.

            You, on the other hand, are obviously just about as ignorant as one could be on the subject you want to talk about. Too much “conservative” media, I suppose. It turns ordinary people into hate drooling simpletons.

            Here, try to follow along.

            1. The law allows for anyone to present themselves at the border and request asylum.
            2. The law requires that the requests be reviewed in courts established for that purpose.
            3. The law does not allow applicants to be deported until they have their day in court.
            4. No claim is a “bogus” claim until adjudicated in court.
            5. The courts are perpetually backlogged and underfunded.
            6. This has been the system UNDER THE LAW for decades.

            President Biden has ZERO power to “treat bogus claims as legitimate.” That is some ignorant bullshit! The law specifies who is eligible for asylum status and individual judges make individual determinations on a case-by-case basis. Not the President.

            The ones who are making a “mockery of the rule of law” are you people with your apparent desire to ignore the statutes and just have some jack-booted thugs throw asylum seekers and their babies back over the border without the legally mandated due process.

            Someone like you calling ANYBODY anything less than honest is laughable. And, as a matter of fact, real immigration reform has died time and again based on racist lies that Republicans must honor or be primaried out of their career. Trump killed just such reform for that reason in 2018.

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      2. RE: “[H]ow can any decent and patriotic American support a political party that has become so hateful, corrupt, and dishonest as this Trump GOP has become?”

        An intelligent patriotic American might point out to you that Fox News is not a political party. If you want to use an instance of journalistic malpractice or propaganda to smear a whole social class, you must connect a lot more dots than you have done.


          1. Prove it?

            No need.

            Every lame and dishonest GOP meme and talking point gets constant air on Fox. The Big Lie. Replacement Theory, the January 6th insurrection, Biden ‘dissing American babies. etc. etc. etc.

            But if you want further evidence than what is before your eyes every day, look up the things that departing journalists have had to say.

            Of course, you are not interested in evidence. So much easier to flatly deny obvious truth than prove it wrong.

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          2. RE: “No need.”

            The need is your credibility. So far you don’t have any.


          3. “The need is your credibility”

            You really embarrass yourself whenever you flatly deny reality. Fox News is the de facto propaganda arm of the GOP and everyone – including you – knows that to be the case.

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  2. The argument is valid. I don’t believe Mother Jones is telling the whole truth so it can make a left wing story, nothing new. Why are we shipping formula to the border to feed babies that should have been sent back over the border with their mother vs detaining them with free accomadations including free food instead of feeding our own. Bidens border policies are inviting illegals to be cared for and this is what we have. Do you and Mother Jones hate American babies so much that you think they should starve so your so called “brown” babies get priority and don’t go hungry? Good to know the left thinks American babies are just punks.


    1. RE: “The argument is valid.”

      I think so, too, but a lot depends on how you frame it.

      Mother Jones spins the Fox reporting as promoting hatred of immigrants. I watched all the videos Mother Jones referenced and didn’t see a lick of immigrant hatred in any of them.

      I did see Fox promoting a sense of bewilderment that our government seems able to take better care of illegal immigrant children than our own. Although caveats apply, bewilderment in this case seems justified to me.

      Everything is broken.


    2. So, we hold mothers and their babies in custody. But it is wrong to feed them?

      Thanks. You provide an excellent example of the retrograde mentality that has taken control of the Republican Party. Your post is just more evidence of how low they have gone.

      The people who think “American babies are punks” are the many Republicans who while pointing fingers at our President have voted against the money and measures needed to address the issue. And, lest you forget, one of the biggest causes of the shortage – beyond corporate malfeasance – is the Trump trade deal where formula from Canada is blocked.

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  3. Apparently reading comprehension is not your strong point or you purposely avoid my assertions. Again, WHY is Biden inviting illegal aliens to the US border to live off of our social system only to make them wards that need to be fed and housed with priority over American kids you liberals think are less deserving punks? WHY not send them back where they belong, over the border? Instead of typical Paul Trump liberal asinine accusatory babble, answer the questions.


    1. “WHY is Biden inviting illegal aliens to the US border to live off of our social system?”

      With all due respect, that is a truly stupid question. He is not inviting anyone. By almost every measure border enforcement is as strong or stronger than it has ever been. The only thing Trump did better was taking children away from their mothers. He was good at that. Hundreds have yet to be returned.

      There is not any group of people in this country who are more family-centered, hardworking people than those with the courage to come here and the skill to elude our border controls. Mostly Republican business owners and corporations know that which is why they lure them here with illegal work. Why do you people never rant about those actual criminals? Without the incentives they provide, illegal immigration would stop tomorrow. If we need their work – and we do – we could pass the immigration reform the GOP has blocked for decades.

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      1. If Trump or Republicans were so interested in “luring” illegal aliens for work, why did they attempt to build the wall to keep them out that every Democrat opposed? Republicans are not at all against controlled legal immigration. No, democrats like Biden lure illegals with promises of a free ride 8n exchange for votes. Republicans aren’t averse to more robust temporary worker programs, that is not what Democrat immigration reform is about.


        1. The Democrats opposed the wall because it was a stupid and damaging boondoggle. Obviously. However, funding for better border security was part of the sweeping immigration reform bill advanced by a bi-partisan group of Senators in 2018. Trump killed the whole thing with his promises to veto it. Which came AFTER he had promised to support it. Who got to him? It wasn’t Democrats.

          Illegal immigrants cannot vote. That is lying liar bullshit which you should not believe.

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        2. …”Biden lure illegals with promises of a free ride 8n exchange for votes. ”

          The usual right wing talking point concerning immigration.

          What is ignored is the number of companies who supply the JOBS for those crossing the border. Cut those companies off from being able to hire them, the problem COULD dissipate. BUt ya gotta blame Biden when his DHS and ICE heads have all said DON’T COME.


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