The Next Pandemic: Mental Illness

Source: The Wall Street Journal.

The writer brings focus to a fundamental problem: What should a society do about its mentally ill members?

For perspective, realize that psychology began to develop as a scientific discipline only in the late 1800s (see William James). Until very recently it was impossible to distinguish between the sick and the merely unusual, and we are still learning how to do so.

But here is a truth we have learned: Families and communities cannot cure severe mental illness on their own. A mentally sick person cannot be made well by good wishes, good intentions, or even love.

The severely mentally ill are not criminals, but they are like criminals in the sense that only government can deal with them.

8 thoughts on “The Next Pandemic: Mental Illness

    1. Your self-described lack of empathy is closer to mental illness than being “woke” which simply means that the “sufferer” is “alert to injustice in society, especially racism.”

      And, we have PLENTY of injustice to be alert to in this country. That is reality and being out of tune with reality is a pretty good operative definition of mental illness.

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    1. It is one of those articles that suggests public policies of the past, such as the incarceration of the mentally ill, may have been better than public policies of the present, such as dumping the mentally ill on the streets.


      1. Or at the very least, if someone is identified as dangerously mentally ill, get them on the NICS database to limit their access to firearms.

        The VA Tech and Parkland shooters, among many others, should have been on the list but were not due to liberal policy on crimes and derangement handle by schools instead of law enforcement.


        1. “liberal policy on crimes and derangement handle by schools instead of law enforcement”

          You may have figured out how to end gun violence in our country. Every time a teenaged boy gets in a fight on the school playground, report his violent behavior to the police, charge him with a felony and permanently cancel his right to buy a gun, Yeah, that would work.

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  1. The extended issue as I see it is today’s liberal society is trying desperately to normalize mental illness thereby aiding and abetting the illness instead of treating it. They demonizing anyone says hey that person needs to be treated, not normalized with hugs, kisses and love. Of course that pretty much well exposes the entire left wing as mentally ill of which we all know anyway. They are just using the wrong drugs as coke, pot, etc aren’t medical treatments.


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