More on the collapse of scientific integrity

WSJ Before you cancel your subscription to SCIENCE

Still more  examples of how wokeism, pal review, and dishonesty are undermining real scoence

25 thoughts on “More on the collapse of scientific integrity

  1. I was glad to see this statement in the article: “The expectation that science is inherently self-correcting, and that it moves cumulatively and progressively away from false beliefs and toward truth, has been challenged in numerous fields…”

    I think the writer meant that we should think of science in that way, but there is another possibility. We could otherwise think of science as inherently self-confirming, moving by fits and starts from one false belief to another, punctuated over long periods of time by revelations.


  2. I found it particularly disturbing that any true scientist would attempt to use a culturally contrived boogeyman, “white priviledge”, as any scientific evidence in support of a theory. This baseless use of wokeness to explain a cultural anomaly destroys the credibility of the author and the receiver who tries to use it to formulate policy. I am confident the left wing will do just that, it’s a plantation vote getter.


          1. Not at all. I didn’t say the Democratic party was bound to them. But they are bound to the Democratic party for life plus the next generation lest they lose the near hopeless life they are offered.

            Its a bloc vote Democrats can count on bought cheap with other people’s money.

            The Democrats will never let them escape.


          2. Lennart……He didn’t state that he thinks that way. You habitually try to attempt to interpret/warp thoughts into what you want to believe.


          3. His interpretations tend to be spot on and based on reading comprehension. Something that appears lacking in the parroting and defense of others.


      1. I know, any fact that you don’t like to face is “racist” because that’s the only mind numbing reply you have in your ditty bag. Race baiting and pandering are Democrat mainstays in politics. They would crumble without the plantation.


        1. the phrase thrown about so freely, “plantation thinking”, is not a new phenomenon. It is and has been used for decades to drag down others.

          If a fact is racist, I’ll say so. Your problem is you do not believe racism exists.


          1. Certainly racism exists.

            When a political part believes an entire race is incapable of making its own decisions and must be treated as children, that is racist.

            A recent example would be the ban on menthol cigarettes, which are preferred by Black smokers. Deny them their choice for their own good.


          2. A more recent example would be the pending SCOTUS decision to take away a women’s right to autonomy.

            Funny how “it takes a village” is considered bad when you are against it, but good when you support it.

            When a political party believes an entire GENDER is incapable of making its own decisions and must be treated as criminal, then it is gender biased.

            You see how that works?


          3. Trying to find racism in every act? Menthol has been on the table for years as being an attractive additive for children, teens and young smokers because it cuts the harshness.

            I don’t think it is a racial issue at all.

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          4. “The majority of African Americans who smoke use menthol cigarettes.3
            Seven out of 10 African American youth ages 12-17 who smoke use menthol cigarettes.6
            A higher percentage of black adults who smoke started by using menthol cigarettes (93%) than white adults who smoke (44%).8
            Non-Hispanic black adults have the highest percentage of menthol cigarette use compared to other racial and ethnic groups.6 In 2014-2015, 76.8% of non-Hispanic black adults who smoked usually used menthol cigarettes, compared to 34.7% of Hispanic adults and 24.6% of white adults.9”



          5. So. Flavored cigarettes are still popular among young.

            But you will find what you want so long as it fits your view.

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          6. I really get tired of repeating myself to liberals but I have replied to this very accusation numerous times. Of course racism exists by ALL races including yours but it is in the extreme minority except in Democratic politics and policies. Your problem is you are convinced that all white people are the racists and owe you something. You bought the critical race theory lie.


          7. At least Jim Crow type racism is honest.

            What disgusts me is racism ‘for their own good.’ Adults should not be kept as pets.


          8. “At least Jim Crow type racism is honest.”

            If being honest is the topic, then honestly, Jim Crow, not slavery, is why we are still dealing with racial issues today.

            Efforts to reverse apartheid take more than just saying it is illegal. Resistance to Civil Rights legislation spurred affirmative action and its resulting resentment. Yet, without closing an integration loophole, it would take decades until later generations accepted equal treatment for an underclass. Just like all other immigrant surges, Irish and Italian for example, where it took several generations to gain acceptance…and they were White.

            So would it have been right to deny equal treatment and opportunity for another 40, 50, or more years? Or once the law changed, was waiting just a bridge too far?

            A dictator could have mandated acceptance by fiat. A democracy is messier. People actually have to work hard at accepting folks who don’t look like them.

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          9. What does that have to do with the Democratic party using multigenerational dependency to keep the poor in poverty and reliably Democrat voters because they fear having to leave the plantation.


          10. Think about it.

            There was no great conspiracy to keep minorities down for votes. That is just wrong.

            Poverty, education levels and job opportunities would not just jump up and make us a Disneyland overnight.

            Maybe some programs were overwrought or not well executed, but poverty did come down, jobs became available with affirmative action and schools were integrated. Of course, conservatives got fuel for spouting and campaigning on how being Black in America was a huge advantage. Talking points that were the backlash fodder and still used today.

            And just about every step was like pulling teeth from a recalcitrant GOP and it’s supporters.

            From non-existent “welfare queens”, Willie Horton, to Helm’s job rejection letter ad, McCain’s “illegitimate Black child”, birtherism, “Obama phones”, kneeling in protest, recounts in minority districts…the evidence of racial fears among conservatives is still lingering.

            Just the fact that we are still debating racial issues today is kind of revealing.

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          11. …”ALL races including yours”

            What race am I? You seem to be all knowing, so PLEASE, I beg of you, tell me what race you think I am.


          12. I wasn’t asking you the question. The question was directed at Mr. Smith.

            But Yes, being Jewish is a race and a religion. I point to Ashkenazi Jews and Sephardic Jews as being two subsets of the Jewish race.


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