14 thoughts on “Are We the Baddies?

  1. Geopolitics is complicated. But I think if someone breaks into your home and starts destroying and killing because they want your house he might not stand on the moral high ground.

    Are you really comparing us to the Nazis under Hitler? Remember, they invaded Russia.

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    1. RE: “Are you really comparing us to the Nazis under Hitler?”

      Yes, if you like. The way I see it, we helped to cause the war in Ukraine and now we are exploiting it immorally.


        1. RE: “How did we help cause the war?”

          I have in mind a number of things that Oliver Stone mentions in his film, Ukraine on Fire, which I have posted before from YouTube. Two that stand out are the CIA’s recruitment and subsequent support of Ukrainian Nazi groups after WWII and, later, our State Department’s direct involvement in the Maidan revolution.

          I also have in mind various lectures by University of Chicago professor John Mearsheimer. I posted “Why is Ukraine the West’s Fault?” (YouTube) in a thread on the Forum when the war started.


          1. Mearsheimer has an interesting idea that major powers will seek hegemony. I think I read he postulates that this will bring China and the US to conflict.

            My feeling is that before the invasion, Russia was trying to reach world power status, but its offerings were meager. Oil and gas mainly which puts Russia almost to Third World raw materials supplier status. Particularly since the corruption is so pervasive. An organized crime state with oil was a definition recently posited by some.

            However, the powerful military would insure respect. And now the paper tiger has been exposed. Corruption not only ran the state, it stripped the military of what was supposed to be a force to be reckoned with.

            Simply put, if you want to kick ass and take names you better bring more than paper and pencils. Even Mearsheimer believed Putin would be too smart to invade Ukraine because it would destroy Russia. This was before the invasion, of course.

            We could debate all day about Western goading and NATO plotting to damage Putin. Still, the fact is he attacked and invaded a sovereign Ukraine with the pretext of de-nazification. A load of bull, but a pretext nonetheless. And he has committed atrocities, flattened cities, destroyed Mariupol completely and all he has to show for it are depleted weapons and thousands of dead soldiers.

            Liberal democracies are under assault, but still provide the most freedom for the most people.

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          2. RE: “And now the paper tiger has been exposed.”

            Nothing about Russia is a paper tiger. I know western MSM paint a picture of Russia failing in Ukraine, but common sense says otherwise. For example:


          3. Here is another look by a British policy expert with Russian expertise.


            Opinions galore for sure. And I suspect few know what will be in a week, a month or a year. Least of all anyone on this forum.

            As pointed out in my link, Russia couldn’t take a city 20 miles from their border. And after over 8 weeks, Mariupol is still not secured, and it is totally flattened. A few thousand Ukrainian soldiers have held off the Bear’s best.

            Putin couldn’t take Chechnya, less than 2 million people, without totally destroying their biggest city and wiping out 10’s of thousands of civilians.

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          1. But every word you speak of it indicates you BELEIVE it was moral. You have yet to condemn it; in some cases cheered it and Russian “success”. (See your New Atlas video above)

            My assumptions are not unwarranted as you would like to believe. Nor are they assumptions. They are assessments of your posts. They are based solely on your choice of words, sources and actions .

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          2. No. I just question your “facts” as they are usually counterfactual. I am also quire adept at reading comprehension. So when I see BS in print, I call it it BS. Unlike yourself who tends to spew counterfactuals , call them the truth and then hide behind a semantical screen to cover your counterfactualness.

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