Sociopath Neocons Sacrifice Ukrainians and Global Poor

Source: usefulidiots (The transcripted quote below starts at approx. 24 minutes in the video).

Balance of payments economist Michael Hudson presents his analysis of U.S. strategy in the war against Russia:

The [expected] results are a very large increase in fuel prices, oil and energy prices, a very large increase in agricultural prices with declining supplies of food. This will leave most of Africa and Latin America, third world countries, the global south, unable to pay their foreign debts, which is going to result either in a massive debt default or it will result in a debt repudiation.

Countries are going to have to choose: are they going to have to operate their homes without energy, their factories without energy? And energy consumption per capita is directly connected to GDP for the last 150 years. Every chart shows energy use and GDP and personal income go up together. So what is a country going to do when they can’t afford to pay the higher prices for energy?

Well, Janet Yellen, who is the Federal Reserve head and the Secretary of the Treasurer, says, well, what we’re going to do is use the International Monetary Fund to preserve America’s unipolar hegemony. I think she used almost those words. We have to keep American control of the world, and we’re going to do it through the IMF. And that means, in practice, using the IMF to create special drawing rights, which will be sort of like free money, the bulk of which will go to the United States to support its military spending abroad for all of this huge military escalation. And it will enable the IMF to go to countries and say, we will help you pay your debts and not be foreclosed on and get energy, but it’s conditional on the usual conditions. You have to lower your wages. You have to pass anti-labor legislation. You have to agree to begin selling off your public domain and privatize.

The energy and food crisis caused by the NATO war against Russia is going to be used as a lever not only to push privatization largely under control of US investors and banks and financiers, but it’s also going to lock countries into the US orbit all the more. Both the global south and especially Europe.

One casualty is obviously going to be Europe and the euro. The euro has been plunging in value day after day after day, as people realize that it’s lost its export markets in Russia and much of Asia and now at home, too, because exports require energy to be made. Its cost of imports are going up, especially of energy it’s agreed to use. I think now $3 billion to build new facilities to buy US natural gas, liquefied natural gas at three to seven times the price it’s paying now, which will make it almost impossible for German firms to produce fertilizer to grow crops.

In Germany, the euro is plunging. The largest plunge of all has been the Japanese yen because Japan imports all of its energy and most of its food, and that’s keeping its interest rates very low in order to support the financial sector. And so the Japanese economy has been sacrificed and squeezed.

And I think you can say, “Gee, this is an accident.” [But no] this is part of the plan, because now the United States can say, of course, we don’t want your yen to go down so much that your consumers have to pay more. We will, of course, give you SDRs (special drawing rights) and we’ll give you American aid. But we do want you to rewrite your constitution so that you can have atomic weapons on your soil so that we can fight against China to the last Japanese, just like we’re doing in Ukraine. Let us do it for you.

And of course, the Japanese love that idea. The government loves that idea. They love sacrificing the population, which is what they’ve been doing ever since the Plaza Accord and the Louvre Accords of the 1980s that basically wrecked the Japanese industrial economy from a huge upswing to just mass shrinkage. So those are the economic effects of the war.

And in the newspaper, you think the war is all about Ukrainians and NATO fighting Russians, when it’s really a war by the United States to use the NATO Russia conflict as a means of locking in control over its allies and the whole Western world.

If Hudson is correct, U.S. geopolitical strategy at this moment in history is going to get a lot of people killed. Also, it is a big gamble we could lose. We should stop supporting the war in Ukraine and use our power to find a diplomatic solution.

18 thoughts on “Sociopath Neocons Sacrifice Ukrainians and Global Poor

  1. Whether Hudson is right or not, we should never have encouraged Ukraine to fight a war it will ultimately lose.

    Regardless of why we are doing it(Hanlon’s Razor comes to mind) we should stop.


    1. RE: “Whether Hudson is right or not, we should never have encouraged Ukraine to fight a war it will ultimately lose.”

      I’m embarrassed as an American that we are using Ukrainians to fight and die for us. If we had the courage of our convictions, we would join the fight ourselves, boots on the ground, body bags and all.

      Either we are cowards, or we are weak, or the cause is wrong.


    2. …”we should never have encouraged Ukraine to fight a war it will ultimately lose.”

      They are defending themselves from a Hitleresque attack from their neighbor. A neighbor they did not threaten in any way, shape or form. So when Idaho attacks Oregon we should tell Oregon to just lay there and take it like the bitch they are?


  2. Gee, if Putin had not started the war for the greater glory of Imperial Russia, none of these problems would even be in discussion. Perhaps we should tell him to go home and let other peoples live their own lives in their own sovereign nation. Particularly if he is threatening the lives of millions around the globe via energy and food shortages.

    I don’t think throwing the Russian Bear Ukrainian wheat, gas, ports and bodies by letting him do as he chooses will deter him from future “de-nazification” anywhere he wants.

    Like FRAM, “you can fight him now or fight him later”.

    Between Soviet dictators, Hitler, and then more Soviet dictators including Stalin who murdered 20 million Ukrainians I don’t believe there is much love for Mother Russia by Kyiv.

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    1. RE: “Particularly if he [Putin] is threatening the lives of millions around the globe via energy and food shortages.”

      He [Putin] isn’t. Our sanctions are the source of the threat.


          1. RE: “Meaning?”

            As Michael Hudson points out, the effects the sanctions on the West and the “global south” were expected before the war began and are part of the strategy the U.S. pursued. Making this point is why I created and shared the transcript in the post.


          2. If the invasion had not taken place, then the supposed effects of sanctions would not have happened. It was all in Putin’s hands. And still is.

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          3. The U.S. was never under any obligation to impose sanctions. You can’t blame Putin for U.S. behavior.

            Moreover, the asset seizures we committed were probably illegal, another case of harming ourselves.


  3. Just another attempt to say “Biden bad; Putin good”.

    For fuck’s sake, what is wrong with people?

    Criminal acts should be punished. But there are some in this world who believe, with their entire being, that Putin did NOTHING wrong.

    I suppose we never should have gotten involved in the 1940’s either?

    “The U.S. was never under any obligation to impose sanctions.”

    Yeah, that whole morality play is just stupid. “Sometimes doing the right thing ain’t the right thing.”


      1. And Trump/Putin are so much worse.

        And those who support the megalomaniacs are brainwashed to believing that the one’s they support are in some way better.


        1. He was until he invaded a peaceful neighbor. He then became a world problem.

          You don’t see it because you have taken every single opportunity to defend his indefensible actions.

          No justification for the attack. Ukraine, you are now officially Russia’s bitch.

          And if you don’t realize he is OUR problem directly, you deny facts, reality and truth. You’re good at that.


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