Transgender youths will never have sexual satisfaction

Transexual surgeon on transition before puberty

I got a lot of pushback when I wrote that giving puberty blockers or surgery prior to puberty should be banned.

Here is the account of a transition surgeon who is herself transgender, stating that If puberty blockers are used or transition surgery is done prior to puberty, the patient will never experience orgasm.

So, how do you get informed consent when a person does not know what they are giving up?

18 thoughts on “Transgender youths will never have sexual satisfaction

  1. Boy girls and girl boys are so screwed up in the head they will never achieve satisfaction of anything in life period. To enable prepubecent children to mutilate themselves over a fantasy is the height of child abuse and should be cause for the parent to get the death penalty. That’s just plain sick… IMHO of course…


  2. Another thought on how stupid Trans is, there is no way a boy pretending to be a girl will ever have a girl orgasm and no way a girl pretending to be a boy will ever have a boy orgasm. It’s just not physically possible. Who are these sickos trying to fool but themselves?


    1. Oh, so you now admit it is a mental illness? How quaint considering all of your prior ignorant support for what you called “people just being themselves”. That’s the point, they aren’t being themselves but trying to live some weird fantasy and expecting the sane people to play along. Not me….


      1. Part of being one’s self INCLUDES anything that is part of their make-up. It is not pretending if it who you are.

        For example, YOU are a hateful individual who has no idea what it is like to walk in a other’s shoes. You cannot accept others for who they are and that shows a great deal of self-hatred on your part.


          1. Acceptance of people for who they are and where they are in their lives is kind of “life rule” for me. It was instilled by my parents and I have passed that on to my children.

            Once gain you seem to show some sort of moral superiority that no one that disagrees with you is even close to being right … or having rights.


        1. Lol, hate, hate, hate, blah, blah, blah. So now you are back to claiming a boy pretending to be a girl is “what they are”. That’s crap, you can’t change biology. You either have a penis or a vagina, boy has the stick at birth and girl doesnt…simple. it’s not hate, it’s FACT.


        2. I can’t reply to your last on my phone so I’ll reply here. No YOU are too fucking stupid to accept reality but want to play stupid fucking games even in light of fucking FACTS. You stupid fucking idiot!!! Now back to real life for me, ciao asshole…


          1. MY apologies for calling a moron a moron with indelicate language.

            However, the reality of which Mr. Smith lives in is one of hatred for the other. I have an issue with that because I have several friends who would end up on the wrong end of the argument with whim because of WHO THEY ARE? Black, Asian, Queer, Trans all people who Mr. Roberts spews his disdain for.


          2. Sorry doc, just responding to the same language as Adam used but I should know better than to stoop to his level.


  3. RE: “If puberty blockers are used or transition surgery is done prior to puberty, the patient will never experience orgasm.”

    An extraordinary observation. Politics aside, I wonder how this can be explained, and what it means. For example, is there some material connection between sexual physiology and consciousness?


    1. Yes.

      Puberty doesn’t just bring pubic hair and growth in the external genitalia and secondary sex characteristics, it makes changes in the brain, circulatory system and peripheral nerves.

      If those changes don’t take place, and at the right time in the development of the body and peripheral nervous system, they can’t be made up later.

      Puberty is an important developmental event, and should not be fucked with in pursuit of an impossible goal.


      1. Thanks. I was thinking, too, of what psychologists call “the hard problem of consciousness,” or how does consciousness arise from matter? I wouldn’t recommend experimentation, but it seems to me the processes you describe might offer some insight into the hard question.


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