Liberals Beware!

And RINOS and journalists.

That is the proud message from rootin’ tootin’ GOP Senate candidate Eric Greitens and his comical sidekick, Donald Trump Jr.

It is the presence of “leaders” like these two deplorables which has caused decent people to abandon the Trump Republican Party en masse.

I wonder if Elon Musk will allow overt threats of political violence on the new and improved Twitter?

44 thoughts on “Liberals Beware!

    1. “What would an overt threat of political violence on Twitter look like?”

      Hmmm. Tough one.

      Maybe the posting of a video of a couple of slimy dipshits firing assault weapons at a human silhouette target while muttering “Liberals beware!” and proclaiming that they are “Striking fear into the hearts of liberals, RINOs and the fake media.”

      Yeah, that would be what it would look like. Don’t you agree?

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        1. It was a rhetorical question. I know how sick and twisted your mind is and already knew that you would find this ugly and threatening video to be just an exercise in free speech. Go ahead, spin it as a bit of harmless “humor” even though there are many gun-toting Trump-supporting pinheads out and about who could take it seriously and act on it.

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          1. “The video struck fear into your heart?”

            Well, not actually. The feeling was one of absolute disgust that people as prominent as these two behave so stupidly and irresponsibly. The encouragement of political violence is a bad thing.

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          2. “Shall we alert the media?”

            No need. If this jackass wins the Republican primary the Democratic Party will make sure everyone sees him and his comical sidekick in action. Such nonsense and such an association (Donnie, Jr, really?) might be good politics inside the GOP but it does not play quite so well with non-deplorables.

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          3. “Are you declaring yourself to be a non-deplorable?”

            You are damn right I am.

            Hillary Clinton introduced that word into politics and defined it.

            “You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic — you name it. And unfortunately, there are people like that. And he has lifted them up. He has given voice to their websites that used to only have 11,000 people, but now have eleven million. He tweets and retweets offensive, hateful, mean-spirited rhetoric. Now some of those folks are irredeemable, but thankfully they are not America.”

            So, as I said, a jackass “joyfully” threatening opponents and critics with assault weapons may be good politics among those “deplorables” but not with the rest of the country. IMHO.

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  1. Well, of course the exercise of a Constitutional right strikes fear into the hearts of liberals. People joyfully enjoying their freedom is terrifying.

    BTW, they’re pretty good, flipping that disk back and forth with handguns is not that easy to do at a steady pace.

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    1. You can pretend that this is appropriate political speech if that floats your gun-loving boat. I am not in the least bit surprised at your reaction and that of others of your ilk.

      But in a society tormented by gun violence and in a country recovering from a recent attempt at a violent coup d’état such an advertisement is the opposite of appropriate. IMHO.

      On a positive note, it demonstrates the sorry state of the Republican Party when this jackass thinks his display of gun threats will help him win their nomination to be a United States Senator.

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      1. How can you expect to be taken seriously when you keep yammering about an attempt at a violent coup d’état.

        There was no such thing, no one has been charged as such, and it exists only in your fantasy.

        Q’anon could take lessons on paranoia from you.

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        1. Paranoia?
          Do you even know what that means?

          Words have meanings. There is a short, pithy expression that refers accurately to the seditious insurrection of January 6th. A “coup d’état” is an attempt to overthrow the legal government by extra-legal and violent means. THAT is exactly what was attempted on January 6th.

          Your laughable “logic” says it could not be a “coup d’état” because no one has been charged with “coup d’état.” There is a reason for that. It is not a legal term. It is not referenced in the U.S. Code. But the fact that a number of people have already been indicted on charges – and one convicted – of seditious conspiracy and related violent crimes confirms that this was a planned and attempted coup d’état. The fact that it was a failure does not change the nature of what was done.

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          1. A dozen or so nut cases who get carried away does not make a coup.

            Even of all700 or so who have been charged, mostly with misdemeanors, were involved, that would not be enough for a coup.

            A riot, yes, a desire to delay the count, possibly, but a violent overthrow, that would require a hundred thousand or so.


          2. “A dozen or so nut cases who get carried away does not make a coup.”

            Actually that is a lie. Estimates were about 2500 that breached the Capitol grounds and building. So far, 800 have been charged, but the investigation continues.

            But you know this. Par for the course, I am afraid.

            BTW, the correct term is autogolpe. That is when a sitting president takes over to stay in office despite laws or elections.

            And it definitely was that.

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          3. “A dozen or so nut cases who get carried away does not make a coup.”

            Uh, so true. But we are talking about the President of the United States, some of his senior staff, members of Congress, lawyers, and prominent members of the media conspiring together to “Stop the Steal” and the fact that a lynchpin in their plans was to physically intimidate the Congress as it finalized the 2020 election.

            There are none so blind as those who will not see and you, sir, are as blind as bat.

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        2. It has become more obvious that there were a lot of Republicans who did want a coup to succeed. Texts and audio tapes are showing top office holders have lied about their roles on 1/6/21. Charges are coming as the facts bear out.

          Pence was the only one with enough integrity and love of country to carry through with the counting of electors. And, as we have found out, was pressed to get in a limo and leave the Capitol. That would have been good enough to delay the count, perhaps declare “Marshall” law (per Greene) and crown King Don presidente for life.

          So yammering on is necessary so that people will never forget what Republicans tried to do. Which is fine, since they are not campaigning on anything other than who can kiss Trump’s ass the best. The fawning competition among conservative candidates for that esteemed role is the theater of the absurd. McCarthy just got a standing ovation about lying to Americans, then ignoring the issue and on we go.

          God, guns and gays…again.

          Disagree with that as you will. Just fine. But you might consider ending the BS and deny it happened like the rest if your party.

          Interestingly enough, we have heard little from Republicans about inflation, war in Europe, immigration, climate issues, or COVID. Those are issues. Instead it is about killing Fauci, CRT, sex, guns and masks.

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          1. How so? The word fits perfectly. A president tries to stay in office illegally and/or with force after he loses an election.

            I know, you are upset because I used a word you may not have been familiar with. I will try to get your written authorization to use less common words if you so wish.


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          2. “I will try to get your written authorization to use less common words “….

            Don’t d it, Len. It will only feed them red meat. They don’t believe in truth and there are certain words that challenge their way of thinking. You can explain it all you want. they won’t believe it. Unless Fox, OANN, Newsmax, Alex Jones or Joe Rogan tell them to.

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          3. I try not to be too ad hominem. (I may not always succeed…work in progress.) So I thought he might appreciate the deference to his apparent discomfort with a less used, but more accurate, description of the right wing assault on our Capitol.

            I have been insulted, of course, but usually for my political views and not because of vocabulary. I am not sure whether that is truly an insult or a compliment.

            For the record, the offer of a request for authorization to use new words was 😇, as you might guess. I don’t want to be upbraided for not filing proper paperwork. Some folks are a bit sensitive.

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    2. …”the exercise of a Constitutional right strikes fear into the hearts of liberals. ”

      Sure. Exercise your 2A rights. No issue with that when done appropriately.

      HOWEVER, the threatening comment is the issue. Greitens just could have said had a nice day shooting with my buddy, Little Donny. His threat, while probably pretty innocuous, is still threatening language. And inappropriate for a US Senator.

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      1. The difference between going “joyfully” shooting while saying “Vote for me to protect your guns” versus going “joyfully” shooting and saying “Liberals, RINOS and journalists beware!” is an easy distinction to make. But too hard for a stable genius such as Dr. Tabor, apparently.

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    1. There’s not enough air freshener on earth to cover that stench. Excellent on the Paul Trump analogy. I think we can build a team. We have Paul Trump, Adam “Boy” Trump and Lennart Trump. I can’t imagine the team could accomplish much besides polluting the air with their breath.


      1. “We have Paul Trump, Adam “Boy” Trump and Lennart Trump”

        So, it is wrong of people to talk about Trump?

        Have you people not noticed that Donald Trump is the leader of one of our two political parties, is probably going to be its nominee for President in 2024, and is currently going around the country trying to shape the next Congress and State Houses everywhere?

        I personally think the fact that Donald Trump is a known criminal, a con man, a sex offender, a Russian stooge, and a seditious traitor is worthy of note. You people do not want to hear it, you certainly do not like it, but you have no response to the overwhelming evidence of its truth, so out comes this sort of personal invective. You have learned well from Dear Leader, Grasshopper.

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        1. You certainly throw terms like racist, bigot, etc around without ANY basis, as in nada, for some reason. Is it the drugs or just lack of an intelligent argument. I think both…


          1. …”without ANY basis”…

            It’s called “reading comprehension”. I read what others write and comprehend what is said. If you would attempt something like that on occasion, maybe I wouldn’t have to call you out for your hatred of the other, regardless of category.

            But then again, you can’t comprehend what YOU WORITE, so comprehending others words is beyond your feeble capabilities.

            As far as drugs, go, Lisinopril is the only drug I take. That and an occasional pain reliever after reading the garbage you and you ilk spew on a daily basis.

            And the only “feeble” here is the brains of the right wing glitterati and those who suck up to everything they say.

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      2. Although he professes to despise him, it’s uncanny how much Paul resembles Donald in narcissism alone. However Donald has much better ideas on to run a free capitalistic America instead of Paul’s 3rd world socialistic slum.


        1. Donald knows how to run businesses to bankruptcies. He has ZERO clue how to govern. Unless you believe the best idea of governing is “do it my way, ask me nicely for what you need and tell me BEAUTIFUL I am.”

          That ain’t governing; that is narcissism.

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        2. “Narcissism?”

          Because I have opinions and express them. And back them up with actual facts. Okay, if that is the word that you think applies, so be it.

          And, FWIIW, the ideas that I have expressed about how the capitalist system could be improved in this country are very widely shared so when you attack me, you are attacking the majority of your fellow countrymen.

          In this case, in spite of your infantile reference to BO, I would venture that a majority of Americans would find this rootin’ tootin’ ad to be offensive because, you know, murdering people over political differences is a bad thing.

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  2. Just had a thought. I wonder what the response would have been if this post was from Cory Booker, shooting with Hunter Biden, with the caption “Striking fear into Conservatives, Trumpists, and Right Wing media talking heads. Save America’s soul”.

    And before Don insults the prospects of Booker being firearms proficient, you don’t know one way or the other.

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    1. Well, no need to wonder. Remember how their panties got twisted by out-of-context remarks by Maxine Waters? So threatening and dangerous! And that was without her waving a gun around or mowing down human silhouette targets.

      Clearly the H-word is operative yet again.

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