Hunter’s Laptop gets TRUMPED by Jared’s $2 Billion

For those screaming about the corruption of the Biden’s, I post this counternarrative and wonder why those who have called for Hunter’s imprisonment aren’t all up in arms about Jared’s Saudi “gifts”.

28 thoughts on “Hunter’s Laptop gets TRUMPED by Jared’s $2 Billion

  1. Hunter’s laptop has always been what it still is – lame whataboutism and a smokescreen to hide the truly massive corruption that is the hallmark of the Trump family for generations. In a truly just world, Jared Kushner would have to answer for his role in the murder of Jamal Khashoggi and the other Saudi dissidents he betrayed while getting his Manhattan building bailed out by Saudi money.

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    1. So it is fine to profit off of a father-in-law in the White House so long as the money is big enough? $2 Billion from a murdering dictator whose country bailed out Kushner’s ass once before.

      The Trump Crime Family just keeps on going and his followers love it, even when he steals from the donors. (He has used campaign money to pay his legal bills and his consorts as well as charity money for his own portrait.)

      Watch the pea in the shell game.

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      1. Kushner was a successful investor in real estate and publishing before Trump was President.

        He did not get a $2billion payout, the Saudi’s invested $2billion (of their $620billion fund) in his investment fund. He does get a management fee, just like any fund manager. The investment was made after Trump was out of office.

        So, what is it you think is criminal?

        Unless you are pretty sure Trump will be President again, you have nothing to be concerned over.


        1. Kushner successful? The Saudis had to bail him out in 2008 when he vastly overpaid for 666 Fifth Ave.

          His dad, the patriarch of the “successful” family went to prison for 18 counts of tax evasion, fraud and witness tampering. He tried to blackmail his own brother-in-law to prevent testimony.

          Jared has no investment fund experience but got $2 Billion anyway.

          Tax evasion, fraud…geez it really does run in the Trump Crime Family.

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          1. In case you forgot, there was a real estate crash in 2008. Everyone in real estate investment was temporarily under water for a couple of years.

            And he did not ‘get’ $2billion. The Saudis invested in his Affinity Group fund.

            If the DOJ can find a crime, I’m sure they will prosecute it, as only Democrats are immune to prosecution under the Biden DOJ.


          2. Well, there was never anywhere for it to go.

            Kushner has a longstanding business relationship with the Saudis. There is nothing improper or even unusual for them to invest 0.32% of their fund with his group.


          3. What does the size of the Saudi fortune have to do with a multi billion investment with a man who has no track record as an equity fund manager? But a Trump syndicate family member who still has major political power in the minority party…that’s worth .32%.

            However, he is your man, so it is all up and up. Besides, there are plenty of Saudi critics and dissidents to be outed.

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          4. “In case you forgot, there was a real estate crash in 2008. Everyone in real estate investment was temporarily under water for a couple of years.”

            Uh, that has NOTHING to do with any of this except for the fact that Jared Kushner overpaid for the Manhattan building when he bought it in 2007.

            His massive and corrupt abuse of his ties to candidate, President-elect and then President Trump came years later. You cannot be the senior public official responsible for “Peace in the Middle East” while also angling for financial help from Middle Eastern money without having a massive and corrupt conflict of interest.

            The following timeline documents the corruption you are pretending is just business. . .


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          5. “Kushner has a long and positive relationship with the Saudis, from before Trump entered politics. why would they not do business with him?”

            What does the Bible say… “Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye. ”

            In this case, the “mote” is Hunter Biden’s gig as a member of the Burisma board and the “beam” is the nefarious dealings of the Trump family. The list of shady transactions – in and out of office – is a long one that does not need repeating. The amounts are in the billions, not the thousands.

            In this case, you ask the wrong question. It is OBVIOUS why they would do business with a prominent member of the Trump family. Here is a hint – it is not his business acumen.

            The question you did not ask is “Why would Kushner seek or accept a financial relationship with this notorious and homicidal tyrant?”

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  2. OK, Jared’s Saudi gifts look a lot like Hunter’s Chinese and Ukrainian gifts. Let the DOJ investigate and bring indictments, if it can.

    There is one difference, though. Jared appears to be a sober, competent crook, if crook he is. Hunter appears to be a drugged up, incompetent crook, if crook he is. Let them both rot in Hell, if they deserve it, but Hunter remains far more embarrassing.


    1. “…Jared appears to be a sober, competent crook…”

      Trump drinks only Diet Coke and he is about as big a crook as they come. La Familia, don’t you know.

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  3. I think you may be misreading this.

    Jared did not get $2billion. MBS invested $2billion(of his $620billion fortune) in Jared’s investment firm, Jared does get a fee as the fund manager, but the $2billion still belongs to MBS. The article does not say what the management fee is or if it is contingent on results.

    But investment is Jared’s business.


    1. Is it really a “whatabout” or is it about the massive dishonesty you people constantly exhibit? To me, it is about the – let’s call it – the double standard that is your modus operandi.

      Your hero – Donald Trump – is still telling everyone who will listen that the Mayor of Moscow “gave” Hunter Biden $3.5 million. You have personally emphasized this “fact” while slandering the “Biden Crime Family.” You have failed to understand that making an investment in a fund is NOT “giving” anybody anything.

      Until now.

      Suddenly, it is clear to you that investments and gifts are not the same. $2 Billion going to a Kushner fund is just an investment. Not a “gift.” Not a bribe looking for future favor should Trump return to power. Oh no. Just business. Nothing to see here. Move along.

      To put the cherry on the top of the dishonesty that you people exhibit, that “gift” from the Mayor of Moscow’s wife went to a fund that Hunter Biden was not involved with AT ALL. That fact has been clearly documented again and again but the slander still continues.

      If you do not subscribe to WAPO, the fund that received the investment was run by a former partner of Hunter Biden’s using a name similar to the name of their earlier partnership.

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  4. This a very poor attempt at deflection from the massive Biden corruption scandal where Joe Biden himself is the ring leader. You know, “The Big Guy”? Kushner is a private citizen who obtained investment into a fund that is not his at all. The Biden’s used Joe’s political influence while VP for personal gain. THAT is very illegal and that schmuck even bragged about it in public. The laptop just proves Biden’s massive lie campaign.


    1. I would like to thank, Dr. Tabor, MSSRS Smith Roberts and RE for proving the hypocrisy that they hold so dear to their hearts.

      If my guy does it, it’s legit; if your guy does it, it’s a criminal family.

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      1. If I call up my broker and tell him I have money to invest in a fund, that money is not his nor is it a crime. Aside from a complete hypocrite, you, calling others one, I’m sorry you are too stupid to figure out the difference between legitimate business and Biden corruption and outright lies. I’ll wait for your admission and excoriating of Biden corruption…


        1. Go ahead and hold you breath.

          If Biden is corrupt then Trump (INCLUDING Kushner) are more so. You just refuse to see those facts.

          And you AARE a hypocrite, screaming for the head of Hunter while giving Kushner a pass for basically the same kind of transaction.

          And you can take “stupid” and shove it up your hating, closeted ASS. I’m sure htere is plenty of room there.

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    2. That “Big Guy” reference you love so much was in connection with a possible deal that was being considered when PRIVATE CITIZEN Biden was considering joining in one of his son’s business ventures. It was AFTER he left office. And, in the end, it did not happen.

      So, what is the crime that the laptop proves? And if the laptop proves a crime, why did the Masked Singer sit on it from May until October of the election year?

      These are rhetorical questions which you do not need to answer. That are to make clear how utterly eager to believe nonsense some people are.

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        1. Oh my. The “Big Guy” was Joe Biden! Well, DUH!
          I, for one, never doubted that he was.

          “Conspiracy charges?”
          Discussion of a possible business venture by PRIVATE CITIZENS is not “conspiracy.” It is not a crime.
          People have such discussions every day. Don’t want to believe me? Look it up.

          Your last silly sentence before the link shows you to be – let me choose my words politely – not “a shithead”, not “a jackass”, not “really, really stupid.” Let me keep this polite and just say that your last silly sentence before the link shows you to be childishly gullible because the charges you have listed are absolute nonsense without foundation or evidence. Someone has conned you. Again.

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