Wagner mercenaries responsible for Bucha atrocities


Plausible deniability for Putin through mercenaries, but still Russian war crimes.

14 thoughts on “Wagner mercenaries responsible for Bucha atrocities

    1. Funny, except these mercenaries are Elmer Fudds without remorse and terrible weapons.

      Bottom line: Mercenaries are doing Putin’s dirty work of terror and genocide. And yet, some believe reborn Nazis have arisen from the ashes of WW2 in the lush wheat fields of Ukraine like bloodthirsty Phoenix’s and started killing countrymen for sport.

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    2. The Wagner Group has left a trail of atrocities everywhere it’s gone: Syria, Libya, the Central African Republic, Mali and now Ukraine. ”

      Paid thugs murdering and raping civilians? You find that funny? Or are you mocking the story because the WSJ is just another leftist outfit smearing the noble champion of European civilization Putin?

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        1. Well, that one went over my head. But you are right, it is not coincidental. Its founder is a Russian Nazi whose call sign in the GRU seems to have been “Wagner” because he admired the works of Hitler’s favorite composer.

          Maybe a clip from Apocalypse Now would have been a better choice for a joke than Porky Pig given the raw evil these people personify? It is worth noting in this context, that Wagner Group were among the mercenaries Putin used in 2014 to murder and terrorize the people of the provinces he wanted to seize. Not really good material for humor.

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  1. Holman Jenkins is one of my favorite pundits at WSJ, but this particular article is piss poor. Jenkins uses a questionable piece from Der Spiegel to point out some of the realities about the use of mercenaries in modern warfare. The mercenary realities are good to know, but Der Spiegel’s claims about the Wagner Group are suspect.

    Der Spiegel never actually says that the Wagner Group committed atrocities at Bucha. It says only that material (radio intercepts) obtained by German intelligence “apparently provides evidence” of Wagner Group involvement. Jenkins rewrites this vague assertion as, “Germany’s foreign-intelligence service recently intercepted secret messages confirming Russian mercenaries known as the Wagner Group played a leading role in the massacre in Bucha, Ukraine.” Thus, in an act of journalistic malpractice does Jenkins convert unsourced, unverified speculation into a statement of fact.

    Jenkins makes other errors. For example, he calls the radio intercepts “secret messages” when Der Spiegel does not. Also, he should have paid attention to the correction at the bottom of Spiegel’s article which says the intercepts themselves could not be localized to Bucha itself.

    I saw a report yesterday that showed an investigative team at Bucha collecting bodies (some already buried) to be autopsied. Until such investigations are completed and the results are vetted, it will remain premature to say that Russian forces, even mercenaries, committed war crimes at Bucha.


    1. Do you doubt that the Wagner Group has been deployed in Ukraine?
      Have you any reason to think they have changed their barbaric ways?

      Why do you disparage ANY report in ANY source – even the WSJ – that is not Russian propaganda?

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      1. I disparage misrepresenting speculation as truth.

        I don’t doubt the Wagner Group has been deployed in Ukraine, and I am sure they — and Russia — are capable of atrocities. However, I draw the line at pretending that unproven accusations are true.


    2. …”an act of journalistic malpractice “…

      How is it malpractice to report and OPINE on what has been reported by an actual creidlble news source? Because it disagrees witht your Puit-Love stories.

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      1. RE: “How is it malpractice to report and OPINE on what has been reported by an actual creidlble news source?”

        As stated, Der Spiegel wrote a speculation, then Jenkins rewrote the speculation as fact. I don’t see any virtue in pretending that something to be true that cannot be shown to be true.


  2. There are more and more town with similar atrocities. I guess the Ukrainians just can’t get enough killing of countrymen to blame Russia. And to get all those people in on the “joke”. And to have them swear an oath of silence that make Mafia “omertà” just a vague pledge.

    Russian tactics in Chechnya and Syria were the same. I don’t think Putin’s soldiers, mercenaries or not, had a “come to Jesus moment” before invading a sovereign country.

    But, to Putin’s credit, he has BS’d some folks abroad and many at home that Hitler arose in the wheat fields.

    Jenkins wrote his opinion and I think he has hit some proverbial nails.

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    1. RE: “Jenkins wrote his opinion and I think he has hit some proverbial nails.”

      Best not to treat his opinion as fact.


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