I just got this email from Virginia 2021 about the redistricting successes.

“The 2021 redistricting cycle is FINALLY almost complete – there are just a few states left that have not finalized their maps. Experts across the country concur that Virginia’s new maps for legislative and congressional districts are among the best in the country. Groups like FiveThirtyEightPrinceton Gerrymandering ProjectThe Brennan Center for JusticeCampaign Legal Center, and University of Virginia’s Center for Politics agree that Virginia’s maps keep communities and localities intact, while demonstrating partisan fairness and increased opportunities for minority representation. Every one of you who contributed your time, money, and/or support – or just voted Yes On 1! – should be very proud of yourselves.”

Perhaps perfect may still be the enemy of good, but in this case, it seems good is pretty good by itself.

One thought on “I just got this email from Virginia 2021 about the redistricting successes.

  1. It is nice to see Virginia got something right. However, I would have been nicer still if the Commission had been able to draw the maps and not the courts. If the Commission had been successful in drawing maps that meet the same level of respect the court-drawn ones have, then 2021 would have had something to really crow about.


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