This is going to be fun

Newest FOX News commentator

Pretzel word salads on the way.

12 thoughts on “This is going to be fun

          1. Typical transphobic deflection

            Oh, really? What has she said that I am “deflecting?”

            Nothing obviously. And just why should I have an interest in what she has to say once she gets on Fox? Is she some sort of expert in science? History? Economics? I get all the uninformed opinions I need right here in this forum.

            Call me a bigot – I am sure you will – but the entirety of the Kardashian famous-for-being-famous crowd and their schtick is for people of little intelligence, intellect, or education. Right down there with WWE and Demolition Derby. Ms. Jenner is one of them. She can say what she wants. I really don’t care. Do U?

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      1. You mean the way the Right is trying to cancel Disney for being supportive of folks like her? Or doctors in Oklahoma who can now be charged with a felony for providing medical care to their patients?

        Who else at Fox is being cancelled? OR are you just playing the culture war game like your heroes on the Far Right?

        No one is going to “cancel” her. She is as entitled to be an idiot pretending to be a Conservative as Carlson, Hannity, and Ingraham. AND being called out for the idiocy.

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