Ruh Roh

Federalist $8Million in unexplained income

Al Capone didn’t go to prison for murder.

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  1. I don’t know whether the tax avoidance allegation has legs, but it is certainly part of a recent trend. The DailyMail today reports that 450 GB of never-before-seen material from Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop are available to be made public:

    The trend seems to be an increasing number of anti-administration reports in major media that previously were pro-administration. Should we expect Stumble Joe to leave office before the end of his term?


    1. Uh, the allegation is NOT tax avoidance. Duh.

      There is no evidence of any crime in this breathless reporting by the rightwing propaganda site.

      You people are something else. While our country and our allies are involved in an existential struggle between democracy and totalitarianism all you people can do is this bull. That plus spreading and defending Putin’s lies.

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      1. It definitely isn’t tax avoidance that is the problem, it’s 8 million dollars in unexplained income immediately after leaving the office of VP.

        It certainly wasn’t royalties on 300,000 books. At best that’s less than a million.

        To anyone not living in the bubble, it’s quite obvious that someone held “the Big Guy’s” bribes in escrow until he was out of office.

        Absent some verifiable source of that income, corruption is the only rational conclusion.


        1. Yeah, who doesn’t take bribes into the official tax filings of their S Corp and then pay taxes on them.
          You are full of shit.

          When Donald Trump comes remotely close to the level of tax transparency of Biden, Obama or Clinton then you can get back to us with your speculations. If absence of evidence is evidence of corruption, then how corrupt is Trump?

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          1. $8million dollars and at most $1million can be explained. Biden could simply release the S Corp returns if the receipts are proper.

            If that isn’t a problem for you, then you don’t care how corrupt your guy is as long as he does your bidding too.

            And nothing Trump may or may not have done changes the corruption of the Biden Crime Family.


        2. Like I said. . . You are full of shit. And will spread any outlandish slander without the slightest bit of shame or embarrassment. Honest discussion is a foreign country to you people. You demonstrate that on just about every subject.

          So, there is public information readily available which demolishes the premise of this hit piece. Such sloppiness (if that is what it is) goes to show yet again what a shitty outfit is.

          The “mystery” gap that has you drooling is explained in PolitiFact piece as follows. . .

          “Promise Me, Dad” was part of a deal Biden struck with Flatiron Books to write two non-fiction works as well as a third book with Jill Biden, according to Publishers Weekly, which reported that the three-book deal was worth $8 million.”

          This was reported in the trade journal Publishers Weekly back when it happened in 2017. . .

          Constantly spreading trash “information” is uncivil. You people should stop.

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          1. Politifact is full of shit.

            Biden made his PERSONAL return public, and it simply shows money coming from their S-Corps. They do not show how the money got into the S Corp

            Speaking fees and book deals are among the most common ways of hiding bribes.

            The briber simply pays for 500,000 copies of a book to be delivered later, for example. They are never delivered but no one cares because they didn’t want them anyway.


          2. It’s been 5 years, have those books been delivered to Flatiron?

            Paying for non-existent books is just a way to hide a bribe.

            Let’s see who backed the Flatiron deal to buy books to be written at some time in the distant future.


          3. “Let’s see who backed the Flatiron deal to buy books ”

            Flatiron is a division of Macmillan. Macmillan is one of the world’s leading book publishers with $1.4 Billion in revenue and operations in 70 countries. Just the people to funnel a bribe from some unknown source for some unknown reason.

            Major publishers compete for the prestige of publishing leading political figures. George W, Bush got a $10 million book deal to deliver just one book, not three. Ronald Reagan $5 million in 1989 dollars. Who was bribing them?

            Your childish accusation that such publishers are acting as a conduit for bribes confirms once again just how full of shit you really are.

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          4. The source of the “mystery” money is a matter of public record. There is nothing more to prove.

            Let’s recap.

            1. You start by predicting that the President of the United States will be going to jail.
            2. Based on poorly researched article with no evidence but just some “mystery” money.
            3. When the “mystery” is solved based on contemporary real time reporting, you add further nonsense.
            4. Book advances and speaking earnings are actually hidden bribes, says you with ZERO evidence.
            5. Even though such book deals and speaking tours are common practice at this level.
            6. Now you pretend to need proof there is no corruption.
            7. So much easier than just admitting that you are full of shit.

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          5. So, you’re claiming that Flatiron/MacMillian fronts an 8 million book deal with no guarantee from someone that they will purchase enough books to guarantee a profit?


            Barnum was right.


          6. I suppose the Barnum reference means you think I am a sucker?

            You are wrong. You are the sucker since you are either a pathological LIAR or someone who is fooled by every LIE that comes along. As in this case. The objective fact is that the “mystery” money is not a mystery at all.

            Now you pull out of your ass that major publishers do not make book deals UNLESS they have a guarantee of making a profit. So, your stable genius says there MUST be a hidden briber who made such a guarantee. (The conspiracy widens!). And yet you and your shithead source have already made a big deal out of the poor sales of the first book. Where oh where was the briber? Did he renege?

            The facts are clear and simple. Biden got a good advance because major publishers compete for such books from such people. His deal was modest compared to similar deals going back to at least Reagan. Publishers do NOT require guaranteed profits. They even accept probable losses as they compete for the prestige it brings their firm to publish such works.

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      2. RE: “Uh, the allegation is NOT tax avoidance.”

        I stand corrected.

        RE: “our country and our allies are involved in an existential struggle between democracy and totalitarianism”



        1. RE: “I agree with our President. And our NATO allies.”

          Then you agree with arming Nazis to kill their own countrymen and the confiscation of sovereign assets without due process.


          1. Nazis? To kill their own countrymen?
            I will be kind and gentle and suggest only that you are a very easy mark for Russian propaganda.

            As for sovereign assets I suppose you are referring to the property of the Russian billionaires who prop up Putin? In my opinion we need to take even more – anything we can get our hands on – and convert it to military and humanitarian aid for the people of the Ukraine.

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