Why The Media LIE About Ukraine

I’m glad to see that Canadian journalist Lauren Southern returned to video blogging after “retiring” from the medium in 2019. I regret that I have missed two years of her work because I thought she had stopped working. My fault for not paying attention.

4 thoughts on “Why The Media LIE About Ukraine

    1. That cite doesn’t address the very real issue of Ukrainian hyper-nationalism or neo-nazi paramilitary brigades at all, why would you think it was relevant?

      Or is that just another forbidden topic?


      1. I don’t buy your assertion about what are “real issues.” Not in the context of a criminal foreign invasion that is killing thousands of people. You yourself have acknowledged that such “issues” are the pretext for Putin’s actions and not the reason.

        With that said, they are not “a forbidden topic” but the hyper-exaggeration of their importance does not comport with the truth. And that failire to comport with the truth is what Chris Wallace had to say about why working at Fox News had become “unsustainable” for him.

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