Why the Biden Laptop Matters Now

Source: The Wall Street Journal.

The writer suggests an answer to the question, “Why did the New York Times unexpectedly authenticate Hunter Biden’s laptop the other day?” The answer he gives: Because WWIII just started in Ukraine.

The argument, broadly:

  • Serious times are ahead.
  • Joe Biden and his foreign policy organization are not up to the task and will need to be replaced with serious-minded people.
  • To participate effectively in reporting/shaping the transformation of our foreign policy establishment, the Times must refurbish its credibility by correcting its past mistakes in mishandling the laptop story.

Reading between the lines, one might infer that something about the laptop is about to become significant — an indictment of Hunter, perhaps. Were something like that to occur, his father’s executive control of the prosecuting and investigating agencies would become a conflict of interest, a big and potentially debilitating story.

But inferences are will-o’-the-wisps and to his credit the writer doesn’t make that one explicit.

Besides, it is worrisome enough to contemplate the current administration’s competence as WWIII approaches.

8 thoughts on “Why the Biden Laptop Matters Now

  1. Every time the Russian connections between Trump, his campaign and Russia being refuted I am reminded of the findings of both the Senate and Mueller reports.

    Russia did interfere in our elections in favor of Trump and Manafort did turn over campaign polling and strategies to Russian intelligence.


    PS: A theory I have not seen anywhere, but sounds plausible, is that Trump tried to prevent Javalin weapons from going to Ukraine with his extortion attempt, but couldn’t pull it off without being really obvious. Bless his heart, he tried so Putin waited.

    Sounds about as real as any other crap floating around the eerie world of right wing nuts …but infinitely more believable. No Italian satellites or Jewish Nazis like Zelensky. But, hey, I’ll toss in into the mix.

    (Did I see that on Pravda Social??…hmmm.)

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    1. RE: “Every time the Russian connections between Trump, his campaign and Russia being refuted…”

      What Trump/Russia connections does the article refute?

      WSJ’s writer says, “The laptop story, broken by the New York Post, was everything the Russia collusion story wasn’t: meticulous, transparent, on-the-record sourcing; contemporaneous, documentary evidence that doesn’t depend on a source’s after-the-fact recollection or spin.”

      That’s a comparison, but hardly a refutation. Do you believe the original laptop story was based on “Russian disinformation,” even though NYT now says it wasn’t?


      1. “Do you believe the original laptop story was based on “Russian disinformation,” even though NYT now says it wasn’t?”

        Of course. I don’t pay attention to that liberal rag?
        Do you?

        That whole story was a “tempest in a laptop”, IMO.

        Now, about Manafort…

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  2. Laughable nonsense by and for intellectual midgets.

    Any writer who starts what is supposed to be a serious article with this. . .

    “I’ve been wondering when our media, at least those with a long-term hope of authority, would begin clawing back from their Russia collusion disgrace.”

    is a writer to ignore.

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    1. The real intellectual midgets are the three monkees. One of them covers his eyes; one stops his ears; and one blocks his mouth.


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