Maybe Napoleon was right?

Some of the “conservative” posters here like to cite Napoleon’s aphorism about not interfering while your opponent self-destructs. This ad is in that vein. All the Democrats need do is say “Look at who we are running against.”

11 thoughts on “Maybe Napoleon was right?

    1. Well, nice try.

      But there will be a political price to pay by a party embracing the craziness that these Members of Congress bring to the table.

      By the way, it is a political ad. It does not claim or try to be erudite. It aims to make a damning point in a way that people can relate to.

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  1. When Trump first starting rattling the cages for running for office, he was brash, insulting, foul-mouthed and generally just an a**h*le. Fine, that was vintage Trump.

    Shortly after he gained the nomination, other GOP, the totally spineless at first, then more and more, tried to “out-Trump” each other. Most, if not all, fell flat. But now, they are doing just that all over again with the vain hope that He might anoint them with an endorsement instructing his followers to support him or her.

    I suggest that the GOP, loonies and not-so-loonies, keep doing exactly what it is doing. Ban books, enforce pregnancy as a state obligation, support Putin, hold and attend White Supremacist rallies, make voter registration as complicated as possible…

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  2. The KBJ hearings have given Republic Senators a chance to tell us what they really think about past Supreme Court decisions.

    Senator Blackburn (R-TN) is not happy about Griswold which protected legal contraception.

    Senator Coryn (R-TX) is not happy about Obergefell which extended the legal rights and obligations of state-sanctioned marriage to gay couples.

    Senator Braun (R-IN) is not happy about Loving which overturned state bans on interracial marriage.

    And ALL of them are unhappy with Roe which leaves the termination of an unwanted or forced pregnancy to the woman during the first three months of gestation.

    The common thread in these opinions is state supremacy over the intimate choices people make in their lives.

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    1. Again (and again, and again…) the conservative obsession with sex is both curious and disturbing. The amount of time and effort to hash out details in a few cases out of 600 because they deal with child porn is kind of weird. And not in a good sense.

      Interestingly, the interest in re-litigating racially mixed marriages and birth control because of a states rights concern parallels the debates on slavery in earlier times.

      I expected abortion to dominate, but obviously that should be off the table considering the current cases being on the SCOTUS agenda.

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    1. It is obvious that certain Senators – Hawley and Cruz in particular – are using these hearings to try out their racist dog whistles and culture warrior baloney for the sake of GOP primary voters in the next Presidential election cycle. The fact that they are so insulting to a woman of color is a bonus for their purposes.

      Here is another take on their disgraceful conduct that is spot on. . .

      Here is a direct link to the OFFICIAL GOP twitter account.

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    1. I think technically you are right. Napoleon would not have had the courtesy to help his enemies see what they were doing wrong. Still, I went for the imperfect analogy because – like Napoleon’s putative enemies – the GOP is deep into the throes of self-destruction.

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