Col Macgregor “I think Zelenskyy is a puppet”

I agree with the Colonel. I don’t believe the Ukrainian resistance is being as effective as many sources, including Fox News, make them out to be.

32 thoughts on “Col Macgregor “I think Zelenskyy is a puppet”

  1. Wow, A serious and accurate assessment at last.

    And even FOX doesn’t believe him. Because they have watched ‘Red Dawn’ too many times as well.

    BTW, sheltering troops in population centers is a war crime.


    1. RE: “BTW, sheltering troops in population centers is a war crime.”

      I have seen a few stories outside of MSM that allege some attacks against Ukrainian civilians have been perpetrated by Ukranian militia. I attribute such reports to fog-of-war conditions, meaning they deserve skepticism.

      I wish to emphasize that actual war isn’t what armchair generals or armchair philosophers imagine it is.

      Ukraine can’t beat Russia militarily. We (the U.S.) should get out of this game.


    1. I’d say the CIA’s puppet. The Biden Crime Family makes money at the margins of CIA operations. Oligarchs in general make money at the margins of intelligence operations, East and West.


        1. Opinions are not necessarily “verifiable information”. He has made questionable comments on various international topics. But I did see anything that would change my mind about Zelensky being a CIA stooge.

          It is an interesting piece, but I have more faith in ACTUAL realty vice his version of it.

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    2. “The Biden Crime Family?”

      While bending over backwards to support and justify the murderous, war-mongering Putin regime trying to stamp out democracy, you offer this totally baseless slander against our decent and honorable President without a shred of evidence to support it.

      I do not have a degree in psychology so I will not speculate what is wrong with an old man who worships guns, bullies, and dictators. But, based on evidence like this, I believe that it is something quite rotten.

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      1. Your willful blindness to the obvious corruption of the Biden family is noted.

        But you err in thinking support Putin, I deplore the use of force for political ends. But I’m not going to jump on the fantasy bandwagon that assumes Putin is Dracula in daylight.

        When the Catholic church considers a person for sainthood, a Priest is assigned to vigorously oppose canonization. That priest is called the Devil’s Advocate and is regarded as a necessary participant in the process of finding the truth.

        That is a role I often and happily assume for exactly that reason.

        You think I support Putin, I don’t

        You think I support Trump, I don’t

        You are wrong, and often. for the same reason a Devil’s Advocate is necessary. You immediately choose a side and are willfully blind to any contrary evidence. You are by far the most easily fooled participant in this forum.


        1. “You are by far the most easily fooled participant in this forum.”
          And yet it is you people who never seem to run out of “alternative facts” and baseless slanders that you mindlessly parrot. Go figure.

          You DO support the criminal Trump.
          You DO support the war criminal Putin.

          All the time and on every issue.

          It is no “fantasy” that Putin uses murder all the time for political advantage. That does not make him Dracula. It makes him a cold-blooded murderer.

          Styling yourself as merely a Devil’s Advocate is self-delusional. You are a fascist sympathizer on every issue. You hate democracy. You hate most of the American people. Especially young people. You make that very clear every day.

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        2. You claim not to support Putin, but all you have offered is resignation of the Ukrainian government and people in light of an illegal, immoral and unprovoked attack. Not once have I seen words condemning his actions. Just that Ukraine should give him what he wants because, well, Putin.

          You claimed over and over not to support Trump, yet all of your posts have either defended him, justified his actions (whether justifiable or not) and never once condemned things that were blatantly obvious that he did that were detrimental to this country.

          You can claim that you don’t support either of the two megalomaniacs, but you words say otherwise.

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          1. Wow. You called a thug a thug. But yet you will not nor have not said anything against his invasion of a sovereign country based in lies and falsehoods.

            “Denazifying” a country led by a JEWISH President. You by that too? “Demilitarization operation” of a country that was no threat to Russia but just wanted to exist? You seem ok with all of it. Heck, you’ve even said that his justification was legitimate.

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        3. …”to the obvious corruption of the Biden family ”

          Where is your proof? Your random speculation about this that or the other is nothing but a red herring that you use to deflect form factual evidence.

          If you have the proof share it. Otherwise, I request that you stop making false allegations without evidence.

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          1. Nope. The Biden family had nothing and no prospects until Joe was in a position to use influence on their behalf. Then they all got rich in fields where they had no skills or experience.

            The Trumps came to government wealthy and lost net worth while Trump was in office.

            The first is corruption and the latter is sacrifice.


          2. “The first is corruption and the latter is sacrifice.”

            Seltzer in the face, banana peel slipping in the street, pie fight from Blazing Saddles HILARIOUS.

            Your statements amount to a bunch of HOGWASH. Baseless speculation about Biden and Praise for the real corruption of tax fraud, mail fraud and may other frauds perpetrated by the Trumps.

            Ya got nothing but you keep spilling it out there.

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          3. Run on that one too.

            The voters understand that getting rich while in office is suspect, and when the whole family does it in fields where they have no prospects, no one is fooled who is not determined to be so.


          4. “The Biden family had nothing and no prospects until Joe was in a position to use influence on their behalf.”

            Uh, when did that magic moment arrive? Joe Biden was first elected to the Senate in 1973. He served there and in the Vice Presidency until 2017 – 54 years. When he left the Vice presidency his “wealth” consisted of a couple of modest homes, a government pension and not much else. Compare how his wealth did NOT grow while in office to almost any other Senator. Mitch McConnell, for example.

            After leaving the Vice Presidency he and his wife DID get rich by writing books and giving speeches. We know that because unlike your hero Trump he has released real financial and tax information every year.

            Your constant baseless slanders against President Biden marks you as a very gullible or very dishonest person. Probably both since you are constantly regurgitating “alternative facts.”

            If Trump lost net worth while in office (which nobody can know since he hides his finances) it was not for lack of trying to capitalize on his position. The list of flim flams is a long one. Then there is Ivanka’s China trademarks and the hundreds of millions in blood money flowing to Kushner. And a lot more.


  2. Macgregor is an RT puppet commentator who took the big rubles to talk up Putin in a positive light. Believing anything he says is akin to believing anything Mike Flynn says.


  3. “ Douglas MacGregor, nominated by Trump as ambassador to Germany; appointed by Trump as sr advisor to the Secretary of Defense, says Russian forces have been “too gentle” and “I don’t see anything heroic” about Zelensky.

    This is the Putin wing of the GOP”

    L. Cheney Twitter

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