The Ukraine War Is Biden’s Time for Choosing

Source: The Wall Street Journal.

WSJ’s writer forecasts a dramatic context for Joe Biden’s State of the Union address tonight. The way she sees it, the event holds potential for either a presidential reset or a progressive face plant. I don’t share her implied optimism that Stumble Joe is up to the task at hand.

I predict Old Joe will talk tough on Russia, but offer no new vision. The new world order that the U.S. has dominated since the end of WWII is no longer a certainty, but the puzzle of shaping the next world order is almost too hard to solve. I doubt that President Biden and his people have solved it; so I expect tactical silence from them, except for saber rattling over current events.

I predict Old Joe will claim we are close to victory in the war on Covid-19 and take credit for his administration’s vaccination efforts.

I predict Old Joe will claim the economy is poised to come roaring back, if only we strengthen our commitment to the green agenda.

All in all I expect a competent performance and a perfect vacuum of ideas.

24 thoughts on “The Ukraine War Is Biden’s Time for Choosing

  1. I think you misread the piece. It was at heart a damning criticism of Trump’s cozy relationship with Putin.

    “But the failure can bluntly be summed up as a lack of seriousness. Mr. Putin spent years offering bloody proof of his intent to expand “Mother Russia”—in the Crimea, the Donbas, Abkhazia, South Ossetia.”

    That “bloody proof” was there on January 20, 2017. What did Trump do? He tried to cancel sanctions against his pal, destroy NATO, and elevate Putin.

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    1. RE: “It was at heart a damning criticism of Trump’s cozy relationship with Putin.”

      Since Trump is nowhere mentioned in the article I find your interpretation preposterous.


  2. I expect a slow pitch right over the plate for the GOP response.

    Then comic relief from the Squad’s response that will leave no doubt that Biden cannot recenter his party.


    1. Trump dragged his into the muck and mud to the far right lunacy. You went for the ride. Don’t talk about recentering of the opposition party if your party of choice (or at least one you have to support because your real choice has yet to prove its legitimacy) keeps going further and further right.

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  3. “… economy is poised to come roaring back…”

    Wall Street, the GDP, employment gains and wages have risen.

    Worldwide inflation will not abate until supply lines improve, and that will take some time.

    As far as vaccination efforts, not much can be done if folks just keep listening to social media and FOX and thinking they are the Holy Writ.

    BTW, the opinion is old news. Sanctions are now crippling the Russian economy. And some Republicans are starting to see the obvious political problem of praising Putin. Genius and savvy are no longer applicable as he gets bogged down enough to start mass slaughter.

    Her reference to “years” of ignoring the obvious, that Putin is not only a despot, but a megalomaniacal leader whose ego is killing a lot of folks at home and abroad.

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  4. When you are already face planted can you plant any deeper? My guess is absolutely and Biden with his goofy serious face will prove it. Liberals will rejoice with renewed optimism no matter how poor the performance but the reality will be another display of distinct ineptitude. See, that was easy and no crystal ball necessary.


    1. RE: “When you are already face planted can you plant any deeper?”

      Probably not.

      The thing is, Russia’s invasion is going extremely well for Russia, and there is almost nothing we can do about it. We had our chance to build an army outside of Ukraine’s western borders while Russia was building its army outside Ukraine’s eastern borders, but we chose not to. Now it is too late.

      Here is an “analysis of the Russian invasion of Ukraine compared to historical invasions known for their speed and success.”

      God bless the Ukranian freedom fighters, but they are hopelessly outmatched.


      1. “The thing is, Russia’s invasion is going extremely well for Russia”

        I see your alternate reality extends around the world. Russia’s invasion has proven to be a major disaster for Russia and for Putin. He will be lucky to come out of it alive.

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          1. His main objective, I think, is to shame the U.S. and Europe. He seems to be achieving this goal.


          2. “What objectives do you think Russia had that are not being achieved?”
            The more or less peaceful reincorporation of Ukraine into Greater Russia. Now, that will not happen regardless of what happens on the battlefield.

            But that is not the disaster I am referring to. It is the price that Russia and Russians are going to pay. The price includes:

            1. A wrecked economy
            2. A reinvigorated NATO
            3. A militarily resurgent Germany.

            As for Putin, he holds power based on fear and the illusion of invincibility. The invasion fiasco has shattered that illusion and will embolden his gangster cabal to get rid of him, finally. This image illustrates his problem:

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        1. RE: “Russia’s invasion has proven to be a major disaster for Russia and for Putin.”

          Why, because you say so?


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