22 thoughts on “Maus

    1. I can remember when teachers weren’t afraid to have parents know what they were teaching.

      What we should do is put a video camera in every classroom and stream the classes online so parents can monitor what goes on any time they want.


      1. Are teachers afraid today?

        I suppose cameras could be used. Big Brother watching would be just another “1984” nail in the coffin of our nation.

        Then invoke the Texas vigilante rules to have citizens sue the teachers, at no risk, and get a $10k bounty.

        While we are at it, let’s put cameras in doctors’ office to make sure no one breaches rules to not advise women of options in pregnancy that might be construed to be abortion. Then arrest the doctors.

        Or how about we put cameras in gun shops so we can see who buys what so we can catch straw purchasers?

        I think you are on to something.

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        1. We already have mechanisms to catch straw purchases but DA’s and US Attorneys won’t prosecute even 1% of those caught.

          Gun rights organizations are the only ones wo seem interested in prosecuting those crimes.

          But deflections aside, what is it teachers are afraid to have the public see? If they’re teaching and not indoctrinating, they have nothing to worry about.


          1. Government cameras monitoring American teachers?

            Let’s monitor your gun collection. If you are honest, you have nothing to hide.

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          2. Government cameras?

            Did you perhaps mean public cameras?

            They’re not supposed to be for the government to monitor government schools, they’re for the citizens to monitor what their government is doing in the schools.


          3. I wasn’t aware my gun collection was financed by your taxes.

            The schools belong to the public, not the government, not the teachers. us.

            My guns, on the other hand, beling to me.


          4. So who is monitoring these cameras? Who is installing them? Who is paying for them? How are teachers protected from false accusations? Can a parent be sued for those?

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      2. “I can remember. . .”

        Seems like an innocuous comment until you think about it. Then you realize the convoluted fantasies bouncing around in the head of someone who thinks teachers are indoctrinating kids with anything other than traditional America values. And that they are afraid to have people observe their teaching. Sick. And I don’t mean that in a good way.

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          1. Assuming the fact you stated is true, it would be because they will inevitably create more problems than they will solve. If you had a lick of common sense you would understand that intuitively.

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          2. So, not a lick of common sense.

            Plus, nothing needs “disinfecting.” The problem with education from a “conservative” world view is that they actually get the job done – They educate.

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          3. “Indoctrination =/= education.”

            You just confirmed my point about the “conservative” world view.

            But, I will go ahead and add “teachers” to the long list of “corrupt” people you hate.

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  1. I’m not sure if this was supposed to be funny or a pathetic cry for mental health services by the crayon wielding artist.


  2. Parents who claim they have no idea what is being taught in their schools is on them. Many syllabi are posted on line for their review. Teachers make themselves available to discuss concerns via email or face-to-face meetings. Also, reviewing homework and other assignments should be a responsibility to take seriously.

    Banning MAUS, a prize winning graphic novel which explains the horrors associated with the Holocaust because of some rough language and a naked mouse, is a dangerous precedent in not teaching World History. I wonder if some of the same people who are complaining about that also have “Fuck Biden” bumper stickers on their cars or flags in their yards (Saw the bumper sticker this morning on my way to work … in a nice residential neighborhood.)

    The screaming and yelling about not knowing what their children are being taught is just another bogus attempt to vilify teachers and the desire to have only taught that which they themselves believe in. Not exactly a way to raise critical thinkers and intelligent, well-rounded citizens. – IMO

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