A Nominee for Biden’s SCOTUS pick would right a wrong

A Black Woman Biden should nominate

By nominating Janice Rogers Brown, Biden could right a wrong at the same time he fulfils his promise to nominate a Black woman. Biden twice filibustered her nomination to be the first Black woman on the DC Court of Appeals.

16 thoughts on “A Nominee for Biden’s SCOTUS pick would right a wrong

      1. “Activist” is an undefined term. So, let’s leave it at that. I still suggest you not hold your breath.

        Marc Thiesen, a right-wing columnist published by WAPO, wrote a piece Tuesday excoriating President Biden for opposing her past nominations. Amidst his cries of Hypocrisy! was this statement. . .

        “But she was an outspoken conservative — so Biden set out to destroy her.”

        Think about that, according to this “conservative,” Biden should have ignored her work and philosophy and supported her because she is black woman with a great back story. I guess he does not understand that affirmative action is only supposed to kick in when everything else is equal.

        Let me add that Judge Brown made herself a lightning rod with controversial dissents as summarized in this 2005 letter drafted by a leading civil and human rights organization. Biden was not alone in voting against her nomination, so too did Senator Barack Obama.


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          1. As I said, “activist” is an undefined term. You can call her whatever you want and so will I. In any case, she is not going to be on the Supreme Court.

            One decision I consider “activist” was her ruling on the Affordable Care Act where she found requiring health insurance to provide contraceptives “trammels freedom of religion”. That is nonsense. Nobody was going to be forced to use contraception if they did not want it. Insurance must include coverage of drawing and giving blood as needed. Is that a violation of religious freedom because some religions forbid it? We are a secular society. She totally fails to understand that. IMHO.


  1. RE: “Biden twice filibustered her nomination to be the first Black woman on the DC Court of Appeals.”

    Apparently, skin color and sex don’t mean as much to Stumble Joe as he promised during the 2020 campaign. It’s hard to make sense of first opposing a black woman, then claiming that only a black woman will do.

    Oh well, let the man nominate Kamala Harris to SCOTUS. We wouldn’t be rid of her, but we’d be rid of 8/9ths of her were she confirmed.


  2. There are two wrongs that need to be righted.

    1) Garland should have been given the hearing he was nominated for. But because Magic Mitch waved his turtle shell wand, he decided that it was too close to an election.

    2) By the same standard Barrett should NOT have been nominated because … wait for it … IT WAS TOO CLOSE TO AN ELECTION.

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