39 thoughts on “Watch Live: Sen. Johnson Holds Star-Studded COVID-19 ‘Second Opinion’ Hearing

  1. Star studded? Here is easily found info on the first three “stars” listed on the agenda.

    Dr. McCullough likes to lie about his employment: “Dr. Peter A. McCullough is a medical doctor known for his appearances in media and in front of government panels expressing some skepticism regarding coronavirus treatment specifically vaccines. He’s claimed, whether it be online, in interviews, or in testimony before state legislatures, to be Baylor University Medical Center’s vice chair of internal medicine and/or a professor at Texas A&M University.

    There’s one problem…he’s not.” Thanks to Taylor Millard at Hotair.com

    Dr. Bret Weinstein is a proponent and purveyor of misinformation: “During the COVID-19 pandemic, Weinstein made several public appearances advocating the use of the antiparasitic drug ivermectin to prevent or treat the disease and downplaying the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines. David Gorski, in Science-Based Medicine, described Weinstein as a prominent “COVID-19 contrarian and spreader of disinformation”, and “one of the foremost purveyors of COVID-19 disinformation”, citing his appearances on Joe Rogan and Bill Maher.[5][34] Sam Harris criticised Weinstein’s advocacy, stating that he “consider[s] it dangerous”.[34] Eric Topol, professor of molecular medicine, described Weinstein’s position on mRNA vaccines as “totally irresponsible. It’s reckless. It’s sick. It’s predatory. It’s really sad.”[34]

    Weinstein has made erroneous claims that ivermectin can prevent or treat COVID-19,[5][49][50][51] claims for which there is no good evidence.[52][53][54] Weinstein hosted ivermectin advocate Pierre Kory on his DarkHorse podcast to discuss the drug,[55][6] and promoted ivermectin on other podcast and television news appearances.[56][57] Weinstein took ivermectin during a livestream video and said both he and his wife had not been vaccinated because of their fears concerning COVID-19 vaccines.[58] YouTube demonetized the couple’s channels in response to their claims about ivermectin. Afterward, Weinstein and Heying moved their subsequent broadcasts to the alternative/fringe video sharing platform Odysee.[55] In August of 2021, Weinstein said he had misstated that a study had shown a 100% effective ivermectin protocol for the prevention of COVID.[52][59] Weinstein considers himself a supporter of vaccines in general; he believes mRNA vaccines have promise despite what he claims are “some clear design flaws”.[41] Weinstein has falsely claimed that the spike protein produced by or contained within COVID-19 vaccines is “very dangerous” and “cytotoxic”.[60][61][62]” Thanks to wikipedia.

    Jay Bhattacharya is one of teh Great Barrington authors and another misinformation star that several judges beleive him to be wrong: “In March 2021, Bhattacharya called the COVID-19 lockdowns the “biggest public health mistake we’ve ever made” and claimed that “The harm to people is catastrophic”.[15] In May 2021, Bhattacharya was called as an expert witness for ten applicants who filed a constitutional challenge against Manitoba’s COVID-19 public health orders.[16] The judge determined that the public health restrictions did not violate charter rights, noting that Bhattacharya’s views were not supported by most scientific and medical experts.[17]

    In August 2021, Bhattacharya provided testimony in defense of Florida’s ban on mask mandates.[18] He publicly opposed COVID-19 vaccine passports and mandates, although he called the vaccines successful.[19][20] The judge ruled against the Florida ban and said that the state’s medical experts “are in a distinct minority among doctors and scientists”.[21]

    In December 2021, Bhattacharya helped found the Academy for Science and Freedom with Kulldorff and Scott Atlas, a program of the private conservative liberal arts college Hillsdale College.[22]

    In a 2021 case in Tennessee, the judge described Bhattacharya’s testimony as “troubling and problematic”, noting that he had oversimplified conclusions of a study, casting doubt on his interpretation of other studies. The judge concluded, “the Court is simply unwilling to trust Dr. Bhattacharya.”[23]

    In 2021, he was named a senior scholar at the Brownstone Institute, a new think tank launched by Jeffrey Tucker that published articles opposing various measures against COVID-19; Kulldorff and Gupta, his co-authors on the Great Barrington Declaration, have also had roles there.[24]” Thanks again to wikipedia.

    Misinformation stars getting a bigger platform is dangerous and a purely political move by the Gentleman from Wisconsin.

    Thanks for the offer to view, but I will pass.

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    1. RE: “Misinformation stars getting a bigger platform is dangerous and a purely political move by the Gentleman from Wisconsin.”

      Well, if it’s dangerous and political, we should of course close our eyes, stop our ears and say nothing.


      1. …”we should of course close our eyes, stop our ears and say nothing.”

        If I had ignored your post, that is what I would have been doing. Calling out liars and misinformation professionals was worth the time (less than 10 minutes) to say SOMETHING.

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      2. I also note there is no defense provided for the three individuals I mentioned. Is that because you think they are right or because there is no defense to be made. (Kind of like Bills-Chiefs yesterday.)

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          1. “Where are they wrong?”

            Adam’s research is not to rebut anything they have said. It was to weigh whether the invitation to listen to them speak was worth taking up. For many very sound reasons, the answer was – not in the least.

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  2. Two big takeaways from the event:

    • Three DoD whistle blowers have come forward to share data that contradicts the CDC. Apparently, within the military 70% of Covid-19 hospitalizations are of vaccinated patients. This is consistent with reports from other countries, but absolutely inconsistent with CDC reports that the unvaccinated represent 90% of the hospitalized population.
    • There was a brief but spirited discussion of the possibility that the Covid-19 vaccines cause cancer.

    If there was a theme to the various discussions it concerned outright corruption at the CDC, FDA and NIH.


    1. 92% of our military personnel have been vaccinated.

      It stands to reason that hospitalizations would come from the vast majority, which are vaccinated.

      Or, another way to look at it: if we had 100,000 personnel, 92,000 have been vaccinated and 8,000 have not.

      A 10% rate among the vaccinated would exceed 100% of the unvaccinated. And since 100% of the unvaccinated are not hospitalized, the ratio would seem even higher.

      The efficacy of vaccines has never been much more than 85%, plus or minus, and seemingly less so for Omicron.

      Of course Ron Johnson wants to denigrate the need for vaccines. That is his schtick. Plus vaccination would help the Democrats, and we can’t have that even if lives are saved.

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      1. RE: “A 10% rate among the vaccinated would exceed 100% of the unvaccinated. And since 100% of the unvaccinated are not hospitalized, the ratio would seem even higher.”

        You’re not thinking straight. The relevant population is Covid-19 patients who have been hospitalized. DoD data says 70% of that group are vaccinated. CDC says 10% are vaccinated. That’s a discrepancy which requires explanation.


    2. “Three DOD whistle blowers. . .”

      Oh my! 75% of the hospitalized had been vaccinated!

      If the virus is able to sicken SOME of the vaccinated and everyone in the group has been vaccinated, then 100% of the sick will have been vaccinated. Right?

      The military has a very high rate of vaccinations – 98%. Therefore, it is expected that most of the sick will have been vaccinated. This is NOT inconsistent with the CDC estimate you cited. It was based on a population with a much lower rate of vaccination. Do the math before accusing a trusted agency of falsifying important information.

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      1. RE: “If the virus is able to sicken SOME of the vaccinated and everyone in the group has been vaccinated, then 100% of the sick will have been vaccinated. Right?”

        Wrong. If 100% of the sick were vaccinated, then the vaccine was ineffective. The question to be answered is: Why do DoD and CDC have such disparate efficacy measurements?


        1. “ If 100% of the sick were vaccinated, then the vaccine was ineffective.”

          No, not at all. A vaccine is never 100% effective. So if everyone is vaccinated, then anyone who is infected is vaccinated.

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          1. RE: “then anyone who is infected is vaccinated.”

            That’s not the point. The point is, Why should the DoD measurement be so different from the CDC’s?

            You and Mr. Murphy assume you know the answer, but all you really have is one of many possibilities.

            As I pointed out, too, the DoD numbers are consistent with similar surveillance reports in other countries. That makes the CDC an odd man out, so to speak. Hence, the need for resolution.


          2. Here is the comparison that came up in the discussion:

            DoD: Of military personnel hospitalized for Covid-19, 70% were vaccinated.

            CDC: Of national population hospitalized for Covid-19, 90% were unvaccinated.


          3. So comparing one small group, the military, with 92%+ vaccination rate with a huge population that is only 1/2 vaccinated, less in some places.

            I think the apples and oranges comparison is hard to equate for a case against vaccination.

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          4. No one said it was a case against vaccination. The question, again, is: Why are the DoD and CDC databases showing such dissimilar results?


          5. RE: “Because they are comparing different populations.”

            You don’t know that to be the case.


          6. RE: “I am wondering why that is hard to grasp.”

            It is not hard to grasp, but it is not definitive.

            As I said before, “all you really have is one of many possibilities.”


          7. So, what is your point? What do you mean by not “definitive”?

            If almost all people in a given population, like the military, are vaccinated, then hospitalized breakthroughs will be more common than the small number of unvaccinated, even if all the unvaccinated were admitted to hospitals.

            That much is pretty obvious. To me, at least.

            When dealing with a population of 330 million scattered over hundred or even thousands of medical jurisdictions and facilities and less than half are fully vaccinated and even a smaller percentage are boosted. The numbers will be different. Add in reporting lags, different rules in different states, masking controversies, etc.

            The military can tell its personnel how to act and what to do and when.

            Can’t do that in the general population.

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          8. RE: “So, what is your point? What do you mean by not ‘definitive’?”

            My point, as stated, is that the DoD data disagrees with the CDC data. Your explanation for the disagreement is not definitive because, as stated, there are other possible explanations. You are in no position to be able to say that your explanation is the correct one, no matter how much you believe it to be so.

            Mr. Murphy makes the same mistake. He demands that his explanation for the discrepancy be taken seriously when in fact he is unable to show that it is the correct explanation.

            Let me give you an example of the difficulty you are trying to gloss over. Do either of you actually know whether DoD and CDC define “vaccinated” in the same way?


          9. RE: “What are the other possible explanations?”

            Several that came up in the video concerned different ways CDC fudges its numbers; for example, by calling hospitalized patients Covid patients when they were admitted for something else and only tested positive for Covid.

            But the problem still remains for you. You may know from secondary sources that DoD and CDC use the same definition of “vaccinated,” but you don’t know how that definition applies to their data sets. You are just assuming.


          10. Well, if we are assuming that the numbers are “fudged”, then any discussion is kind of pointless.

            This is entering the category of “they” and “them” without any clear definition of precisely who “they” and “them” are other than some vague, evil cabal controlling our lives.

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        2. You need to curb your eagerness to justify your refusal to help stop the pandemic, read, and think.
          As I said earlier – DO THE MATH. I will try to help.

          No one has ever said that any vaccine and especially Covid vaccine stops 100% of infections. Some vaccinated people do get sick and hospitalized. Here is a simplified model:

          Assume: vaccine is 95% effective preventing people from being hospitalized.

          Assume: Population 1 = 1,000 people that are 98% vaccinated. (Military)
          Assume: Population 2 = 1,000 people that are 70% vaccinated. (General population)
          Assume: Everyone in both populations is exposed.
          Assume: Unvaccinated all are hospitalized.
          Assume: 5% of the vaccinated are hospitalized.

          Population 1: Hospitalized = (980×5%) + (20*100%) = (48 + 20) = 68 people hospitalized
          Population 1: Percent of hospitalized who are vaccinated = 48/68 = 71%

          Population 2: Hospitalized = (700×5%) + (300*100%) = (35 + 300) = 335 people hospitalized
          Population 2: Percent of hospitalized who are vaccinated = 35/335 = 10%

          Of course, this is oversimplified. But it does make clear that the vaccination rate has a profound impact on the percent of hospitalized people who have been vaccinated. And note the much smaller number of people hospitalized in the 98% vaccinated population.

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          1. I understand the math. I also understand that you don’t know whether it is relevant here, or not.


          2. “I also understand that you don’t know whether it is relevant here, or not.”

            Uh, no.

            Of course, this math is relevant. You compare your source saying that hospitalizations among the military are 70% vaccinated people with the CDC reporting that only 10% of hospitalizations are vaccinated people. You then take this wide difference to imply that the CDC is badly mistaken or worse.

            The mathematics I outlined for you makes it clear that these very different numbers are NOT “absolutely inconsistent” as you claim but are what is to be expected when comparing groups with wildly different rates of vaccination.

            This is not difficult to understand. So please try a little harder.

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          3. RE: “You then take this wide difference to imply that the CDC is badly mistaken or worse.”

            No. I said the difference needs to be explained. You are just guessing at an explanation and won’t admit that your knowledge is limited.


          4. I am not “guessing” at an explanation. I am giving you THE explanation. This explanation is widely understood. I did not make it up. It is almost pure mathematics independent of definitions or reporting standards.

            Those “experts” who ignore THE known and obvious explanation are trying to deceive you and they have succeeded. Because you really, really want to be deceived.

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