Cages in the Senate of Virginia

Source: Bacon’s Rebellion.

This story is a little short on background and depth, so I invite anyone who knows more about it to share their intelligence. I am a hard sell, though. Members of government ensconcing themselves in Plexiglas as a condition of work sounds to me like an End of Western Civilization moment.

It is not sex, but it is Caligula. Crazy beyond all belief.

11 thoughts on “Cages in the Senate of Virginia

    1. Make up your mind.

      They’re all vaccinated and boosted, and wear masks, as are everyone around them, and they at least have immediate access to Paxlovid if they need it. so just what are they afraid of?

      Retail clerks and other private sector workers have been facing more risk for over a year, I guess they just aren’t’ special.

      One would think you didn’t believe masks and vaccines worked.

      There is a sharp line between safety and unreasoning paranoia and Democrats have moved far beyond that. They are in full sheep mode.


      1. “Make up my mind?”
        About what?

        When it suits you, Omicron is highly infectious and easily thwarts vaccinations and masks. Maybe YOU should make up YOUR mind.

        The Democrats insisted on these booths to all senators (not just Amanda Cox) because most of their GOP colleagues refuse to wear masks. That was back in August. That you people are trying to score points off this simple precaution now just shows that you are running on empty.

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        1. Really?

          Do YOU believe masks and vaccines work?

          My own belief is that with Omicron, boosted vaccination lowers your risk of serious illness substantially, and I wear a KN95 in crowded indoor spaces.

          But plexiglass cages add little, if any, to that protection.

          And again, why should politicians hide behind barriers that are impractical to their constituants.


          1. Those plexiglass dividers were put in place last August when the more deadly Delta variant was the virus of the day. And meeting in crowded indoor spaces was rightly considered dangerous. Adding to the inherent danger was a cadre of dummies who had made mask-wearing a political issue. So up they went. And, yes, it was over the objection of those dummy Republicans. (At the time, you called not wearing a mask “sociopathic”). Now that they are in place, it makes ZERO sense to tear them down until the pandemic has run its course.

            This sort of petty – even childish – sniping is very, very typical of you people. And also typical is the intellectual dishonesty of a story – posted yesterday – which deliberately leaves the impression that these “cages” are something added recently.

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          2. …”impractical to their constituants.”

            Let’s see. My Chinese take out place has plexiglass up at the counter. The 7-11 closest to my house has Plexiglas up at the counter. The gas station/convenience store I frequent for beer and smokes has plexiglass up at the counter. All of them are constituents of VA senators. And they have been up since early 2020.

            So what’s your point?

            Masks, vaccines, and plexiglass barriers are all means of protection against spread of the disease and protection from severe illness associated with it. AS is social distancing.

            Also, the GOP, in a strange twist. opted not to wear masks in what appears to be a strictly political message.

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