A Bridge Too Far

Biden loses all perspective

Predicably, in order to try to distract the country from his incompetence, Biden compares the Jan 6 riot to Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

Jan 6 was stupid and in some cases, criminal, but in no way comparable to attacks that killed thousands of innocents. Making such comparisons destroys one’s credibility.

But at this point I’m going to sit back with Napoleon(or at least some of his brandy) and watch them destroy themselves.

47 thoughts on “A Bridge Too Far

  1. LOL!

    How many times have you used that old Napoleon chestnut. How has it worked out for you? You said the same thing before the Democrats took the House in 2018 and before Joe Biden DECISIVELY won the Presidency in 2020. But, hey, enjoy your brandy.

    BTW, what are the manifestations of “incompetence” to which you refer? By most objective measures the country has done very well on his watch, so far. And for the first time in decades we are not involved in a war. So, what is it? The pandemic which the Republicans have done their best to prolong?

    You are correct that January 6th was not comparable to 12/7/44 or 9/11/2001. In neither of those cases was our country attacked by Americans. You can ignore the historical significance of a President trying to cease power violently and illegally all you want. Does not change a thing.

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  2. When a sitting president plans to overturn an election over a period of months, years really, we have a serious problem. When his closest advisors outline the plan in detail. It gets more serious. When that plan depends upon a violent assault (“it will be wild”) from compliant followers, gangs and individuals, it is a crisis.

    A crisis because it was an attack on centuries of peaceful transitions of power in a nation whose founding was like none other in the world at time. And, in many ways since then, because it has endured longer than other nations. By far.

    If you compare 1/6 body counts to 12/7 and 9/11 the differences are stark. If you compare effects, similarities arise.

    All three attacks were perpetrated by enemies of our democratic republic. The difference, of couse, is that the first two were by foreign enemies. The latest was by domestic enemies we commonly call traitors.

    If we can go through 7 investigations for the last attack by terrorists against American soil, Benghazi, we can certainly spend a year on this one. And we still have 6 more investigations to go.

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      1. “Jan 6 was stupid and in some cases, criminal, but in no way comparable to attacks that killed thousands of innocents. Making such comparisons destroys one’s credibility.”

        My contention is that your position about the relative insignificance of 1/6 was wrong. Is not that the subject you broached?

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      2. ” If you compare effects, similarities arise.”

        Perhaps you overlooked this statement in Len’s post. He absolutely referred to what you wrote and you are attempting to deflect (oh , so Trumpian) from the reality of it.

        But you keep beating that drum and the facts will eventually roll right over you.


  3. The only difference I see in the three attacks was that many, many fewer people died on 1/6/2021. However, from where I sat watching my TV in real time, the very same level of hatred for America was shown by the Capitol attackers as from the Pearl Harbor and World Trade Cntr attacks.

    Personally, I get why foreigners could hate us for whatever reasons; ah, duh – they ain’t Americans and they have no love for us.

    But, to see a mob of our own Americans as we did on 1/6/2021 display their total lack of respect and love for our country and Constitution is a whole lot more sickening to me.

    Those folks weren’t just ‘stupid’ as you called them – they WERE CRIMINALS once they forced their way inside that building and let’s face it – they were downright UN-AMERICAN, to boot. (I imagine we all know some pretty stupid people, but I’ll bet they’re not UN-AMERICAN.)

    I heard most of President Biden’s speech earlier today and he truly got it correct about the previous president. As for Biden’s incompetence, it isn’t like we haven’t had a guide to what IMCOMPETENCE looks like, starting on Jan. 20, 2017. There was a new chapter on ‘What Does IMCOMPEDENCE Look Like?’ every day in living color and on all our devices, daily.

    Sorry, but Joe Biden is head/shoulders more competent than DJT has ever even hoped to be. But, then I wouldn’t expect you to see that in a Democrat.

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    1. When former President Trump started Operation Warp Speed, he pre-ordered enough vaccine from each of the most likely producers for half the population, with an option to purchase enough for the rest of us if needed. Even if only one company had come through, because Trump hedged the order with an option for more, we still would have had enough for everyone who needed it from the first production run as it became available. Such options for follow-up orders are normal practice in business.

      When, in November, it became clear that Pfizer’s Paxlovid would virtually end deaths from COVID if given early in the disease, President Biden ordered 10 million courses of treatment. We have 35 million Americans over 65 and at least as many more with high-risk comorbidities.
      The initial order should have been at least 50 million courses. Ten million is totally inadequate for our needs with highly contagious Delta and Omicron. Worse, Biden did not purchase an option to order more, so any follow-up orders will have to wait until foreign orders are filled.

      Fortunately, there are other therapeutics, like fluvoxamine, that are somewhat effective, otherwise Biden’s blunder would have killed millions of elders this spring. Even so, the cost in lives will be enormous.

      It’s hard to be more incompetent than that.


        1. Omicron is extremely contagious, you can’t hide from it forever. There are at least 70 million high risk Americans, and Biden only ordered 10 million courses.

          Even with Omicron’s lower mortality, unless fluvoxamine is enough to save them, millions will die. With an adequate supply of Paxlovid, few if any would die.


      1. Sorry, not buying it.

        Consider how long at the beginning of the whole Covid-19 start that DJT called the virus nothing but a hoax created by the Democrats, while at the very same time he was whispering (in a taped interview with Bob Woodward) how serious and dangerous this virus actually was.

        After those horrendous lies day after day early on regarding C-19, nothing you say about this guy is going to get accolades. He started out as a sadly unprepared, know-nothing of a president, and he never got any better.

        We can only imagine how many people died that we aren’t aware of because they listened to a man who didn’t know a thing regarding what he was babbling on and on about during those horrible first months as the virus ran rampant.

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        1. The Chinese released the genome of COVID on Jan 10, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations(later renamed Operation Warp Speed) provided seed money to vaccine companies on Jan 23.


          Whatever Trump said for PR reasons, valid or not, he took the right actions to counter the virus, to the extent we knew at the time, Biden blew a chance to protect America’s elders and ill with the evidence of its value in hand.

          There is utterly nothing that excuses that incompetence, and what Trump did or did not say is irrelevant to that failure.


          1. “Whatever Trump said for PR reasons, valid or not . . .” ???

            ” . . . Valid or not . . .?” What?

            That’s a pretty cavalier statement considering that many TRUMPsters (or whatever we’d call them today IF THEY WERE STILL ALIVE) probably lost their lives by listening to him and taking his ridiculous advice.

            You want to blame Biden for everything, yet skip right on by stupid, dangerous comments from DJT when people were listening to his bass-akward advice . . .

            As an example, from DJT, there was his publicly suggested thought that a nice swig of bleach might cure their ills.

            It would be funny from a person who knows little to nothing about anything; but, coming from an acting president it was deadly. Probably more literally than we’ll ever know.

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          2. Dr. Anthony Fauci On February 29:”At This Time There Is No Need To Change Your Habits Over Coronavirus”

            So, Trump was supposed to contradict his expert advisors?

            It’s easy to snipe with 20/20 hindsight, but at a time when what little we thought we knew was right, Trump deferred to the experts.


          3. “Trump deferred to the experts.” you wrote. what? He thought he WAS the expert! But, your comment was good for a hearty chuckle.

            How soon the lovers of DJT forget what it was like with his medical nonsense. I recall Dr. Blix (sp?) nearly falling out of her chair when he looked at her, waiting for her to have some (ANY) kind of comment on the bleach. Call it as you saw or heard it, but I got to say you evidently weren’t watching that in live time. Just saying.

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    1. Yes. Mucous secretions carry IgA antibodies, the vaccines stimulate IgG and IgM antibodies in blood and interstitial tissues.


      Interestingly, getting Omicron gives you all three, and protection against Delta as well.

      A young, healthy person might be wise to go out and kiss someone with Omicron.


          1. Intubation specifically? No. But, there are many individual reports from specifi hospitals that ICUs are 90+% unvaccinated. I assumed intubation was an ICU thing.

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          1. Your aggressor mindset is showing through, causing you to see it backward.

            I’ve never attempted to kiss anyone who I wasn’t certain wanted me to.


          2. I challenged your assertion that kissing someone could be done without consent. It is not MY aggressor mindset Mr. Trump … I mean Dr. Tabor, it is yours.


    1. https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2017/11/15/564352100/first-trials-begin-for-those-charged-over-inauguration-day-rioting

      Yes, when the trials and plea agreements ended, many had charges reduced or dropped. Just like most of the 700+ will face. The serious trials are coming soon.

      Big difference, the sitting president didn’t encourage the attacks, arrange for rallies or threaten election officials. Nor did Clinton, who did concede BTW.

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      1. I don’t disagree that Trumo is a terrible person, but the Democrat leadership seems determined to outdo him on that.

        But keep on beating that drum. But don’t think it’s winning over anyone not already in the bubble.


        1. Beating the drum? I guess. I don’t want people to forget or brush this aside as a bunch of tourists caught behind the ropes accidentally. The effort to do so by GOP leadership is almost palpable.

          Confederate “history buffs” have been beating a drum for 160 years, even carrying Confederate colors during the attack. A year or two to find out what happened and who is responsible is more than reasonable.

          Beside, three out of the last six posts were about 1/6. These were from the right wingers on here. Who is beating which drum?

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          1. Even if the Perlosi/Schumer version were the truth, which it isn’t, the subject is the political implications of exaggerating it every hour on the hour every day for a year is going to result in turning people against it.

            But by all means keep it up.


          2. Downplaying, or flat out denying, what happened and who is responsible for it, is a dangerous game.

            Funny you mention two people who are NOT on the Select Committee and blame them for storytelling. The involvement of Schumer and Pelosi in getting to the bottom of what happened is minimal at best.

            And just ot remind you: BENGHAZI. Times 7.


          3. WTH are you talking about? You beat the drum of denial deflection and Trumpism. I beat the drum for truth. By your statement, the truth is supposed to lose to the lies.

            Sad commentary on you.


          4. As I said, continue.

            But understand that even if you were right(and you are grossly exaggerating what the 1/6 riot was) going on and on after people already know what you have to say turns them off.

            Democrats have gone beyond informing and even persuading, now they’re nagging, and no one likes nagging.


          5. Grossly exaggerating! Horse Feathers!!! It was a riot attempting to change the outcome of the election by use of violence by a mob fired up and pushed by the sitting President, who lost the election BIGLY, both in the popular vote (twice) and the electoral count. You continue to downplay the facts. You will get rolled by them.

            They are investigating, with 2 members of the Republican Party (or what’s left of it.) WHen the investigation is completed and the facts come to light, will you be able to deal with them? O will you do your usual song-and-dance tho deny deflect, say they aren’t really facts and all of the other tap dances you have done?


  4. I’m confused. Are you criticizing Biden for not using the power of the federal government to interfere in the free market with private companies?

    If people want to not contract a deadly disease, should they not simply invent their own vaccines or enter into an individual business arrangement with pharmaceutical companies whose incentive would be to produce only enough vaccines to make the maximum profit?

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    1. He already has.

      Walgreens and other pharmacies cannot directly order Paxlovid at market prices. They have to get it “free” from the Federal government and are only allowed to charge a handling fee to insurance companies.

      So, Biden froze the private sector out of the market of Paxlovid and instead of paying $530 (less insurance) to get it when you need it, you can wait until it is too late for free.


        1. Paxlovid is a therapeutic, not a vaccine.

          I could be happy with him leaving the ordering to the private sector, in which case ALL of the pharmacy companies would have to be too stupid to order enough or if he was going to insist it be purchased and allocated by the Federal government, order enough to do the job.

          As it is, he ordered less than 20% of what we’re going to need in the next few months and didn’t allow any other source unless you want to travel abroad. Better have your private jet waiting to get somewhere you can buy it in time.


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