If you needed further evidence…

…that Rand Paul is an idiot:


One word: Duh!

And eye doctors convince people they need glasses by telling them their vision isn’t perfect.

Also, further evidence that the GOP has ZERO plans for improving the lives in this country. They have no plans for ANYTHING, except to keep the Defense budget bloated and to be able to sit in the chambers of Congress. I guess the seats are quite comfortable.

25 thoughts on “If you needed further evidence…

  1. Rand Paul may seem stupid and the poster child for cashing in on a parent’s name, but you must admit that he did an excellent job of certifying HIMSELF to practice eye medicine when those smarty pants scientists on the Ophthalmology Board would not.

    His neighbor got into serious trouble for beating the snot out of him. I know nothing of the facts but from what I have seen of RP’s behavior I would not be surprised to learn that he had it coming. Some people just trigger primal loathing and disgust which is hard to control. RP is one of those. IMHO.


      1. Blaming the victim again?

        Something YOU would never do, right? Unless, of course, the victim was a man or child gunned down by police or racist vigilantes. Those victims brought it on themselves.

        But, yeah, I suspect Rand Paul had it coming. He is just that arrogant and creepy.

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  2. Well from the context of promising OPM to sit on your lame ass in exchange for votes, it’s spot on. That is the only way Democrats know how to do it. Aside from socialism, bloviating nonsense and “investigating” left wing crap parodies, that sums it up perfectly…


    1. Too bad that isn’t the truth. It isn’t even “truthy”. But coming form you, fertilizer is expected.

      Paul is a politician that just stated he has no idea how politics works and slams DEMOCRACY as election stealing.

      Winning votes is how you win elections. Youngkin just proved that. As has EVERYONE who has ever won an election.


      1. RE: “Paul is a politician that just stated he has no idea how politics works and slams DEMOCRACY as election stealing.”

        Actually, no. Paul said that absentee ballots and ballot harvesting can produce “stolen” elections. These practices may be legal, but they are corrupt.

        If you want to argue that legal procedures are always acceptable, then perhaps we should restore Jim Crow laws. They, too, were anti-democratic.


        1. “Paul said that absentee ballots “…

          Thank you for telling me that I was complicit in election stealing while serving my country and voting ABSENTEE for over 20 years.

          The attempts to demean those who vote absentee is just another attempt at voter disenfranchisement that the GOP has worked so hard to do for decades now.

          And you have NEVER, EVER proven that there is corruption not discovered by normal legal processes. It is like the tooth fairy. It just doesn’t exist in the manner you think it does.


  3. The Beast pulled an out-of-context quote Paul referenced from the Washington Examiner based on an analysis by The American Conservative.

    Here is the article.


    What Democrats did was to unlawfully change the rules of the election using COVID as an excuse, after having prepared IN ADVNACE to exploit the rule changes before they were made and before Republicans could react.

    As Stacy Abrhams said, ‘If we can’t duplicate 2020, we’re fucked.’

    That’s the problem with trick plays, they only work once.


    1. “What Democrats did was to unlawfully change the rules “…

      If that were truly the case, why was it NEVER argued in court? Because it is BULLSHIT to the highest level.

      And the duplication Ms. Abrams is referring to is turnout, not fraud.

      Washington Examiner – Trump News. American Conservative – no longer either, IMO.


        1. I believe most after the fact cases were dismissed for lack of standing because they were brought by other states but I think there wasn’t time to sue before hand. It was a well timed illegal rule c hange by democrats but it won’t happen again.


    2. “If we can’t duplicate 2020, we’re fucked.”

      Yeah, sure.

      Those uppity brown and black “urban” people were only able to win in Georgia and elsewhere because of “trick plays.” You get on your high horse about context and then use Stacy’s comment about TURNOUT out of context. Typical.

      By the way, the article is very sad. Gee, some rich people spent money to help the Democrats. Something that no billionaires or corporate interest front would ever do to help Republicans. Right?

      Funny, though. It is the Democrats constantly trying to expunge big money from politics and/or at least add some openness and accountability and the Republicans who do everything in their power to protect it.

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      1. The Democrats only want to expunge big money from donors to Republicans.

        And it’s UNANSWERED turnout that has Abrhams worried.

        In some states, ballot harvesting will again be banned, it is an invitation to fraud, and don’t tell me it isn’t, I’ve seen it in my own family. COVID was never a valid excuse for it.

        But in those states where it remains, expect the GOP to learn to play the game too. They will target their voters as well. Expect everyone with a hunting license to get an early ballot. And pickup owners, and so on.

        It’s only because the Democrats were playing the game alone they won.


        1. “The Democrats only want to expunge big money from donors to Republicans”

          Well, of course that would be attractive for them but their attempts to limit money in politics would hit both parties.

          Of course, my point here was that the article pisses and moans because they found some money flowing to the Democrats. There is MORE money flowing to the Republicans. If you say the Democrats are just being cynical, that confirms that you also agree there is MORE money flowing to the Repupublicans. Which is good. Because there is.

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        2. UNANSWERED.

          Sure. Republicans in Georgia underestimated the turnout effort that Stacey Abrams organized and will undoubtedly work a little harder themselves next time. Their perennial problem is that hatred and fear being powerful motivators they already enjoy very strong turnout. Not as much room on the upside as the Democrats because Democrat-leaning voters are generally not as interested or to be blunt – are often apathetic.

          It is worth noting that Stacey had a lot of help from Dear Leader. His abominable, illegal and bullying behavior after the election – particularly in Georgia – gave the Democrats the oomf they needed to elect two U.S. Senators in those runoff elections. Thanks Trump!

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