Durham and the Clinton Dossier

Source: Wall Street Journal (behind paywall).

Kimberly Strassel comments on the latest Durham indictment:

Special counsel John Durham this week obtained an indictment of Igor Danchenko, a Russian who provided information for the [Steele/Clinton] dossier. Mr. Danchenko is charged with lying to the FBI, but the bigger story of the indictment is Democrats’ central role in every aspect of the dossier and the FBI investigation.

Never forget the original claim. According to the FBI, Democrats and the media, Mr. Trump harbored secret and nefarious ties with Russia. We knew that because—as Mother Jones explained in a 2016 article that became the reigning story line— Christopher Steele was a “credible source with a proven record of providing reliable, sensitive, and important information to the U.S. government.” He had come across “troubling” evidence of Trump collusion and brought it to U.S. law enforcement.

It took a year for congressional investigators to reveal the dossier had in fact been commissioned by the opposition-research firm Fusion GPS, working for the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton’s campaign. It took two more years for Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz to expose that Mr. Steele had relied on a Russian source who said he’d never expected Mr. Steele to present his info as facts, since most of it was “hearsay.” Two more years on, Mr. Durham’s indictment says this source—Mr. Danchenko—obtained material from a longtime Democratic operative who was active in the 2016 Clinton campaign. Clintonites here, Clintonites there, Trump “scandals” everywhere.

Sensible people have known all along that everything about the Trump Russian collusion story was a hoax. Now that we are getting the indisputable details I expect non-sensible people will insist nevertheless that the hoax was true all along.

Ms. Strassel concludes, correctly, “The Clinton dossier should go down as one of the biggest scandals in U.S. political history. Not just for the breadth of the con, but for the time it has taken to expose it.”

13 thoughts on “Durham and the Clinton Dossier

  1. I read this story and shook my head. The lies and deceit of the Democrats is endless and mind boggling but the sad part is they go largely unprosecuted. Luckily folks tired of the Trump, Trump, Trump drum beat of the Democrats in the Va elections and took a hard look at how those buffoons are destroying our society and way of life.

    Crooked Hillary should be next for an indictment but I’m not holding my breath.


      1. A full history of the story is absolutely relevant. To ignore that is to ignore the depth to which politicos use these kind of tactics, regardless of party.

        If it had gone differently, I am pretty sure you would find a way to justify things.

        Reality seems to be lacking.

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  2. Strasse is a right wing hack judging by her positions in the last years.

    “Shortly before the November 2020 election, Strassel promoted claims about Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden in an opinion column in The Wall Street Journal.[11][12] Strassel’s claims were contradicted by the newspaper’s own reporting arm hours later.[12][13][14][15]
    After Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election, Strassel claimed that the election contained voting irregularities.[16] On November 2020, Strassel made false claims about the election, incorrectly claiming that Wisconsin’s turnout numbers for the election was “not feasible”. Wikipedia

    Dunham caught a lying Russian agent…surprise, surprise.

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          1. Honestly?

            I don’t know. I do know that anything attached to the last administration is suspect in my opinion. After all, any pol and his minions and surrogates that spread the Big Lie is so morally fouled that I cannot believe them.

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          2. RE: “I do know that anything attached to the last administration is suspect in my opinion.”

            Good for you, I suppose. I know that anything attached to the current administration is either incompetent or evil.


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