A fascinating solution

Saving civilization with cheap power

The Yellowstone Supervolcano could erupt any time. It’s a ticking time bomb due sometime in the next 50,000 years.

But with techniques developed for fracking, it can be defused and power almost half of America.

Another example of technology, not austerity, being a solution.

12 thoughts on “A fascinating solution

  1. “Another example of technology, not austerity, being a solution.”

    Uh, it is not an either/or situation.

    We climate “extremists” are always advocating for technological investments that will hasten the day when we can use all the energy we want without harming the earth. Until, for example, Yellowstone comes on line – supplying the improved grid and the electric vehicles we “extremists” have been calling for – careful use of energy (“austerity” to you) is still important.

    Now that this huge but costly opportunity for carbon free energy (and the continent-saving safety valve) has been identified should we wait for some Capitalists to get the ball rolling or should the government step in to make sure it happens sooner rather than later? To us “leftists” the answer is obvious.

    I am glad to see this good idea being promoted by WSJ. If it had been, say, MSNBC or PBS doing so it would come in for ridicule by most “conservatives.”

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    1. Capitalists are the ones behind the idea. Currently, they are barred from producing energy from Yellowstone, or any other national park.

      Government is not the solution here, it is the problem.


      1. Made up facts always fit your world view very nicely.

        The idea that is being discussed came from the government – work done at NASA and JPL in 2017. Not from Capitalists. The merits of the idea – pro and con – are being discussed in the government. As far as I can tell, there are no actual proposals by “Capitalists” to consider or being blocked by the law.

        Here is a look at the idea from 2018.


        Of course, you are correct that the law encouraging and subsidizing geothermal energy explicitly excludes National Parks. That would have to be changed if a technically viable proposal is forthcoming. Sadly, the scale of needed investments, the nature of the material in the area (rhyolite not basalt) and the possible destruction of the Park make it unlikely that one will.

        As nice as it sounds, Pie in the Sky is not the solution to the looming climate disaster.

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  2. I’m not really concerned with US greenhouse gas emissions, They are already below 1995 levels. The easy and cheap reductions have already been made.

    But combined with nuclear and dual cycle natural gas generation, this technology could eliminate the use of coal for generating electricity. That would save coal for metallurgical use for a century into the future, and there is no cost effective substitute there.


  3. RE: “Another example of technology, not austerity, being a solution.”

    Exactly right. I’m skeptical of the claim that it is feasible to mitigate the supervolcano risk by cooling the caldera at Yellowstone, but I’m all for harvesting the energy there. The technology has been in development and use for more than 100 years and we have the industrial base ready to exploit it. All that is needed is for government to get out of the way.

    Which may be the reason this old story is making the rounds again all of a sudden. Perhaps the Brandon administration is prepping a public relations move.


        1. You are what you are.

          The beginning of wisdom is to know thyself. Your dangerous, selfish and stupid anti-vaccine bull combined with your name-calling, scatological invective and now your childish invocation of internet obscenities leaves no doubt.

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        1. Who has called Trump any name but Trump, the president or the ex-president.

          Admittedly I have called him a traitor, a con man or a liar, but those are statements of realistic character appraisals, agree or disagree with the descriptors.

          Also, we know that the ex-president thought he was clever with his grade school nicknames and insults. Honestly, few can copy him, or should even want to. At least not over the age of 10.

          It is your site and if you are comfortable with “poopypants”, etc., then just say so. Then that can set the tone and age level for your page.

          I won’t change my policy on prominent people being called silly, childish names. I do file a late objection to being called out for naming the Proud Boys “yellow bellies”. They are domestic terrorists who don’t deserve anything but our utter contempt. Plus they wear yellow and many are fat 😇.

          Oh, IMHANEO naturally.

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      1. Although I do agree that speculation on whether Biden pooped his pants at the Vatican would be out of line. If we let that go then in no time people might be claiming he had hookers pee on his bed before his nap.


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