Biden and the Democrats Have Failed America

Source: PJ Media.

The writer compiles a short list that rightfully shames:

  • U.S.-Mexico border
  • Inflation
  • Energy
  • Crime
  • Race relations
  • Covid-19
  • Afghanistan and abroad

Good manners prevent me from mentioning that #PoopyPantsJoe is trending on Twitter.

12 thoughts on “Biden and the Democrats Have Failed America

  1. Between your reference to the childish and debunked “poopypants” meme and the author’s immediate reference to Biden’s “cackling vice president” we know immediately how deep and profound this piece must be.


          1. “Awwww. Did Big Mr. Bad hurt your eedy, beedy feewings?”

            LOL! You think like a child. You post like a child. You respond like a child. You all do. Any third grader on any playground could do better. My six year old grandson has already out grown saying “poopy pants” to win a playground argument.


  2. Crime rate rose in 2020 was a big point. I don’t think Biden was in charge in 2020. As a matter of fact, no one was since all the administration focused on was to steal the election from Biden.

    And the rest of the points are equally spurious.

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    1. RE: “I don’t think Biden was in charge in 2020.”

      Hence the title, “Biden and the DEMOCRATS Have Failed America.”


          1. Mistake? We had a part time president for most of 2020, but near and after the election, we had no president. I would blame the Republican caucus for all of its support.

            The jury is still out on Afghanistan. Trump surrendered to the Taliban, guaranteeing them the country while trashing the Afghan government. Could the exit have been smoother? We have no idea, just a lot of Monday morning quarterbacking.

            As far a COVID goes, it would have been helpful if influential political and media leaders on the right didn’t trash the vaccine so much. The red state stats provided a big boost to the deaths in 2021, just ask Texans and Floridians. Toss in Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana for a better grasp.

            The rest of the list is just political posturing with a dose of BS.

            (Poopypants? An infantile ex-president is obviously counting on his supporters to be of the same quality. And they do not disappoint.)

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