The future of this blog?

It would appear that other than a couple of one liners from Mr Green each day, the liberal wing has retreated from the field of battle.

One sided discussions are not very interesting regardless of which side it is.

Why they have withdrawn is difficult to determine. I’m sure some will claim they were mistreated in some way, but I suspect that the true reason is that we are going through one of the most painful ‘I told you so’s in American history. No one likes to be publicly defeated.

I don’t know if they will come back after the election, but I’ll leave the blog up for now and see what happens.

51 thoughts on “The future of this blog?

  1. RE: “Why they [the liberal wing] have withdrawn is difficult to determine.”

    I have been wondering if it might be Covid.

    Whatever the cause, I would encourage some of the silent readers to speak their minds, share their thoughts.


  2. You assume too much. It could be that the blog itself has become a robust right wing, hate-filled echo chamber where only those on the left have been threatened with moderation while the right wing attackers, (Bobr. nivlac, etc.) get a pass every single time.

    I challenge you to take a deep look at that aspect of it and wonder “wha’ happened?”

    Your hypocrisy is one reason why I have only shot one-liners out in response to others’ post recently. The hypocrisy to fail to see.


    1. Has any post of yours ever been deleted?

      Anyone else’s?


      Paul was cautioned because he repeatedly called other forum members racists. ANd even then, he was invited to back up his accusation if he wished to make it.


      1. [Paul] repeatedly called other forum members “racists?”


        There is the single most powerful engine of Trumpism – white resentment and racism. That is a demonstrable fact and is repeatedly shown by polling confirming that Trump supporters harbor racist beliefs in a variety of areas. If my noting of that fact where appropriate is something you or anyone else takes personally, then that is on you.

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        1. If you are going to call someone a racist, at least in this forum, then you should be able to cite some racist deed or statement on their part.

          Guilt by association, especially when you cite nothing specific, is not valid.

          ‘Everybody knows that those who vote for Trump are racists’ does not cut it.

          Your reasons for not commenting in the forum are of course, valid for you. It does not make them true in the general case.

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          1. If you are going to accuse someone of calling a fellow forum participant a “racist,” then you should be able to cite something specific. That should be easy for you to do since you are the ringmaster. I have always been very careful making such specific accusations. You should be too.

            The reality is that Trumpism is soaked with racism, White Supremacy and “European civilization chauvinism.” I have frequently pointed this out in various discussions. Your response has frequently been to say that I am the “real racist” – a far more direct accusation than I have ever indulged in.

            I will make a Biblical reference that sums up all of you people . . .

            Matthew 7:5 “Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.”

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          2. I have yet seen no evidence of racism on Trump’s part, though the definition of racism must be made clear. Remember that Hillary Clinton told us that advocating low taxes is racist.

            Clearly we define racism differently. European(more properly Western) Civilization Chauvinism cannot be racist, as it is behavior, not a race. Blacks who are successful are so because they know how to function in Western Civilization.

            To advocate that people of all races embrace Western Civilization is not racist, the old KKK belief that Blacks were not capable of functioning in Western Civilization was racist.

            That sentiment is echoed today in CRT theory, which asserts that Blacks must be enabled to succeed outside of those norms.


          3. “I have yet seen no evidence of racism on Trump’s part . . .”

            A fine example of why discussing anything with any of you people is pointless. Never mind his documented history of racism [] Trump rides into power in the GOP on a chariot built out of birtherism and rides down that escalator to tell us that only “some” Mexican immigrants are not rapists, murderers and drug criminals. But you see no evidence of racism?

            Spinning White Supremacy into mere “European Civilization Chauvinism” is a dog that will not hunt. Its laughability is right up there with calling the violent insurrectionists of January 6th mere “trespassers.”

            Time and time again you people make excuses for white police and/or vigilantes killing black men and boys without just cause but when a black policemen defending the Congress is forced to shoot a marauding white woman you call for his prosecution Such a double standard for police conduct is based on racial bias. Period. There is no other explanation that makes sense.

            So, once again, I am done. The screwy world view, the uh “European civilization chauvinism” and the Stalinist disregard for the simple truth (e.g., the FACT that Trump lost the 2020 election bigly) makes any attempt to engage with any of you people beyond pointless.

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          4. It was you, not me, who conflated White Supremacism and Western Civilization Chauvinism.

            The VOX article makes the same mistakes you do, guilt by association, pandering and gaffes don’t prove anything.

            I’ll trust Kara Young’s judgment on the matter.

            Regarding shootings, I take them very seriously, and each must be judged by its own circumstances. Race can have no part in that evaluation. 1000 wrong shootings have no part in evaluating the next time someone gets shot. Each incident stands on its own.


      2. If he saw racist language in someone’s post, it was his civic duty to call it out.

        Others have called people idiots and other slimy nicknames, not suitable for what is supposed to be a civil discussion. Those posts were NEVER cautioned by you or the other moderators.


    2. Quite frankly, you have gotten by with much more than I have. I have never said GFY to you or others in this forum and I have been cautioned as well for far less than you or especially Paul. I try to be civil and only throw the “flag” where it is warrented such as faux racism under every stone. Extreme divisiveness and “attacks”comes mostly from the left in my view.


          1. Your high regard for yourself is dangerous. The fact that you believe you try to be civil is laughable. You counter policies you don’t agree with with attacks on the individuals backing them with ZERO fact based repudiation. You have been a bully from day one and to say you try to be civil has caused me to spray coffee all over my screen. You owe my boss for a new one. (LOL)

            As far as my GFY’s, they were normally in response to some sort of personal attack foisted against me by you or others.

            “Extreme divisiveness and “attacks” comes mostly from the left in my view.”

            That is the problem: your view. It is skewed, like Don, to hate anything and everything that is Democratic in nature, including democracy itself.

            Your “truth” is enough fertilizer to keep Don’s compound grass lush and green for centuries to come. If it doesn’t end up under water.

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  3. Your theories about the lack of interest in this forum are wrong and maybe symptomatic of the underlying issue. There is very little in the way of a shared reality to discuss. The existence of a monumental “I told you so” moment may seem real in your mind. It is a delusional idea. In fact, the opposite is the truth with all the nonsense you people have been proclaiming (The Big Lie, mere Trespassers, no Russian collusion, etc., etc.) being ground to dust by the unrelenting advance of evidence on every front.

    As for your belief that the lack of participation is about mistreatment, again just wrong. Sure, the moderation of this site was a joke. Absolutely one-sided with truly egregious personal attacks from out of the blue by drive-by drooling haters with NOTHING else to offer tolerated, encouraged and seconded.

    But the constant threats of “moderation” was not the reason I – for one – gave up posting here. In a nutshell, it was a waste of time and effort. One hopes to find interesting ideas, new facts, and honest analysis in the “marketplace of ideas.” Differences of opinion to be argued with relevant facts and sound logic. This very rarely happened here. Instead we were treated to truly nutty claims, bizarre conspiracy theories, cherry-picked anecdotes, name-calling and out-right slanders. Day after day.

    Engaging in “battle” with opponents with zero respect for what is true and relevant was always a pointless endeavor. The failure and apparent inability of those on the right here to acknowledge the obvious ugly truths about former President Trump, the insurrection, the Big Lie, and the Clear and Present danger to our country that Trump and his “movement” represents drove home just how pointless it always was.

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    1. Pointless is reading this same old Trump, Trump, Trump drivel. Its long past time to move on to you guys recognizing the complete failure of the left to foster a cohesive, unified, self supporting nation but instead throw “racist” and “Trump” around like rice at a wedding. Its not engaging and actually sad but that’s all you have.

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  4. Some of us have full time jobs to work, children to raise, graduate degrees to complete, old houses to maintain, etc. We can’t all just sit around on the dole all day. 😉

    In all seriousness, this is a very busy time of year for me–both academically and professionally. Also, sometimes I just need a break since some of you really make me lose all faith in humanity. I do enjoy the forum though. I don’t know anyone in real life that shares these reactionary views, so it is interesting to learn how you all think and rationalize your view of the world that is so very different than mine.

    Also, it should go without saying, but I of course believe that everyone is entitled to a happy and comfortable retirement. I’m glad some of you find yourselves in that position.

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    1. “Some of us have full time jobs…” I have been saying that for a long time thinking I am the only one who works in this forum. Hopefully you aren’t one of those people who drives 100+ mph weaving around traffic during rush hour on I-264 that freak me out.

      As far as views, I have never come across anyone that shared such extreme outlooks on life, or even close, as you guys and only thought that extremism was confined to New York and California or maybe a BLM encampment in occupied Portland.


    2. Reactionary views? Is that what the young people are calling moral consistency these days?

      I find it fascinating that people who would not steal if they were starving find it perfectly OK if done through the surrogate of government.

      I’m an open book, I’m a Libertarian, a philosophy built on the concept of self ownership and respect for the self ownership of others.

      Oh, and no one is entitled to a comfortable retirement. It’s something you earn by working hard, delaying gratification and investing consistently.


      1. Reactionary views?

        Uh, yes. The fact that you think you got to those views by consistently applying your moral values does not change what they are. Reactionary. And that is generous.

        And, BTW, the consistent application of abhorrent values is not a good thing. It leads to the kind of reactionary views more suited to the Stone Age than to modern society.

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          1. ‘Stealing is wrong’ is now abhorrent?

            It is when you equate lawful taxation with “stealing.”

            The abhorrent values that drive your extremist opinions are the ones you have imbibed from the likes of Ayn Rand – a moral system based in absolute selfishness as the highest moral value.

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          2. slavery was lawful. Does that mean it was moral until the law changed?

            I have never said, as Rand did, that voluntary charity was wrong. I can see where it CAN be harmful if people become dependent in it, but it is still OK.

            But thati charity with your OWN money,


          3. Back to slavery again?

            Paying taxes legally created in our Constitutional and democratic republic does not make you a “slave.” But your constant equating of paying your taxes with “theft” and “slavery” simply confirms the intellectual morass you end up in when you consistently apply abhorrent moral ideas to every issue.

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          4. Where am I wrong?

            If, in order to earn my living, I am required to work without compensation for some part of my time for the benefit of another, how is that not part time slavery. Is a little bit slavery OK

            Note that I am not referring to the time required to pay my share of maintaining the Rule of Law, just the transfer payments to others.


          5. …”for the benefit of another”…

            How are the roads in and out of your neighborhood? How is your SS and Medicare holding up for you? How safe do you feel knowing that your country has an outstanding military force to protect it? How about your local police force; are they doing a good job?

            It ain’t theft; it is proof that freedom ain’t free.

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          6. Where are you wrong?

            “Theft” and “slave” are words that have meaning. You are NOT the victim of “thieves.” You are NOT a “slave.”

            Furthermore, you enjoy massive benefits in exchange for the taxes you pay as a member of a functioning society. Even those programs to feed the starving that you hate so much benefit YOU because without them you would be in great danger from desperate people.

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          7. Yes, those words have meaning.

            Theft is taking what belongs to a person against their will.

            Slavery is work without compensation.

            Your point?

            I have to say, you progressives are violent people. If it’s not a threat of force by government to accomplish your ends, it’s threats of violence by the mob. Voluntary exchange is not in your vocabulary.


          8. …”you progressives are violent people”…

            Seriously? How many “progressive’s” marched through Charlottesville shouting “Jew will not replace us” and “Blood and soil”? How many “progressives” drove into a crowd of protesters? How many “progressives” were involved in the attack on the Capitol?

            Your idea of “violent people”, like your view of others with differing political views, is skewed.

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          9. Mr Murphy threatened violence by the underclass if their demands for redistribution are not met.

            BTW, it wasn’t conservatives that burned down businesses in major cities across the country last year.


          10. You just cannot help yourself. So intent on being a victim. “Stolen” from by the government and made into a “slave.” Kind of sad.

            You are okay paying taxes for things you want but if ANY of that tax is used for something you do not want, it is “theft” and you are a “slave.” This discussion continues to highlight the corrupt and selfish value system that – as originally noted – leads you to your “reactionary views.”

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          11. OK, you’ve disparaged my assessment twice, when will you show me it is incorrect?

            Theft, through the proxy of government, remains theft. Bring compelled to work for the benefit of another without compensation is still slavery.

            Remember that Bastiat predicted this 170 years ago,

            “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”


          12. ” . . . when will you show me it is incorrect?”

            Define “incorrect.” If you are so eager to play the victim you can apply any words you want to the lawful levy of taxes according to our agreed system of government. It is not “incorrect” to call yourself a “slave” so much as oh, I don’t know . . . odious? childish? stupid?

            If I am disparaging your claim it is because it is all three. Cry all you want, you are not a “slave.” You are a free man in a very free society. Sometimes you do not get your way. Boo Hoo.

            If you must take such a selfish view of everything consider the expense and risk you would incur if we as a society reverted to the Dickensian world of your dreams. You would be trapped in your “compound” and would need an army of security guards to venture out. Kind of like how people who value their lives now have to live in … say … Brazil. Expensive!

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          13. First, I did not say I was a slave, I said requiring people to work for transfers to others was slavery for that portion of their working time. What I asked was if you thought a little bit of slavery was OK.

            Why is it selfish to want to control my own money but not selfish for those who live irresponsible lives to demand they be given the earnings of others to make good their own poor choices.

            You are not compassionate when you help poor people with other people’s money taken by force, Compassion is helping voluntarily with your own.


          14. “First, I did not say I was a slave”

            Split hairs much? Assuming you pay your taxes then you are whining about theft and slavery addressed at you personally,.

            It is not about “compassion.” It is about organizing a safe and prosperous society. For everyone. Including those fortunate enough to be able to pay taxes on their income and their wealth.

            We tried your way as the industrial revolution got underway. It was a failure. And as the last major democratic nation to recognize what a failure that devil-take-the-hindmost economic system is, we have the most impoverished and dysfunctional society among our peers.

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          15. “Mr Murphy threatened violence by the underclass if their demands for redistribution are not met.”

            God, what bullshit. I made no threats of any kind. I simply stated the obvious consequences of a system where there is no economic safety net.

            “The underclass?” That is your word, not mine.

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          16. What else would you call them? They aren’t poor by any rational standard.

            You are starting to sound like a gangster selling protection. “Nice little store you have here, it would be a shame if something were to happen to it.”


          17. “They aren’t poor by any rational standard”

            That is only true thanks to government programs which you would end if you could. My predictions of violence and danger if society turns its back on starving people is not a threat. It is a sound prediction of what would happen if your Dickensian vision is realized.

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          18. “Capitalism raised the world, and especially the US, from poverty.”

            Laughable “analysis.” Government and capitalism are not opposite concepts. Capitalism plunged the country into poverty in the 1930’s. Government programs, war spending, the GI Bill and infrastructure programs were essential for generating the wealth we enjoyed and shared before the Reagan revolution began dismantling the structures that made it work.

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        1. RE: “wage theft is by far the largest form of stealing in the United States every year”

          Does “wage theft” occur when employers pay too little or when workers charge too much? Explaining the concept would make an interesting Forum post.


          1. Indeed, it would be a good topic. By all means Mr Chndlr, please do start a thread explaining what you mean by that and how it can exist in a free market.


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