High Stakes in Virginia

Source: Frontpage Mag.

Thomas Sowell comments on public schools as an issue in Virginia’s upcoming election. He writes, “When school propaganda teaches black kids to hate white people, that is a danger to all Americans of every race.”

Sowell recommends allowing parents to choose the schools their children attend. I would do a bit more. I would eliminate compulsory education altogether.

7 thoughts on “High Stakes in Virginia

  1. The spin concerning CRT by the right wing echo chamber is idiotic and and wrong. It is spin used repeatedly by the right to contend that racism doesn’t exist and hasn’t been a part of the history of this country since the beginning.

    The fear of people to teach the truth in this country is damaging and not helpful to moving forward and understanding each other. But that is the way YOU want it to be. Keep telling the lies and hiding the facts and eventually EVERYONE will believe the lies and stop looking for the truth.


    1. Since Sowell doesn’t mention CRT in his piece, I can’t figure out what your point is. I could be wrong, but you seem to support the idea that public schools should teach the races to hate one another. That, at least, would be consistent with opposing Sowell’s observations.


    2. No one contends that racism does not exist, nor that it had the support of government in the past.

      But at this point we must choose between two paths. One is to eliminate any consideration of race in our relationships and consider only merit and character. The other, CRT, is to look at every interaction through the lens of race and to perpetuate old grudges.

      We have not reached the end of either path, but we must choose one or the other.


    3. No one with any sense is going to allow schools to teach that law enforcement and the judicial system are inherently racist and/or that white people exploit black people for personal enrichment. That line of thought in itself is racist, hateful, divisive and completely false. There are many black people who don’t buy that trash and we were together today in racial harmony at Anchor Allies.


        1. CRT is not truth, it is a perverse opinion that apparently you share. No, YOU are the problem if you desire to foment racial diviseness, victimhood and faux oppression otherwise known as CRT. It’s time for you to join other black people in rejecting the false narrative of being oppressed that Democrats want you to believe. Believe in yourself not the instigators of Democract victimhood ideology.


          1. Please explain how CRT is not truth? Have Black citizens been held to the same standards in criminal prosecutions and arrests as their white counterparts? Have Black families been denied the ability to accumulate generational wealth through practices such as redlining? Have Black citizens been provided with free and easy access to polls, without laws such as the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which had to be reapproved every 5 years?

            Please tell me how CRT, which talks about these FACTUAL items, is not truth.

            It is not about divisiveness; it is about an honest teaching of the history of this country, warts and all. Not the whitewashed version we have been fed from the beginning.


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