I knew the Greens were anti-capitalist, but I didn’t know they were anti-Semitic

Green New Deal supporters boycott rally because Jews

I’ve always said the environmental extremists were watermelons, green on the outside and red all the way through, but I didn’t know they wouldn’t join in a rally if Jews were allowed there.

But it just confirms their hateful ideology.

6 thoughts on “I knew the Greens were anti-capitalist, but I didn’t know they were anti-Semitic

  1. Oh they just can’t help themselves from suffering from the socialist #MeMeMe movement stupidity. Because they have absolutely no clue on economics and insist on spending money we don’t have by printing more for zero benefit, why would I expect them to understand the truth behind the history of the Jewish state while blindly supporting terrorist Palestinians because it’s in vogue?


  2. Once again you conflate anti-Semitism with anti-Zionism

    The first line of the article makes that abundantly clear, but you just have to throw out the hate card because it feeds your narrative.

    Follow the facts that the 2 are mutually exclusive.

    While I disagree with the stance of GND supporters using the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to forward their climate views, they are NOT anti-Semitic.


    1. Read more carefully.

      The article does take that slant, but if you pay attention you will see that the Jewish groups they objected to were in fact anti-Zionist themselves.

      But they were Jewish and that was all that mattered.


  3. Whats sad also is these dolts thinking it just takes a stroke of a pen to make DC a new state. It would take several constitutional amendments to make such legal. First one in defining a new DC. The second to recind DCs 3 electoral votes because the occupant of the white house would be the only resident. Same if the area went back to Maryland. Go figure that 2/3s of states would vote yes.


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