Local thug brings knife to gunfight

See, I told you it was the parking lots

Why is Paul never around when I’m proven right?

You wouldn’t think a Harris Teeter parking lot would be a dangerous place, but it was fortunate that the intended victim was armed there.

8 thoughts on “Local thug brings knife to gunfight

  1. In the VP, right next to this story was another one where someone pulled a gun during a good old fashioned argument. So I guess we should crary guns if we expect to have a disagreement with another.


    1. You should carry a handgun because you can never know when you might need one to defend your life, and when you do it will be too late to get it.

      But you do not carry a firearm to force your will on others.


          1. At yet at 72, in spite of carrying and handgun for 30 years and a knife since I was 11, I have never drawn a weapon because I was angry.

            Human or not, I understand the consequences.


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