Did Kamala Harris Just Violate Federal Law To Boost Terry McAuliffe In Virginia?

Source: Jonathan Turley.

Short answer: Yes.

This sort of thing angers me more than I can say. You can’t teach religion in public schools because that would violate the separation of church and state, but apparently you can use churches to engage in electioneering. IF you are a Democrat.

My reaction is to say that being a Democrat is something to be ashamed of.

3 thoughts on “Did Kamala Harris Just Violate Federal Law To Boost Terry McAuliffe In Virginia?

  1. Although for Harris to solicit churches to do this is angering, along with vote harvesting at nursing homes, but it’s the church participation that would make it illegal. I guess you could claim Harris is an accomplice but there is no legal remedy I am aware of. However, for Psaki to use the White House press room to stump for 2 faced Terry is definitely in violation of the Hatch Act but don’t expect a Biden DOJ to do anything but look the other way.


  2. I love the hypocrisy of the comments here. Where was your complete disdain for Trump’s acolytes and administration members, especially KellyAnne Conway, doing the same kind of thing.

    Not saying Harris is innocent; just pointing out that the hypocrisy is again on display from those of you who have disdain for Democrats


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