Can Joe Manchin save the Democratic Party from itself?

Manchin sets spending limit

It would have been fun to watch the House pass the $3.5Trillion Commie Fantasy and then see it go down hard in the Senate, but Joe Manchin’s intervention may have saved them from that, only to have the Progressive wing of the Democratic Party wreck the House.

There’s something fascinating about watching a train wreck in slow motion.

14 thoughts on “Can Joe Manchin save the Democratic Party from itself?

  1. I think you have it half right.

    Manchin and Sinema are saving the Democrats from having to do any of the things they run on. Any Democrat in any position of power is just a pro-choice Republican.

    It’s why I really can’t make sense of how worked up you all get over a Democratic president or Dem majorities in congress. They agree with you on most everything. They just pretend they don’t when elections roll around. Capital has the country stitched up for the time being.


  2. We get it. You disagree with the ideas of a European style social democratic plan. It is NOT a “commie” plan. Unless you want to tell the European countries like Germany and Denmark they are Communist.

    Buzzwords and fear porn. At least the Dens have actual plans. The GOP is about being in power. And like a dog chasing a car, they don’t know what to do when they catch it. Except to give money to their rich friends off the backs of the middle class.


    1. If you want to pay the income tax rates, VAT, gas taxes, etc while living in your tiny European apartment because you can’t afford anything else, by all means move to Europe. Why do you liberals ache to be European but won’t move there?



        Another view of taxes here and in other developed countries.

        In some cases our total tax bite is not much lower, but we get little for them.

        We still have to shoulder tuition, health insurance, child care and much larger portions of retirement. Add all those up and we have a better idea of what we actually pay and get.


        1. Your article tries to make socialism rosey but fails. Why should I severely reduce my lifestyle to pay for career students, someone else’s baby sitting, time off for vacation, parental leave, etc or anything I dont benefit from? Socialized medicine pays for primary care but fails miserably with specialized care in quality and wait time rationing. Generous pensions is what tanked Greece because it’s never enough. Far from convinced…


    2. “The goal of socialism is communism.” – Vladimir Lenin

      However, the Europeans aren’t necessarily socialists. They’re trying to have it both ways.

      But the point you are missing is that the Europeans pay their own way, with a far less progressive tax system. while American Democrats want to have the European social programs without paying for it, riding on the backs of the productive minority.

      Most of the European programs are paid for by their VAT taxes. So, let’s enact a flat consumption tax here if you want European style benefits without wrecking the economy.


  3. Biden and liberals already passed a $1.9 trillion boondoggle, a bipartisan infrastructure bill of $1.5 trillion is in the works and liberals want to add yet another $3.5 trillion in vote buying socialist spending to our debt? That’s $7 trillion in under 1 year. To me even another $1.5 trillion is too much. Why are we racing to emulate Greece style bankruptcy when even the interest on debt can’t be paid?


    1. RE: “To me even another $1.5 trillion is too much.”

      To me, too. The thing is, government’s $1.5 trillion in spending might buy X, but only at the expense of Y and Z that $1.5 trillion would have bought in the private sector. That’s bad enough. But even if you want X instead of Y and Z, you can be sure that Y and Z would have been cheaper.


      1. It is called investment. And when those investments pay off, the whol ecountry ends up better off.

        Small government proponents never see it that way. But every time the GOP cuts taxes and reduces spending, the country needs the Democrats to come in and clean up the elephant crap piles left behind.


        1. Investment means putting your own funds at risk for an expected benefit.

          Putting up someone else’s money for something that benefits others is still just stealing.


          1. “…just stealing” again.

            Shoot, my money paid for defense contractors making billions in a war that benefitted no one except Raytheon,

            Now that is stealing.

            We could have the best roads in the world if we didn’t piss away trillions to build mud huts in Third World conflict zones.

            That’s just for starters.

            The point is that you agreed to be governed in the US. And that includes some social safety nets that many need in a capitalist society.

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          2. Yeah, yeah, yeah. All taxation is theft. Blah, blah,blah.

            But without those taxes being spent on things like roads and other infrastructure, or Medicare and other things that are paid for, we’d still be stuck in the 1800’s and only YOU would be happy about it.

            Freedom ain’t free.


          3. No, not all taxes are theft.

            Those taken to pay for my share of the cost of defense and maintaining the Rule of Law, and some infrastructure of common use are like due

            But taxes taken for redistribution are theft.


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