Full on Nazis now

Democrats block funding for Israel’s missile defense.

Well, there’s the final piece, virulent, unreasoning anti-Semitism. House Democrats now oppose anything connected to Israel.

The Iron Dome missile defense is purely defensive. Its presence and effectiveness allows Israel to moderate its response to the thousands of rockets fired at Israeli civilians. Make no mistake, were it not there, Israel would flatten Gaza and Palestinian settlements on the West Bank, and rightly so.

For the US, it is one of the few bargains we get in foreign aid. The real world testing of missile defense systems would cost us far more to simulate. What we learn is worth many times the cost.

But it saves Israeli lives, so the Democrats could not allow it. No doubt they are practicing their goose step for the parades.

78 thoughts on “Full on Nazis now

  1. There are two main groups Democrats want to oppress and cast as modern day evils. They are Israelis and white males. Everyone else is a victim so make them PAY….er… except democrats of course.


      1. Yes I did and Democrat progressives are on a outright assault against Israelis and white males. What are you reading, fava beans?


        1. Your misinterpretation is not surprising.

          There are members of Congress who do not support the current government of Israel because of certain policies. It is NOT an outright assault on ALL Israelis. Unless of course you believe that the 1/6 mob was an outright assault on our democracy.


  2. Reading several reports on this particular story, I found no substantive or rational reason for defunding Iron Dome in the continuing resolution. It appears that radical Democrats in the House Progressive Caucus acted out of pure malice.

    Given an event so impenetrable, one can say only that such things are to be expected at the end of empire. Recently we have abused three significant allies — Afghanistan, France and now Israel. More soon, I expect.


        1. Some points you seem to ignore or gloss over in your breathless desire to smear Democrats.

          Get a cite for your assertion that contradicts what the article quote from the Appropriations Committee Democrat.

          The “squad” are 4 women out of 438 legislators. 1 %.

          The issue for some Democrats is Israeli government policies, not the religion.

          You want anti-Semitism in action, check you own boys. You know, the ones who were marching in Charlottesville a few years back. Supposedly “Confederate” history buffs with torches and chanting “Jews will not replace us”.

          Or Trump and his Star of David in anti-Soros/Clinton/any other Jews, ads.

          Or the attacks on synagogues.

          In other words, I am throwing a BS flag on your post and comments.

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          1. So?

            That is the lamest excuse for today’s political reality.

            And you know that. Those same Klansmen are the Republican supporters now.

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          2. The conservative South was all Democrat until the 70’s. Civil Rights legislation tipped the balance.

            But you know all that.

            If you want to toss out Nazi slurs, go right ahead.

            And you obviously will.

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          3. You keep saying that but it is not true.

            The South, prior to LBJ, was not conservative. Nor was the Klan. I have heard real Klansmen speak, and their economic policies are more aligned with the Squad than the GOP. Huey Long, with Klan support, ran for(but was killed before getting) the Democrat nomination for President on confiscation personal fortunes over $3million. The Jim Crow South was solidly socialist.

            Then came the Great Society, a direct insult to people who believed in work and family. Then Jimmy Carter’s international weakness and domestic incompetence, followed by Reagan’s uplifting patriotism, and the South rejected socialism and went Red.

            Remember that the Civil Rights Act passed with more Republican than Democrat votes. Is that what you think drove the South to embrace the GOP? Racism should have made the more deeply Democrats.

            In short, your ‘history’ is wrong.

            Even in the early 1900’s the Nazis anti-Semitism was fueled not by religion or ethnicity but by the perception that Jews were rich bankers who manipulated the financial sector to advantage their tribe.

            The evil that drove the Nazis and the US South in the early 20th century was wealth envy and socialism more than race. Race and anti-Semitism were the scapegoats used to personify the “other” but the driving force was economic envy. Remember that Bonnie and Clyde were sheltered in the South because they robbed banks. Wealth envy saturated the South.

            It was the rejection of socialism that turned the South Red, not race. The rural South has made more progress toward racial conciliation than the urban North.

            Sure, there are still a handful of KKK kooks in the South, and neo-Nazis elsewhere, but they are all preaching Bernie Sander’s economics and the South has left that behind.


          4. “ Remember that the Civil Rights Act passed with more Republican than Democrat votes.”

            Of course it was. The South was solidly Democratic since Lincoln.

            Now Republicans are passing voter legislation that targets minorities with “surgical precision” as a federal judge said a few years back when NC was hell bent on preventing Black votes from being counted.

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          5. Do you really think that Gerrymandering is based on race and not party?

            Or is that just the appearance that results from Blacks monolithically voting Democrat?

            In other words, how would you Gerrymander to protect the GOP seats(not defending the practice) without a disproportionate impact on Blacks? Especially in the North where they are more effectively concentrated in cities?


          6. And yet you think they changed sides to the less racist party based on race? Really?

            No, LBJ and Carter finally showed the South the evil and stupidity of wealth envy and socialism for people who believed in work and family.

            And Ronald Reagan’s cheerful patriotism and capitalism welcomed them with open arms. Patriotism is big in the South. Carter was such an embarrassment to them that they were revulsed.

            You are far more obsessed with race than your average Southerner.


          7. Patriotism is big in the South?

            So the rest of us are unpatriotic as defined by right wing elitists?


            “Fascism in America will come wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.” (Attributed to Sinclair Lewis, but probably based on his book.)

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          8. Not what I wrote. But it is a fact that Southerners are over represented in the Military, especially at the non-Com level.

            But it’s easy to test, go to any country music concert in the South and pull out an American flag and hold a lighter to it. See what happens.


          9. “But it is a fact that Southerners are over represented in the Military, especially at the non-Com level.”

            And there is an economic reason for that as well. Good paying jobs are lacking in the South. So HS grads who do not desire to go to college or have the money to do so join the military, either to earn a living or use the benefits available to obtain a college education.

            It is NOT all about patriotism.


          10. “Not what I wrote.”

            Really? Patriotism is big in the South compared to…?

            Israel gets all the money and weapons it wants, year in and year out no matter who is running the government here.

            Israel is a complicated issue and has been since the founding.

            I see it as a people who were tired of persecution and scapegoating for centuries, often just to help rulers consolidate or gain power. WW2 was the proverbial straw. Six million dead Jews in a mostly uncaring world was enough to toughen the founders.

            Like the Kurds, they were a people related by religion, culture and history but no country.

            When the chance arose to form Israel the Jews moved. The founding was, of course, bloody and not acceptable to many in the region, creating some of the current never ending conflict zone known as “the Middle East”. Now most of the warring Arab tribes had a common enemy. Again, the Jews became a scapegoat.

            This is the abbreviated Cliff’s Notes version, but the way I see Israel in a few sentences.

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          11. The Debt limit waiver passed the House 220 to 211. If the Squad plus 2 other Muslim representatives switched sides it fails. The House Democrats are under the control of anti-Semites.


          12. ” The House Democrats are under the control of anti-Semites.”

            Um, BULLSHIT. You are saying that Pelosi and Hoyer are anti-Smites? Sorry, Don, but your blind hatred for any and all Democrats prevents you from seeing REALITY.

            Yes, there are anti-Israeli government people in Congress. That does not make them anti-Semites. My dearly departed grandmother really HATED the policies of Netanyahu. So does that make her an anti-Semite?

            And remember her father came form Kyiv and she raised her sons in a JEWISH home.

            Take your fertilizing lies elsewhere when it comes to anti-Semeitsm. It ain’t where you think it is.


          13. There is a difference between disagreeing with the Israeli government’s policies and allying oneself with the Palestiniains who have dedicated themselves to the slaughter of every Jew in Israel since it was created a year before I was born.

            The Iron Dome is purely defensive, It allows Israel to be more restrained in its response to the constant attempts on the lives of Israeli citizens.

            It does not have any offensive use.

            So, oppose Israeli policy if you choose, but denying the Israeli’s the means to protect their lives when attacked is anti-Semetic in my view.


      1. From the Politico article:

        “”The Israelis haven’t even taken the money we’ve already appropriated,” the Vermont Democrat said. “We can do more Iron Dome in the appropriations funding.””

        They haven’t taken what has already been appropriated. I heard similar refrains about COVID relief monies that hadn’t been spent and then more was added….as needed.


          1. I am all for the funding to resupply ID. The continuing attacks from the Palestinian regions deems it necessary.

            HOWEVER, there is no anti-Semitism involved in this, no matter how you try to conflate the two issues.


  3. Before you hurl anti-Semitism charges against the wall, check this quote from your site:

    “ A spokesperson for House Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) said that funding for the Iron Dome “will be included in the final, bipartisan and bicameral” defense funding bill later this year.”

    It was a matter of trimming the bill so we can fund the government for monies we have ALREADY approved or spent and have to cover. Republicans won’t fund the government for past commitments because they are all in on thwarting Biden.

    So, in effect, the Republicans are withholding funding for Iron Dome.

    Didn’t read that far past the headline?

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    1. No, it was not trimmed for size, it was removed because the Nazi wing of the Democratic party opposes anything for Israel.

      And no matter what other Democrats say about fixing it in the future, they will need the Squad’s votes next time too.


        1. In spite of your repeated slanders, the Proud Boys are not White Supremacists, many of the leadership are Black.

          The Squad are only 4 votes, but Pelosi cannot pass her reconciliation absent those votes. So Pelosi “went along” with her rabidly anti-Semetic extremists because it was expedient. Just like millions of Germans who weren’t Nazis.


          1. So? Aside from the Trump segment of the GOP, do they all vote lockstep. Of course not.

            I am not sure you understand how our system works.

            Every American and resident gets a voice. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Atheists, Socialists, Autocrats, Homeless, illegal workers, ex-cons, poor, rich, ethical, amoral, dentists and photographers.

            If you feel that those who might disagree with Israeli policies are Nazis, how do feel about those supporting the Saudi’s genocidal attacks in Yemen with our weexpertise and weapons.

            The beauty of our system is that it works well in a multicultural society like ours. Instead of a violent revolution every 10 years, we have Congress to hash out solutions in contentious issues.

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          2. RE: ‘Every American and resident gets a voice. ”

            Really? Does that mean thtn non-citizens get a voice? If that’s what you mean, I don’t concur.

            Diversity does NOT equal strength. It equals weakness.


  4. Here’s a thought experiment: which group is more like the Nazis—a state that bases citizenship and legal rights and protections on ethnicity, systematically displaces one ethnicity from their homes and crowds them into fortified ghettos and is actively ethnically cleansing their territory, or a group of lawmakers in a different country who temporarily reduce subsidies to that state?

    Also, isn’t explicitly equating Jewishness with the policies and motives of the state of Israel a textbook definition of antisemitism?


    1. I’d say the group of lawmakers is more like the Nazis inasmuch as their motives appear to be esoteric and ideological. The Squad’s hatred of Israel is indistinguishable from Nazi anti-Semitism.


          1. The “category” was antisemitism (your post), which you are now arbitrarily defining as individual feelings rather than action because you realized you said something so obviously absurd.

            Good example of moving the goalposts.

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      1. “The Squad’s hatred of Israel is indistinguishable from Nazi anti-Semitism.”

        Yes they are. There is a big difference between being anti-Israeli GOVERNMENT and anti-Semitic. Many American Jews disagree wholeheartedly with many of the government policies, especially under Netanyahu. So are all of those American Jews (myself included) all of a sudden anti-Semites? Sounds like self hating in your world view.


          1. It was you who first used the term Nazi and anti-Semitism in this thread. It has ZERO to do with Iron Dome. Do I agree that we should continue to assist in the funding of the system? ABSOLUTELY. But it is NOT anti-Semitic to disagree.

            And don’t preach to me about what anti-Semitism is and isn’t. I’ve lived it my entire life. Including in today’s “glorious” south.


          2. It’s true I can’t walk in your shoes.

            I remember when I was in junior high school in the deep south, I had a crush on Connie Moyer, and asked her if she’d go to a movie with me. She told me her mother would never allow it because I wasn’t Jewish.

            Does it feel something like that?


          3. Probably more like this:

            “ This 1919 advertisement in the Minneapolis Tribune appealed to anti-Semitic sentiments. Developer Edmund G. Walton offered “restricted” housing sites overlooking Lake of the Isles that could not “be conveyed mortgaged or leased to any person or persons of Chinese, Japanese, Moorish, Turkish, Negro, Mongolian, SEMITIC (caps mine) or African blood or descent.”


            This type of covenant was common until just a few decades ago.

            A young girl’s Mom may have been unreasonable, but you could live and play where you wanted to. The power she wielded was minimal compared to that of the State which enforced such covenants by law.

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          4. Really, just making the point to Mr Green that some of the “otherness” that befalls Jewish people is delf inflicted.

            There’s a lot more to the Connie Moyer story but that is enough to suffice.


          5. Catholics did not prefer marrying outside the faith also.

            The point is still that anti-Semitism is separate from Not liking Israeli policies.

            Iranians love Americans, but not necessarily our politics.

            Are you anti-American because you don’t like our government?

            I didn’t think so.

            So when you rant about the Squad and say they are Nazis, you are saying they support tattoos and gas chambers.

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          6. I have no doubt Talib and Ohmar would be just tickled with gas chambers. But admittedly few other Democrats would go that far.

            BTW. the Klan did not like Catholics either.

            As far as not liking Israeli policy, I would suggest that anyone who has rockets fired at their children and average of three times a day is welcome to criticize, otherwise…


          7. “I have no doubt Talib and Ohmar would be just tickled with gas chambers.”

            You actually said the sitting representatives in our Congress would “be tickled” at the idea of gas chambers again? That is sickeningly disgusting. And not based in anything but hatred and bigotry on YOUR part.

            Not liking the policy of the government has zero to do with the ability to defend itself from outside (or inside) sources. Your attempt to put together apples, kumquats and bananas is only as ludicrous as your hatred for Americans you disagree with.


          8. How many families desire their children to stay within their faiths when they marry? Muslims, Catholics, Mormons all prefer the children to remain within their faith. It is not an “otherness” issue, it is a family issue.

            Sorry that it didn’t work out between you and Miss Moyer. You might have learned a little more about compassion and acceptance of “others”.


          9. I get it. I have no idea what Mrs Moyer might have endured in that time and place. Her distrust might well have provocation.

            But the point is how it is perceived by others.


          10. “Her distrust might well have provocation.”

            Swing and miss. It is NOT an issue of trust in the young Donald Tabor; it is the desire that the daughter married within her own faith.


          11. I have relayed this story before. The first house my father attempted to purchase in Pennsylvania in 1969 had the offer turned down when the owner found out we were Jewish.

            Purity of family or purtiy of neighborhood?


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